Tour To Chocolate Hills In Philippines

In Bohol province chocolate hill is a geological formation. There are at least 1,260 hills but there are many hills about 1,776 hills which are spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. In green grass they are covered and during the dry season the green grass turn brown like chocolate. These Chocolate hills are famous for tourist’s attraction. In the province flag they are featured to symbolize the abundance of natural attraction in province. This place is declared the country third national geological monument and proposes for involvement in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Its view is like a giant mole hills. When the first time anybody who see this picture of this landscape, he or she hardly believes that these hills are not manmade. The effort was surely surpass the construction of the pyramids in Egypt. They are very uniform in shape and mostly between 30 and 50 meters high. From their color the hills derives their name.

Chocolate Hills
These hills came into existence when two giants threw stones and sand each other in a fight for days. They were finally exhausted they made friends and left this island behind the mess they made. There is the other tale of Arogo which is about a young and a very strong giant who are fell in love with an ordinary girl called Aloya. After she died, the giant Arogo cried bitterly and his tears turned into hills as the lasting proof of his sadness. These are all the things that the people said but the most common accept theory is that they are weathered formations of a kind of marine limestone.
 Chocolate Hills Tourists attraction
If you want to stay in the chocolate hills you have a very little choice. There is the only facility is the government run chocolate hills resorts but currently this hotel is undergoing renovation and extension but since funds have run out work on this is hanged however their staff members are friendly and if you stay here overnight you can see the sun rise over the fantastic landscape. They have maintained the swimming pool which is behind the unfinished building and has a small downhill.
 Chocolate Hills

 Chocolate Hills Amazing natural beauty

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