Necker Island, British Virgin Islands In Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean and are a British overseas territory. These islands are all quite beautiful and a perfect place to spend the vacation in. Necker Island is one of the few islands that make up the British Virgin Islands and is located in the eastern sections of the Caribbean. This island is quite small in size. It was named after a 17th- century Dutch commander but it wasn’t inhabited until late 20th century. It is currently owned by Sir Richard Branson who acquired this island in the ‘70s. This place was slowly developed and many residencies were built to accommodate guests. The island currently works as a resort and as many as 28 guests can stay here at a time.
Necker Island

If you are planning to take a vacation with family then you can rent out the whole island to yourself. There is a main house with 10 bedrooms. This is very beautifully furnished and even has a Jacuzzi bath and a Victorian bathtub. The house has its own sitting area as well. The bedrooms have their own balconies and provide inspiring views of the sea. There are also three Balinese Houses , that offer villa accommodations which all have their own private pools, dining areas and air lounges. If you are planning to spend a vacation on this island then you would be pleased to know that there is a helping staff on the island that can look after all your needs.

Necker Island tourists destination
The place also provides great opportunities for adventure and fun for the guests. Apart from swimming and soaking in the sun you can also take part in numerous exciting sport activities such as snorkeling, water- skiing and laser sailing. There are also tennis courts and snooker tables where you and your family can have fun.  You would even find all kinds of libraries such as video, book and music library. Necker Islands are a perfect spot for a family vacation. You can have the whole island to yourself and have a helping staff to your disposal. You and your family are sure to have a great vacation at this beautiful place.

Necker Island British virgin Islands

Phang Nga Bay Piece Of Paradise In Thailand

If you are going to Thailand, so you should see Phang Nga harbor which is a piece of paradise. You will be inspired and get excited from this place. This Bay is a rock formation from hundred of limestone mountain which is over the sea. If you love nature parks, historic are and cave walk so this is place for you. The water is total pure from November to April but in rainy sea they shut down there area which little bit depressing and bad.

Phang Nga
You can also take a tour of a speedboat tour which is very appealing. They have eco system which is very unusual at Ko Hong, you can also check out other island as well such as Tapu island before going to Koh Talu. Besides that Ko Khai Nai island where you can swim, relax and snorkel as well. When you are going for picnic it is a great place for you or for your family members. When you come towards this bay it will bring you towards Masjid where you will front towards sea gypsies who made living from sea. If you want to take a fantastic exploration of about these all four islands so you can take a paddle boat ride. Besides that you can take elephant journey which is mostly people choice. It is the best option but people give priority to boat and journey hour. Besides bay, it is also rich with flora and fauna. There are very wonderful sights of this like tropical birds, glamorous hanging fruits which are one of the beauties of nature and water buffaloes; they are bathing which is very interesting thing to see.

Phang Nga Bay
Towards mountain paths you can take elephant’s ride which seems very thrilling but when you travel with your family members it makes your time very memorable and more exciting. Watching elephants which picking up you with trunk and also leave you it is a funny act.
Over all it is a very beautiful place to visit, where you can easily relax yourself and leaves your all worries behind and enjoy yourself.

Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Los Roques, A Caribbean’s Island In Venezuela

It is an island of Venezuela which is situated in the Caribbean’s ea. From north of Caracas port it is 168 mile s far away from it. In year 1972 it was announced as national park because of its beauty and its environmental importance. To reach here you can take flights from Margarita. When you arrive from plane you will different shades of blues. The official language of this island is Spanish. It contains the population strength around 1,200.The area which it contains it is about 2,251 as km. The capital of this island is none. The climate of this island is dry and warm and all year long it is breezing.
Los Roques
This island has 4 small beaches with white sand along with aqua crystal waters .In the Caribbean it is declared one of the best spots. This island has 90 classes of birds, 60 classes of corals, 140 classes of mollusks, fish you can find in 280 species, sponges in 60 species, and crustaceans in 200 species. You will find different types of species on this island.

There are many activities to do here like swimming, fishing, windsurfing, diving, kiting, and sailing. It’s total for fun to do all of the things. For entry of this islands you need a passport which at least for 6 months or If you are entering with a tourist’s card so you should have a validity of 90 days, these all their basic requirements. If you want to do shopping which is the main thing for any tourist so Margarita provides you all this facilities? For health there are no possible requirements. They are modernize but in very lower state in different Caribbean island are very low. The currency which they are using is Bolivar Fuertes but here the most favorable currency is US dollars.
Los Roques Beaches
Over this entire island is a perfect place to spend your vacation either with your family or with your friends. Its view is attracted by people and that’s why it is a famous place for tourist’s destination. You will be relaxed from all your tensions.

Los Roques Resorts

Itacare Brazil Island, Perfect Tourists Spot

Itacare is a small island which is situated in the cocoa region. It is a small town, it is same as other town but it’s deeper. You can easily go there but it is difficult to leave from this place. It is famous place for tourism because of its lovely desert beaches with a combination of perfect surf. One interesting thing you should know about that its village which is crayola colored fishing around 10,000. It is a spot where you become of there. You easily left your all worries. It was a powerhouse of agriculture until year 1990s and then it turned for tourism because of its lovely view .But it resorts can’t be managed due to its financial crisis which was hit in year 2008. Mostly Brazilians are the tourists. One of the legendary people said that Brazil’s economy was in poor condition until this Itacare economy is set.

It is like some magical tropical. It contains two dozen beaches which are hidden, not many people know about it. To get the hidden beach you have to do work for this. It requires a wood canoe from Jeribucacu beach. Surfing is one of the main sports here. People love to do this experience. I can’t about my experience. I have learned many things. You can also found massages, yoga and many things which make you relax. Surfing is there past time for the people some weird about its island its broken roads. There are many places to eat but the best place to eat is Casarao Amarillo. There are so many adventures to do like riding in a cylindrical container. To surf in warm water gives you appealing. For surfers it is the destination place. Waves are coming consistently which gives you a strong impact. Autumn and winter are best for surfers.
Itacare Brazil

Over all it is the beautiful place to visit. To see this lovely beautiful landscape, gives you a beautiful effect in your eyes although it doesn’t cost any money but the feeling which appears in your eyes make better your money. You should visit with your family for spending vacations.

Itacare Island Of Brazil Cocoa

State Park Lake Havasu, And Waterfalls In Arizona

When a holiday time has come, it better to spend a day at a state park. Just like Lake Havassu State Park that able to make your day fun and full of joy. Even it also has well reputation as a raucous Spring Break destination. Based on that reputation, every spring season, student from West in a large number always come to held a party. It is a prove that Lake Havasu State Park is best place for holiday. Furthermore the beach is quite clean and clear water. And the view is good enough to reduce stress.
Lake Havasu
If you are willing to visit Lake Havasu, then you better to look at the schedule, it may you can see the event there. Just like First Day Hikes which will be held on next January 1, 2014. The hike will have a scenic view of the lake and take you through the Cactus Garden. It really fun there, but remember to give attention to the rules such as littering is unlawful, all vehicles must stay on paved roadways at all times, no glass container on beach, obey all boating regulation and so on. We absolutely know that the rule aim is only to make the beach keep clean.
State Park Lake Havasu People enjoying
The facilities offers are complete enough so that we do not need to worry, for example for boating since they provides boat rental through the park’s concessionaire. Beside, visitor center and contact station there also ready to help you anytime. Another facilities are like restrooms and camping sites. This is what most visitor actually want. Beside having fun with the beautiful beach, they are love to camp around the beach. But it not for everyday because camping site only open in certain time. Sometimes they only allows  two night minimum stay, or three night minimum stay, depend on the rule. Moreover, there is always some interesting events held there. You should join them quickly before you loss this important holiday moment.

Lake Havasu Waterfalls

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

It is approximately having an area of 3 square miles. Jost Van Dyke is among the four islands of the British Virgin Islands and is the smallest one. It is located at the north area of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It is nearly eight kilometer at the north of Saint John and eight kilometer at the north-west of the Tortola. It is mainly a volcanic mountain and the height of the highest point on the mountain is approximately is 321 meters.
The population is not more than 300 having more young population (as much as 46%). The island receives many tourists each month. Visitors come from the Saint Thomas and Tortola through ferry and private boats. 

Jost Van Dyke
The most visited area is the Great Harbour. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in this beach strip. The most popular spot especially for the Caribbean boaters is the Foxy’s Bar in the Great Harbour. It is situated there ever since 1960s. The Foxy’s has been organizing all year round parties hosting and inviting many guests. The New Year’s Eve is a special one also called as the Old Year’s Night.
Great Harbour is a really busy port with more than 7000 boats clearing through the island’s port. The main source of the island’s economy is tourism. Yachting Tourism is the most desirable. Soggy Dollar Bar is another popular beach bar on the island. The origin of the famous delicious drink called Painkiller was in Soggy Dollar Bar. To get to the bar people used to anchor off the beach, swim to the shore and then when their money were all wet, they used to pay with them. There is no dock near the bar.
Jost Van Dyke Island
The famous music video ‘No shoe, No Shirt, No Problems’ was also shot in the Jost Van Dyke. There are many scenes from the One Love Bar and also the Ivan’s stress-free bar.

Jost Van Dyke Primary school is offering the primary and secondary education as well. Students after the completion of high school on Jost Van Dyke travel each day from the main island of Tortola in order to attend the Elmore Stout High School.


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