Galapagos Islands Pacific Ocean

The Galapagos island are an archipelago of volcanic islands scattered on either side of the equator in Pacific ocean it is about 96 km far from west of continental Ecuador of which they are a part. It is surrounded from the water form an Ecuadorian province a biological marine service and a national park. The Language of this island is Spanish and contains the population of slightly over 25,000.

This island contains a large number of species and was studied by Charles Darwin. His collections and to observations provided to the inception of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. To visit the island happened by a chance in the year 1535 when the Dominican friar Fray Thomas de Beranger went to Peru. Let’s talk about their facts. It is a home of the only surviving giant Pinto Tortoise Lonesome George which was died in the year June 2012. To this island the three major oceanic currents begin an incredible mix of marine life. In this ocean the epidemic Galapagos marine iguana is the only lizard to swim in this ocean. On this island the movie Caption and commander was filmed on the island of Bartholomew and Santiago.
Galapagos Islands

The word Galapagos is an old Spanish word for saddle which was originally used by Bishop Thomas. There are the both English and Spanish inhabitants and now this island had both English and Spanish names.
This island can be visited all year round because of their position and isolation on the equator. This island has two seasons. The warm season which is from December to May and dry season from June to December.
Galapagos Islands
 By blue skies and mid day showers the dry season is characterized. During the warm season mammals and land birds are active where as warm season is characterized by the cloudier and rain skies. In the last 100 years this island has been around by the 13 volcanic eruptions. This island is declared uninhabited areas of Galapagos as a national park in the year 1959. Over all this island is very good place for a vacation trip.
Galapagos Islands

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