Putra Masjid, In Malysia 'Persian Architectures' Wonderful Design

Putra Masjid, it is the most important Masjid of Putrajaya, Malaysia. In year 1997 the construction of the Masjid began and in two years it was completed. It is situated beside to Perdana Putra where houses of Prime Minister’s offices and with that it contain Putrajaya Lake which is man-made. It contains pink dome with rose shaded grey, it contains 15,000 people adorer at one time. The bottom wall of the Masjid is looking alike King Hasan Masjid which is in Casablanca, the city of Morocco.
Putra Masjid
This Masjid contains three main working areas, prayer hall, courtyard or lawn. Its prayer hall is very beautiful and very simple. By 12 columns it is supported. If we measure the biggest point lower the dome and above the ground level point is about 250 feet. It lawn is embellished with water decoration along with corridors which provides to give a big welcome and a beautiful place for prayer. Its lovely dome is esteem by the design of Sheikh Omar Masjid, which is in Baghdad. It is about 116m tall minarets in the area. And has five levels, which tells about five pillars of Islam.

 As I told about that beside that it contains lake. If you want to see lake from all around so you can take a kayak on rent which is a sailing region on the lake. One important thing is that, if you want to go for this activity, the best time is that when the weather is cooled down. Persian architectures are so much impressed by this masjid especially the entrance that they make the similar gate to the building in Persia. After visiting the masjid the favorite spot for people is Lake. You can also feed the fishes too, for that bread crumbs are available. If you want to visit here transport is also available by train car and bus. If you are traveling in car, it takes only 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.
Putra Masjid Fantastic Attraction
Over all it is a very beautiful place to visit. In Malaysia it is one of the best tourist’s attractions. From it’s above to below, this Masjid is very elegant, marvelous and awesome.

Best Of 7 Canary Islands, In Spain

The Canary Islands is the name given to a group of islands located in Spain. There are a total of seven islands that make up the Canary Islands and they are as follows:

Canary Islands

Gran Canaria: 

This Island has everything from a mountain range, desert and tropical forests. The diversity of the island and its sand beaches make it a popular tourist spot. Las Palmas is the main town and has many places such as Art Center, Museum and Cathedral that display the culture and history of the place.


Lanzarote is full of volcanic mountains that erupted in 18th and 19th centuries. The island is covered with lava and ashes but the residents have done a remarkable job in growing different plants and crops on the island.


This Island happens to be the oldest among all Canary Islands. The oldest town on island is Betancuris which is located right at the centre of the island and contains relics of the past in the Archaeological Museum. The capital city Puerto Rosario is also worth seeing.


This is the largest island among the seven islands that make up the Canary Island. This island contains Mount Teide which is the highest mountain in Spain. The most visited city of the island is Puerto de la Cruz which is famous for inspiring architecture and natural beauty.

La Gomera: 

This Island consists entirely of steep mountains. The island is of historic significance because it has the port from where Christopher Columbus set sail for America during his travels. You can travel between this island and Tenerife through a ferry.

La Palma:

Most people visit this island to see the gigantic volcanic crater that is 9km wide. This island also has a lot of mountains and there is also a world-renowned astronomy observatory located on the highest mountain. The capital Santa Cruz has numerous historical buildings that you can visit.

El Hierro: 

This Island is the smallest of all Canary Islands. The coast of the island is mostly made of rocks and there are a few sand beaches here. The capital city of this island is Valverde which is a well-known for its remarkable architecture.

Desert Castle, 'Beautiful Artifacts Buildings' In Jordan

There are a lot of places you can visit if you ever go to Jordan. It is very remarkable country with a number of historic places that people come from all over the world to see. One place tourist love visiting in Jordan is the Desert Castle. It comprises of numerous small castles spread all over the desert. These castles and fortresses date as far back as the 7th century. The castles that are still standing are located near the capital Amman so you can easily go there from the city if you are planning to see this historic site.
According to history, these castles were constructed during the caliphate of Umayyad. The caliphs shifted their capital to Damascus in 661 and had these castles built sometime between the 7th and 8th century. Most of the castles were built on the trade route between Kufa and Medina. Although it is still not quite clear as to why these buildings were constructed but several historians have come up with their own theories. According to a common theory, these buildings served either as retreats for nobles or as meeting places for Bedouins.

 Desert Castle
 Some of these castles are surrounded by oasis so they may have been used as hunting lodges. The castles and fortresses could also have served as caravanserai's. In their time these buildings may have served a variety of residential, defensive and commercial purposes but now they are just used as a tourist attraction.

 Most of the buildings that make up the Desert Castle have been ruined over the time but some of them are still standing and they include Qasr Al-Qastal, Qasr Al-Muwaqqar, Qasr Mshatta, Qasr Hammam As Sarah, Qasr al Hallabat, Qasr Kharana, Qasr Amra, Qasr Tuba, Qasr Azraq and Khirbat al Mafjar in Palestine. These buildings are perfect examples of the Islamic architecture.
 Desert Castle In Jordan
 If you wish to see Islamic art from the time when Muslims ruled over the area then you should definitely visit these castles. The architecture itself, and then the frescoes on the walls inside the castles are quite beautiful. Several artifacts from these buildings are also put on display in the museum in Amman.

Cathedral Florence A 'Historycal Place' Largest Church, In Italy

Florence Cathedral, or also known as Duomo is a result of the years and covered over six centuries of history. Its basic architectural project was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the13th century. In English this outstanding building called Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower. It its one of Italy largest churches, and until development of new structural material in the modern era, the dome was largest in the world. Moreover, what makes visitor interest of it is that Florence Cathedral include UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, thousand people come to see this incredible church every year.
Cathedral Florence Night time Attraction
If it’s compared with the roof of houses around, Florence Cathedral has bigger size with 153 meters length, and 114.5 meters height. This church is quite giant and surely decorated by beautiful exterior and interior. So its a good idea for you to visit this place while learning Italy’s worth history. The exterior look of the church is full of square decoration which similar with thousand window. On the main door, there are some human statues look as the guard of the church. Meanwhile, the interior side has more spectacular view must to see. It seems quite large and magnificent with also accompanied by some parallel coumns along the way.

In a one building, Florence Cathedral is divided only into some part that become most interest sight. The main part is the dome. It is the largest dome of the world. At the top there is a lantern, while the dome itself is made of inner shell of bricks with herringbone patterns and a horizontal stones chain. The second sight is the bell tower called Campanile. The colorful facade is clad with green, pink, and white Tuscan marble. By this tower, allow visitor to see the whole magnificent view of the city. The third sight is Baptisery, one of Florence oldest building and predates the cathedral. The the last sight to see is named Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo, a museum that dedicated to the history of construction of Cathedral Florence.

Cathedral Florence Interior view

Cathedral Florence

Hdrian’s Wall, Tourist Place, Roman Coastal Defenses

There is a fortress tourist place that has naturally incredible view, stretches across the north of England of the west Cumbrian Roman coastal defenses at Ravenglass, named Hadrian’s Wall. Because of its old, make Hadrian’s Wall become one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that should be visited as your holiday plan trip whenever you have already steps on England. Around the site is called as Hadrian’s Wall Country has something impressive for everyone and make them feel fascinated by its world class archeology, spectacular landscape, rare wildlife, complete solitude, vibrant cities, wonderful pub and a population of friendly and welcoming people.
Hadrian’s Wall
the main things to do there is simply walking along the Hadrian’s Wall side of the fortress. It has beautiful enough view in which gives you fresh air and large green overlooking. Some places that you may come while simply walking are places called “every footstep count” and Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail that has long distance footstep that runs from west to east coast of the park. Another good idea to enjoy the landscape by cycling. There even provide special side for who love cycling, it named Hadrian Cycleway. It clearly save with smooth enough surface to cycling, moreover add with the fantastic view along the way.

For the next idea when visiting it, try to explore another Roman Heritage such as Arabia South Shield, Segedunum wall-send, Great north museum Newcastle, Cor bridge Roman Town, and many others. There you even can do golf since the are of the park is large enough for doing sport,, like golf. They offers great golf challenges from Cumbria coast across to the North East West. Not only can you cycle and walk the wall, you can also golf the wall. Try this best experience for you and your partner or group. And do not ever miss to capture this wonderful view  or you will regret soon. Hadrian’s Wall organization offers some great accommodation that include hotels, B&Bs, guess houses, self catering, caravan and camping, and also sites places to find the best place to stay for you.
 Hadrian’s Wall Wallpaper
Here you are given some choices of places which has luxury features or the middle or even the simple inn. The best hotel you may find there is “The Crown Hotel” in which has a special extensive leisure facilities with a pool. Another idea are like Ashcroft Guess House, Duke of Wellington Inn, Battle steads Hotel, and The Metropolitan Bed and Breakfast.

Langham Hotels In London Popular Tourist Attraction

London is a very busy city because it holds a central position in Europe. Millions of people visit it every year. Some are there for business, while others have to attend a meeting or conference and still others just visit the city to see the numerous landmarks that make it a popular tourist attraction. There are numerous hotels in London. You can find both expansive and budget hotels to stay at. But if you want to enjoy the best of London you should pick a hotel that has the reputation of being the best of it’s kind. There are many hotels in London that have been serving people for centuries and are still considered among the best hotels in the city. One such hotel is the Langham Hotel.

Today Langham is a name well recognized around the world. You can find Langham Hotels in almost all major cities in the world. This chain of five star luxury hotels was started when the Europe’s first Grand Hotel was opened in London in 1865 and named Langham. 

 Langham Hotels, London
The Langham in London despite being the oldest of its kind is also very prestigious. The building of the hotel and the decoration inside is quite beautiful and luxurious. The rooms are furnished opulently and you can find different kinds of guestrooms and suites in this hotel. Over the years the Langham Hotel in London has played host to numerous celebrities, leaders and royalty from around the world.

The Langham Hotel has a lot to offer to its guests. This Victorian London hotel also has a Chuan Spa where the guests can relax and get healthy treatments. There is a Palm Court and splendid dining restaurant in this hotel. Another special thing about the Langham Hotel in London is that it’s where the tradition of offering afternoon tea was started that has been followed in the hotels around the world since then. It’s also a perfect location to stage an event in London. There are around fifteen function rooms in the hotel where you can arrange your event. Langham provides you a great opportunity to spend your vacation being treated and feeling like a royalty.
 Langham Hotels Interior attractions


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