Sahara Desert World Largest Hot desert

A place on the earth is so hot, there you can live only 4 horse without water. That is so Scary, you will walk hundreds km but you can see just only sand and sand. The name of this place is Sahara Desert, That is the world largest and hottest desert. It's located in Africa, that's spread on the 11 countries and a part of know as Western Sahara in Africa. It is the hottest area in the earth. In 1992 the month of the September recorded the temperature of Sahara is more than 135 degree F, but at night time the temperature get down .

 Map of Sahara Desert

Water in the Sahara Desert

 In the Sahara the rain ratio is very less, there are less than 9 inches rain recorded in a year. That's why there are very less number of people live in Sahara because we can not live without water. There are are few lakes, which are mostly salt water lakes, people can't drink that water. There are few freshwater lakes in the desert, one most popular is call "Lake Chand". We know this because dried up river beds, called wadis, still exist. When it does rain in here, these wadis fill up with water and become active rivers for a short time.

 Sahara Desert in Africa

World Hottest Desert 
  Sahara Desert At evening time view
Sahara Desert stylish mountain sands
land forms
There are a large number of landforms, in some part we can see sand dunes,(Mountain of Sands). These dunes is so high near about 600 feet. You can see in a massive area that dunes by shifting sand one place to another place. There are volcanic mountains in the Sahara in the country of Chad. Emi Koussi, a peak in the Tibesti Mountains is 11, 204 feet high and the highest point in the desert.

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  1. I just watched a half hour show and this place is really amazing. The the guy that dug up the Fossils.......really cool.



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