The Motherland Calls, Tallest Statue In The World

One of the tallest statues in the world which is situated in Russia, Mamie kurgan is the mother land calls. This statue shows the symbol of the struggle of soviet people against dictatorship. It is figure of woman who is marching forward, calling their sons to fight with enemies. It is 52 meter long. People say the image of this statue is related to the early goddess Nike, who was said as the goddess of victory. In year 1959 the construction of this statue was started in May 1959 and finished on 15 October 1967. Let’s just talk about some of it facts which you should know about it.

In the Guinness world record this statue is listed as being the biggest statue in the world. The length of the hand of statue is 20 meters and the sword contains the length of 33 meters. Total height of this statue is 85 meters. The weight of this sculpture is 8000 tons and the sword weight is 14 tons. Now this statue contained rank 11th, being the biggest statue in the world. At the foot of this building, commander of 62nd army buried, the well known or prominent the battle of Stalingrad, at the grave side you will see fresh flowers.

If we talk about more of the motherland, you will see the statue of the square which is in the center which gives the symbol of the defender of Stalingrad. It is inside the motherland. The following words which are written on the rock are dying in the last ditch which contains the meaning of never step back.

It contains two hundred steps which tell about the battle of Stalingrad which continued in 200 days. From the bottom of this statue building leads towards the hill. The person who made this he wanted that their staircase should go up to the river but it can’t be possible because of financing issues. Some people say about that now they are going to continue the sculpture’s plan.
Over all in Russia, it is best tourist attraction place and every year there visitors are increasing.

Los Cabos, Best Holiday Destination In Mexico

Los Cabos is a place where we can spent our best holiday in a good view of a beach. It located in the southeastern tip of the Mexico’s Baja California. Los Cabos beach outstretched between the town of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, or it also can be said that Los Cabos as well as the resort corridor that lies between the two. A view that you can find there is quite wonderful, so that Los Cabos is best place to visit and having joy there with partner or group.

Los Cabos Vacations

Los Cabos
What is inside the Los Cabos beach absolutely will atr=tract your interest because, this beach provide a real natural beautiful scene. The fresh water looks fun in which completed with a white sand in the edge of the beach. Furthermore, some giant coral rock which is called as “the Arch” also decorate the view. Of course there are many activities that usually do by visitor there, such as playing with the sand or land sports which held by the tour. Fishing is the main purpose in this beautiful beach to do in general, but there still another way for you to spent a day here. You can do health and wellness in form of simple heating before jogging.
Los Cabos

Los Cabos
No wonder that you probably will find a photographer to their own activities since Los Cabos beach provide a spectacular view. So it better for you to have a camere to capture your best moment there. Any other things to do beside having activity related with the beach is, visiting Los Cabos gallery. Actually the Los Cabos photo gallery is a place where the visitor can see which one the best part of the beach can be visited next. Here provides many good photo shows the beuaty sie of every part of the beach.
Los Cabos

Los Cabos
Los Cabos have a high level cuisines, so that able to bring you in some luxurious restaurants to taste its delicious cuisines. There not only serves for hig level of Mexican food, but you can also try the traditional one that be the main characteristic of Mexico. Having dinner is best suggestion to do in the night following by Los Cabos romantic atmosphere. Even you enjoy the party hed in some bars and little bit taste delicious wines.

Los Cabos Resorts
Los Cabos Resorts
Los Cabos Resorts

Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island In United States

Grand hotel which is not an old hotel they are moving with the different facilities which are needed. On Mackinac Island United States it is situated. At about 660 feet it has the front balcony which is the world’s biggest balcony; it is easily visible from the Lake Huron. One of the important that you should know there no vehicles is allowed on this island. By carriage or bicycle and with the horse carriage as well transportation are available. To visit this island it is accessible by plane or boat. By nearly 80 years this hotel is purchased by the same family by W.Stewart Wood fill. From July 8 to July 14 it is announced as Grand hotel week by Rick Sydner. Let’s just talk about its facts which you should know about this hotel.
Grand Hotel
Luxury Grand Hotel Outside view
Grand Hotel
There are 385 rooms and each of it is beautifully designed. In each season, overnight guests about 130,000 or more stay in this hotel. According to survey it is said that on July 26, 2006, it has 5,000,000 guests are checked in the history. Around a year more than 1 million people visit this hotel. There is a a big swimming pool which was given label for actress Esther Williams. On this island you will see more than 500 horses. In the year 1989 this became a historic notable sight. It has visited by five presidents of US. In the presidents there were Bill Clinton, George Bush, John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford which one of the big thing.
Grand Hotel Mackinace Island In United States
Grand Hotel
This hotel famous desert is Grand Pecan balls which serves in every season more than 50,000 people. They have special suites which are designed in asking with Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, and Rosalynn Carter. Another suite is also there which is given named after Jacqueline Kennedy. Besides that this was also filmed in the 1980 movies. The movie was “Somewhere in Time “featuring with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.
Over all it is very beautiful hotel with the fantastic view. It has the stunning enumeration with lovely sights.

Grand Hotel
Wonderful View Of Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

Houston, America’s Fourth Largest City

Planning to visit America? And looking for the city that filled with excellent shopping centers, top class hotels, dining, arts and nightlife? Or you just want to experience the historic heights and spending the day exploring the museum district or you may just want to hang out on Washington Avenue? The absolute answer for those questions is Houston City.
Yes, it is Houston City. It is America’s fourth-largest city located in Texas.

For those who like spending time for shopping, this city will immerse you in all things. You can find many kinds of souvenirs till cowboy hats. Houston has gift store called the Gift Store. Another is Houston Visitors Center that selling variety of souvenirs, clothing and accessories. Most of cowboy’s accessories and clothing you will find easily there. Yet, many stores related to fashion you can pass by in this cosmopolitan city, like home goods or custom finds.

Houston Wonderful city
That’s all? Wait folks, after shopping, you can visit many places like space center Houston (home to NASA’s Mission Control), largest fine arts museum to explore. Besides, Houston has park for you to spend the unforgettable moment. It has 49,643 acres of total park space. Can you imagine? What an adventure.
If you want to escape from the bustle, Houston offers abundance of activities on the water. Take boat tour along scenic Armand Bayou at the Armand Bayou Nature Center. You will experience to see wildlife such as alligators and river otters, needless to mention beautiful fauna long the banks of the bayou. Another option is renting cruise, fishing, jet-ski, scuba diving and many others water adventure.
Now, from boat tour, it’s the time to treat your family. It offers endless attractions that appeal to adults and children alike.

Houston At night view

Houston Nightlife
In case you cannot sleep at night, Houston still awake for you. Almost there is no dull moment there even at night. There many things happen between night and morning time in this city. Whether you go out for hanging out at café, getting your late dinner, or maybe looking for high energy dancing clubs, Houston pleasantly there for you.
There are still many places to go that will make your moment remarkable. Make sure that your camera is fully charged to keep your moment alive in your mind.


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