Gateway Arch Inspiring Landmarks in United States

One of the most inspiring landmarks in United States is the Gateway Arch. Located in St. Louis, Missouri the Gateway Arch is an important landmark in the area and is also a truly amazing architectural masterpiece. One of the tallest landmarks in St. Louis, the Gateway Arch receives thousands of visitors every day.
The Gateway Arch dates as far back as 1947. The arch was designed by Ero Saarinen and Hannskarl Bandel. There are three important events in the American history that the Gateway Arch signifies. Fore mostly it was built to show the expansion of USA towards west. But three important historical events that led to the construction of this memorial are the Louisiana Purchase, the construction of Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis and the Dred Scott case.

Before its construction people debated for some time where to enact the structure that would make their city look magnificent. The original plan was to construct the archway over the Mississippi River but it was soon discovered that the area was not fit for construction of such a structure. So the Gateway Arch was built on the Jefferson National Memorial Expansion.
The construction finally started in 1963 and it took two years to complete it. The Gateway Arch is made in shape of a centenary curve. The total length covered by the Arch is 630 feet from one end to the other. Interestingly it also rises to the height of 630 feet. The Arch is steel plated and was also designed in such a way that it appears to be swaying in wind. The Arch has concrete foundations to stabilize its base.

The Gateway Arch is not only fun to see from the ground but tourists can also go all the way to the top and look at the land for miles on all sides. The egg shaped elevators take tourists to the top and then bring them down. The Gateway Arch also provides you with an opportunity to watch a movie about the Lewis and Clark expedition at the IMAX Theater. This landmark has stood for more than half a century to welcome people to St. Louis and is definitely worth visiting.


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