Caracas The Capital Of Venezuela

If one of your vacation destination is visiting a famous land with very impressive landmark, beautiful nature view, so you must try to visit Caracas. It is a capital and largest city of Venezuela and located in a beautiful valley from an impressive mountain, Mount Avila. There are so many attractive choices to help you spent your holiday for all day. Don’t worry about stomach since they have excellent food, art and bustling nightlife that you can explore on whole of the city.

Because of its located in a valley, you may allow to do hiking of Mount Avila and enjoy the whole Caracas scene from above. Caracas is also popular with its culiner which have many various kind of food. Some restaurants there is inspired by cuinies of many different countries and cultures. A club which is known by people there and have a plenty of visitors is,La Mercedes and La Castelana, a popular late night hot spot. The visitor often visit it until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning after having party.

Things to do in Caracas

When you steping your feet in Caracas, you will not only fell happy by the natural parks like Avile National Park, Botanical Garden, East Park and Venezuela Fountain, but also its attractive events. So many impressive events that able to avoid you from bored such as ; Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex, a popular and symphonic concert of opreas, ballet, and theatre; Silmon Bolivar Birthplace House, a skycrapers of original colonial flavor which is propoetioned reconstruction and also include museum’s exhibit of period weapons, banners, and uniforms;  National Phanteon, the great Venezuela’s most venerated building located in five block north of Plaza Bolivar.

There’s also a public square that may be one of your important note on your list like; Plaza Bolivar, an old square that have a monument of Simon Bolivar on its middle yard; Plaza Venezuela, a large urban plaza at the entrance of the Central University of Venezuela which has a kinetic artists display; Plaza San Jacinto, a market of the city which is Sun’s clock found at the northwest part of the square.
If you get tired after traveling around Caracas city and explore its wonderful attractive place, you must be need a resting place. Al tough spending a holiday in Caracas isn’t include cheap for our poket, but the hotels here is guaranteed make you consider that it is good enough and balance with the price. The hotels you can find there are, Gran Melia, Pestana Caracas Hotel and Suit, JW Marriott, Eurobuiling, etc.

Since Caracas is a busy and noisy city, renting car may be the best way to remove your load. If your choice is by car, it is available in certain locations such as; Hertz Car Rental, available in the domestic and international terminals which open at Mon-Fry pm and Sat-Sun 6 pm-11.3 pm. or Budget Car Rental, Mon-Fry 8am-12pm and Sat-Sun 1.30pm-11pm.

 Caracas Venezuela At night time

Wellington New Zealand -- Gamma World City in the World

Wellington is capital city and the most popular urban area in New Zealand. Its urban area reach up to 395.600 residents with 202.200 people of city council area. In the northern south island, it is the major population centre there. In late 2008 Wellington is considered as Gamma World City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Lough borough University. Actually Wellington has three other name, Te Whanga- nui-a-Tara which mean “ the great harbor of Tara”, Te Upoko-o-te-Ika-a-Maui which means “the head of the fish of Maui”, and the last name is Te Upoko –o-te-Ika, a traditional name from the southernmost part of the North Island.

Nowadays it is a town with many interesting things that you surely don’t want to miss. It has good scenery of town followed by a beach. Even in the middle of the town, there is a clean green yard surrounded by some high apartments. There are also some attractions of itself as certain charm for newcomers or  visitors. Those interesting things like restaurants, hotels, and bars. Most the restaurant there own license of alcohol and BYO (you allow to bring your own wine). It offers many variety cuisine, majority from Europe, Asia and Polynesia. They also have dishes which is specialty of New Zealand, lamb, pork, carvena, lobster, abalone, scallops.etc.  you can visit some best restaurants such as The White House Restaurant, Ortega Fish Shack, Chameleon Restaurant and Bar.

Traveling around Wellington, you may need a best hotel to stay start with cheap price until very expensive price. I suggest you to select it well which suit on your purse condition and nearby the tourist park. Hotels there can be classified based on rank they get start with the high rank : Bolton Hotel, Chopthorne Wellington Hotel and Oriental Bay, Rydges, and Intercontinental Wellington, etc

When you come to a place that you have never come before,  make sure you explore it with guide that can be trusted. Or at least you know where to go by using map or GPS to help your trip well.  It same when you come in Wellington, make sure you visit this interesting tourist place as follows : Te Papa Museum, has very complete collection of New Zealand history adds with explanation of Maori culture, ancient flora and fauna fossil collection. And the most attractive thing is it they have giant squid;  Botanical Garden, a tourist park with everything related of nature. If you want to see it, try to come in summer because the flower blooming  beautifully at that time; Cuba Street and Manners Mall, central traffic of Wellington city. Summer is the best time for walking around this street moreover, you may find some street attraction there.

Petronas Tower - Twin Skyscrapers -- Malaysia

Petronas tower is a symbol of Malaysia. It is a a famous of twin skyscrapers located in Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Based on the rank, it has be the tallest tower in the world from 1998 to 2004. It is built for Petronas headquarters. Its circle structure contains of 88 stories of occupiable space and the pyramid-shaped in its peach covered by flat steels. The service building in the east of Petronas contains many services that is needed to the operational building, by spout heat from the air conditioning system for all 88 levels in both tower.

From the shape, there is a little bridge in the middle of both tower which fungtion as evacuation route in demage situation. That bridge is called Double-decked skybridge. The twin tower can be your prime of best travelling in Kuala Lumpur. Try to come in the morning at 08.30 am then get the ticket soon because it only has limited ticket available. It will be only 10 RM of tour bill to get the skybridge, but of you want continoue the tour to the highest floor, the bill can reach up to 40 RM. The tour is started with short movie display about what the real Petronas is and Petronas contribution towards the country. Then the visitor will get a break time to enjoy the view from inside of it.

Petronas Tower
The intersting things around Petronas tower is shoping center, science center, art galery, The Aquaria Oceanarium, Philharmonic Hall, and KLCC garden.
For you who loved of shoping, don’t worry that your hoby will not materialized here since around this beauty twin tower, you will find a big and exclussive shoping center named KLCC (Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre). It is under the twin which is be the busiest shoping center in Malaysia.

Petronas Saint Center is a learning place of many kind knowedge practically. Located in 4th floor of the tower and always fullfilled by students and another visitor who want to learn.
There is also a gallery called Petronas Art Gallery which has many activities of art class, demontration, and disscusion that is in 3th floor of KLCC Suria.
Inside in it, you will find The Aquria Oceanarium with 283 different species located in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.
Some interesting information that you can get in and around it's have i mentioned before. But may be you need more info about a place for staying which located nearby the tower. Some hotels may be your choice to stay around the tower so you can enjoy it view at night, are : Impiana KLCC Hotel, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Ascott Kuala Lumpur, etc.
Go visit the great Petronas tower in Malaysia soon and get it beauty scene by your own eyes.

Walt Disney World, Orlando Theme Park

There is another possible reason that you should spend your day, exchange your fatigue with a full day of joy in here, Walt Disney World, Orlando. It is no doubt that Walt Disney World is the most best amusing park and resort in the world. You can do so many thing to get fun together with your family or friends. It really like when we truly live in the imagination world by all of this.
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is not only give you satisfaction for having fun, but also make yourself in a different world. Many amusing parks you can enjoy there start from the theme park like Magic Kingdom Park, a fantasy fairytale dream for children of all ages; Epcot, an exciting attraction of enchanting international pavilions and award winning fireworks; Disney Hollywood Studios, a movie magic of Hollywood’s Golden Age glitz and glamor; Disney Animal Kingdom Park, the largest animal theme park in the world; and fun water parks like Disney Blizzad Beach, Disney Typoon Lagoon.

Beside, everything you need is served here start with the main point, which is including Dining Reservation which you can order kind of food : African, American and Asian;  Entertainment, consists of spectacular fireworks, parades, show and musics; Attraction, contains adventures, classic story and exhilarating thrills; Shop, specialty stores for gifts, souvenirs, apparel and collectible; Spa and Fitness Centre, rejuvenating spa services for adult, kids and teens; Sport and Recreation, outdoor fun including golf, boating and fishing; Downtown Disney Area, a world class restaurants, dazzling entertainment and unique shops; Disney’s Broadwalk, contains exquisite dining and exciting nightlife and the last ESPN Wide World of sport complex which over 60 sports and thousand of events for athlete.

Do not be confuse of where the place to stay beacuse this amazing park provide about three kinds place to stay include: Resort Hotel, Special Offers and Vacation Packages. Beside, you can simply do all  reservations through mobile phone and tablet. It is called Planning Magic at Your Fingertips. By this service, help you access Disney vacation details easier. Arrange your plans to do in Walt Disney World in home.
Now, do you still doubt of this amazing park which offer you a plenty of pretty good features, that even as your second living in an imagination world? Come on, don’t waste your precise holyday time for just staying at home. Visit Walt Disney World in here, Orlando, Florida. And let the happiness and joy fulfill you whole day with your friend.

Rotating Tower - Dymanic Architecture In Dubai

Dubai is become one of favorite place to spent holiday. Now, by the presence of high tech modern tower, called as Dynamic Tower, World has seen Dubai as cool developed country. After some attractive buildings provided there like Burj Al Arab, Khalifa Tower, Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort, etc, now it is the turn for Dynamic Tower or people usually called as Rotating tower. From the word “rotating” surely make our curiosity coming up again. What is it mean or what is make it more unique than the other tower around the world? Then i will give you little info about it.

Dynamic tower is made by the founder and chairman of Dymanic Architecture Group, David Fisher, the one who proposed his idea at 2008. The main characteristic of this rotating tower is that it able to rotate independently. It can be 360 degree rotation every 90 minutes. What a cool biulding that you must come to see.

The trick behind this rotation by nearly 79 giant wind turbines which produce electricity to rotate all the floors. It can not rotate all the floor in the same time and same degree, but the fact that every floor will have different degree rotation from one to the other. So in the first time, Dynamic tower will have a form straight and sturdy as in general. Then by few minutes pass, this tower will show different shape, and will always move until the last 90 minutes which has irregular form like a rubic cube.

In built up this unique Dynamic tower, Fisher has inspire with Midtown Manhattan, his close friend’s  apartment during his visit there. Fisher said that he has a view of Hudson River and East River at the same time. And after saying those words, he start to admire its beauty the desiring to make people feel the same thing. Because he loves the idea of seeing the sun rise and set in the same room, so then he taught about the building to be four dimensional. And the most surprising fact that Fisher actually has never design a skyscraper before.

The Great Wall of China - Seven Wonder In The World

One of Asia’s pride as the member of seven wonder in the world,the Great Wall China. Traveled to china, you will be regretful if you miss this famous place. The Great wall is a symbol of China and with it be the longest building ever made by human. On 1987, it is declared as world heritage site, UNESCO. It has been exposed that it wall have the length 13,170.6056 mile or 21.196.18 kilometers. Based on the survey result, the Great Wall have double length compared with previous study.Chinese people call this building Wanli Changcheng, which means Giant Wall 10.000 Li.

The Great Wall become like a magnet for pulling thousand visitor to come. The interest thing about it is actually not real long wall, but it is a sections short wall following the shape of north China’s mountains. The view over some area look beautiful when you see inside the Great Wall. Many visitor come from various countries come to see and admit its greatness.

There is a beacon here which also be one of its attraction or Chinese called as fenghuotai, which is fiction as sending military message by using smoke signals at noon and fire at night at previous age, to tell when the enemy has come. The structure of all the wall also the beacon is made by local material.
Image source Great wall of China 

Because of it end wall shape similar with a long dragon which is the head in get into water, they called Laolongtou. On the top of Laolongtou, the visitor allow to climb up to the wall then see the view directly of sea panorama. I think it stairs which Chinese people say as thousand stairs has become main interest there. And now, not only the visitor, even the people can visit it everyday to do usual activity like recreation and exercise in the morning.

When it viewed from above thie Great Wall really looks like dragon with pretty long tails. Accompanied by many green hills winding around, absolutely make the view more beautyful, moreover when see the sun rising. Even when it still covered by morning fog, its beauty is not diminished.
The distance fom Beijing city to the Great Wall Huanghuacheng entrance is 72 km. I suggest you to look for nearest hotel for staying so that you can visit in morning and feel the fresh air or do execise with different situation, that is one of the seven wonder in the world.

Paris - Tourist Place In France

Who do not know about Paris, the capital and most popular city of French and also a metropolitan area which is one of the largest population center in Europe with more than 12 millions inhabitants. It’s an important settlement for more than two Milena. Paris has being the center of best art learning in Europe including and be the biggest city district in Western world. Things that make Paris be the one in Europe caused by its culture, education, entertainment, sains, media, and fashion. Paris also a house of association football club Paris-Saint like German FC and the rugby club Stade Francis.

Paris is an interesting for its top cu-liner, art center and literature. So i can conclude that this capital city of French, always inspiring thousand people around the world creating many arts like poem, paint, song etc, because they have influenced by the beauty of Paris. One of important art building that have been being a  primary symbol of Paris is Eiffel tower.  This cool tower with the height 300 meters from land surface, look very magnificent followed by the view of the city make it seems like a leader of town building. Moreover when it turn night, Eiffel tower gives you more and more impressive scenery with bright golden lamps lighten the whole part of the tower. This is the main reason why people desiring to visit Paris.

Paris is a town with so many art building which look classic and contains precious history values inside.  Some art buildings that you can choose as tourist note is likes ; Louvre Museum, A former French royal palace which now become the biggest museum in the world and the most famous in Paris. Here exhibit more than 35.000 best artworks which the famous one is Mona Lisa paint by Leonardo Da Vinci. Because of this, it become more known after used as filming; The second building is Grand Palais, a historical place also museum complex of exhibition hall. Today, Grand Palais become the prime place of show which a popular brand fashion show, Channel,  is held here; the third building is Les Invalids, another beautiful historical building that you shouldn't miss it when visiting Paris. It is special with all the monuments and buildings related with French history of military. Here also be the place of French kings’ tomb in previous age.

That is little info about Paris intersting building, now i’ll give you another  Paris attractive point which you should know before having nice trip to there such as Opera building, theatre, dance ball room, also cafe and restaurants. Many palces that you can enjoy there, but if you need to rest, just try some popular hotels in Paris like Pavillon Courcelles Parc Monceau Hotel, Concorde MontparnasseHotel, Hotel De La Motte Picquet, or Apostrophe hotel.
Paris is defenitely loved by people because they see it as romantic city. I do agree because Paris in the night really adorable. Together with person you loved, visiting Paris at night, is a good thoughts. Capture your best moments, enjoy all its beauty features then make your day feel exclusive.


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