The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe Cool Wallpaper

  Victoria Falls are one of the most popular natural wonders which lie in the province of Matabeleland
North, Zimbabwe. It is on the southern bank of Zambezi River and interconnected by railway and road to
two cities: Hwange and Bulawayo.

Victoria Falls
When the idea of using the waterfall for hydro-electric power was introduced, the settlement began,
and it further expanded when railway station was made, and Victoria Falls Bridge was opened. With
time it was establishing as a major tourism spot, improving economic state between 1930s and 1960s.It
is 18 km south of the city and the airport now provides international services. Its width is 1 mile and
height of the falls is 355 feet. During rainfall season, about 19 million cubic feet of water dives on the
edge of Zambezi River.

Where is it

It is situated in south of Africa between Zambia and Zimbabwe and contains two national
parks, Mosi-oa-Tunya national Park in Zambia and Victoria Fall National Park in Zimbabwe. Spending
money for a trip to South Africa for witnessing the great falls with family, totally worth it!

The peak season for tourism is during rainy season. People can enjoy the splash of full force of water
being sprayed, the extraordinary hues of a rainbow and the noises. However during dry season, the
Victoria Falls can be seen clearly from Zambian side.

Obviously your main reason for visiting the area is to go and see the falls, and I would recommend going
the minute you've checked your bags into a hotel. If you're staying in Livingstone (Zambia) shared taxis
and minibuses regularly ply the route to the falls. If you're staying in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) just walk
down to the park entrance from town. There are well-marked paths and many viewing points. You don't
need a guide or tour; just enjoy the spectacle at your own leisure and bring a raincoat for the spray.

Victoria Falls
 Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

 Victoria Falls one of 7th wonder of the world
Victoria Falls
  look beauty

Zambia or Zimbabwe?

Up until about 10 years ago Zimbabwe was by the far the most popular country to visit the Victoria Falls
from. There are plenty of luxury hotels and the infrastructure is good. You can walk to the falls from
town along well marked paths and the view is certainly the best from this side because you can stand
opposite the falls and see them head on. But, the political situation in Zimbabwe has meant that tourists
are opting to visit the falls from the Zambian side. In 2006, hotel occupancy on the Zimbabwean side.
 Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls

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