Switzerland Culture And Tourist Attractions

SwitzerlandSwitzerland is a cultural rich country and offer many natural attractions for tourist. It is the land locked country of federal republic, officially the Swiss Confederation, consisting of 26 cantons. It is located in Western Europe. It is the second largest UN office, birthplace of Red Cross, and is very active in peace building processes. It is founder of the European Free Trade Association. Per capita GDP, it is also counted in one of the richest countries in the world with highest wealth per adult. Moreover, it is 20th largest exporter, 36th largest by purchasing power parity and 18th largest importer of goods. The blessed country comprises of three rich cultures with different languages which are French, German and Italian. Swiss National Day is celebrated in 1st August 1291, when Swiss Confederation was being introduced.

The tourism industry of Switzerland is very active. Tourism began when British hikers used to combine great peaks of Bernese Alps. Hence the Alpine club was being founded in 1857. The first ever organized tourist holidays were being offered in 19th century by two famous companies: Lunn Travel and Thomas Cook.
 The climate is moderate, but can be cold and snowy with the variation of altitude. At the noth east side of the country, German speaking people can be found, who work day and night; at south west, wine drinking, relaxed French people are found, at the south of Alps mountains, live the Italian’s coffee lovers and in the center lives the classic nation of Switzerland. Spending a vacation in Switzerland means hiking boots and snow boards are must accessories in your suitcase. In Switzerland, cultures are so diverse and there is an essence of mountains giving it a unique identity.

Matterhorn is the one of the world’s renowned mountain which has a height of 4478 meters. Each year climbers ascend the difficult terrain of the hill.

Another favorite tourist destination is the Swiss National Park. The area of the park is so large that it almost covers half of Switzerland.

Chillon Castle is a proof of ancient history of Switzerland. It is situated near Montreux. It used to be a place when Savoys used to live during 12-14 century. There are several buildings inside it including dorms, halls and dungeons. Lake Geneva is showed in every hall separately.

Palm trees also known as Alps are also very popular among tourists. The culture is further being highlighted by one of the largest and awe-inspiring lakes in Europe known as Lake Geneva. It is 60% under the Switzerland and is a home to yacht sports. Private tours are being offered for the spectacular view. Some other places include Interlaken, Zurich, The breathtaking Rhine Falls, Aletsch glacier etc.
 Switzerland Wallpaper

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