Fantastic View Of Dubai Hotel Under Water

Dubai is the luxury city in the middle east. The earning from oil make Arabs building unbelievable and most amazing infrastructure. The Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) are few example of it. Dubai is the most hottest and high temperature place but they make the ski resort in the city where is available artificial snow and temperature in minus. Beside these all here we want to share with you an other wonder of the city, and that is the under water hotel. It's same as we ever see in Hollywood movies that there is a new world under water where people live and have home, The Dubai Arabs make true this dream. They make a very beautiful hotel inside the ocean, where you can reach by under water ships. You can enjoy the most amazing and fantastic view of under water scenery and animal life live from glass windows. Just imagine the view of the bedroom where you sleep and on wall you can see different kind of fishes ocean animals scenery, its same as you spend life with them all inside the water. This will be not an artificial wall its will real and live. Here are few pictures we share hope you will enjoy it. 
Dubai hotel under water
under water hotel colorful View
Dubai hotel under water
  interior view
Dubai hotel under water
exterior view

Dubai hotel under water
beautiful view

Dubai hotel under water
hotel under water luxury bedroom

Dubai hotel under water
nice Attraction

Dubai hotel under water
Wonderful View of hotel under water

Dubai hotel under water
Dinning Table design

Tokyo Japan Top Place of Tours Attraction

Tokyo is one of the 47 states of Japan. It is also the capital of Japan. It is the largest metropolitan area in the world as well as main center of Greater Tokyo. Japanese Imperial Family resides in the Imperial Palace and it's is also the seat for Japanese Government. It lies in the Kanto area and the south east side of main island Honshu. It also includes the Ogasawara Island and Izu Island. The metropolis of Tokyo was formed in 1943 because of the union of previous states.

It is more commonly referred to as the metropolitan prefecture. There are 23 special Wards of Tokyo which are being administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and each Ward is being governed as one own individual city. It is covering an area which was formerly the City of Tokyo. The government of metropolitan also governs 39 municipalities at the west. The total populations of special ward sums up to about 9 million people with the total population more than 13 million of the prefecture. It is world’s most populous metropolitan area and also world’s largest urban agglomeration economy with a gross Domestic Product of US $1.48 trillion at purchasing power parity. The city is hosting fifty one of the fortune Global 500 companies which is like the greatest number of any city.
Tokyo japan tower
It has been called as one of the 3 places in the world economy which command it. The other two are the New York City and London. It is popularly known as the alpha plus world city. For emigrants, Tokyo was names as the most expensive city as stated by the Mercer and Economist Intelligence Unit. IN 2009, it was named as the 3rd most livable City while the Magazine Monocle ranked it as number one Most Livable Megalopolis. It has also been ranked top most in having best Michelin stars of any city around the globe. The City of it's also hosted the Olympics of 1964 and is a candidate city for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
Tokyo is the focal point and the setting of many Japanese Movies, shows, dramas, animes (animated series) comic books (mangas) and the web comics. It has been constantly used as a host and setting of the main scene. The movies that were being shooting here include the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Inception, My Geisha, and Joe, You only Live Twice (James Bond film) Babel, Kill Bill and Lost in Translation.
Tokyo japan roads view
Tokyo japan buildings lighting

7 Star Hotels Luxury Rooms Fantastic Collection

7 Star Hotel Luxury room is a space in the rating from level of luxury available in it. the room can be found in the hotel that offers luxury with a high enough level. You can find the room in some hotels below :

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele hotel, which also offers other 7 star the room is Town House, precisely the room that has the highest luxury, is part gallery, a well-known named Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is located in the heart of Milan. Decoration designs in the gallery the room looks very classic with a mix of wall paintings and wall decorations also forms a stark contrast. Beautiful scenery this gallery we can even enjoy from some room space provided.
There was also a plaza named Morgan Plaza that is now better known as the Pangu 7 Star Hotel. Was the most luxurious seven star hotel is part of the restaurant. Does this room has an interior design that is quite unique with a blend of bright colors is supported by china ornaments. Not only interesting but also looks very luxurious on furniture arrangement and color combination that produced.

Emirates palace hotel abu dhabi is also one of the hotel offering five-star facilities the room 7. Different from what has been mentioned above, which offers luxurious the room, this hotel offers luxury at it entertainment facilities on offer, one of which is a swimming pool, as well as theater. Not only supported with a friendly service, exterior decoration on the swimming pool, quite adequate and complete, in addition to luxurious and decorative.
Flower of the East Hotel is another hotel that also has a 7-star luxury in the form of the building. As the name suggests, this magnificent building also looks amazing at night. The beam is designed like a flower. Not only the shape of the building is awesome, the room rooms and other spaces inside are also designed very luxurious and complete.
7 star hotel room

luxury room design by 7 star hotel
7 star hotel wonderful apartment

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one that is included in the first seven-star level. The most luxurious rooms hotel is located in the lobby. when you are in the lobby of this hotel, you will find a room with an amazing level of interior decoration, supported by the availability of facilities such as a luxurious lobby bench, air-conditioning, desk are neat and friendly service. Luxury rooms in this hotel more visible from the unique shape building design yet elegant.
Burj Al Arb Night Attraction
7 Star Luxury room of Burj Al arab hotel

Dubai tallest building in the world

Since 2010, Dubai’s tallest building has been Burj Khalifa also known as Burj Dubai. It is the tallest man made building in the world.

The construction started on 21st September 2004 and it was completed on 1st October 2009. Officially it was opened on 4th January 2010.The architect and engineer was from Chicago, performed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill with Adrian Smith who was the chief architect. Bill Baker was the chief structure engineer and the contractor was Samsung C&T of South Korea.

The total budget of the project was estimated to be US$1.5 billion. The tower was named after the UAE resident Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for giving his support when Dubai was paying its huge debts.

Right after the opening of Burj Khalifa, the rents fell to some 40% and out of 900 total apartments, only 75 were bought. Though by 2012, many foreign investors bought the apartments and about 80% were occupied.

It was designed to be the focal point of Dubai, it will contain about 30,000 homes, about 19 residential towers, nine hotels which also includes the famous The Address Downtown Dubai, a 12 hectare Burj Khalifa Lake which is man-made and a parkland which is about 3 hectares.

The Great Pyramid of Giza used to be the oldest largest structure since four millennia when the Lincoln Cathedral in England took its place in 1311. And now Burj Khalifa stands at the first position.

Government wanted to expand its economy from oil based economy to the one which will earn from the tourism industry. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum wanted to create something in Dubai that many coming generations would remember.  

It was being designed by those architects who also designed the Willis Tower in Chicago, and the new One World Trade Center in the city of New York. It was designed by Owings, Skidmore and Merrill. Fazlur Rahman Khan was the true creator of the design which was the shape of a bundled tube. By using the new advanced tabular system, half the amount of steel was being used if compared to the famous Empire State Building. It was a design that was so meaning full in the eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright, It was his vision for the Illinois which was a high skyscraper to be built in Chicago. Its design was the basis of a 73 floored Tower Place Three which is a residential apartment in Seoul.
Dubai tallest building in the world

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Saudi Arabia City

Saudi arabia is one of the countries, that majority of the population is Muslim. state which is also a place most visited by foreign tourists, apparently also a pretty wonderful place to visit. Although most of tourists who come to Saudi arabia is to perform the pilgrimage, but some of them also visiting this country for the purpose of vacation. Saudi Arabia is also known by the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also has several attractions that we can visit while there. Among these places, some established as a place of entertainment and also as one of the things that can add to the attractiveness of this country so that more tourists come there.

Popular Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Among some of the most frequently visited by foreign tourists and the local one is Riyadh. Riyadh is one pretty enough town, where you will find some comfortable lodging as Al-Najdiyah Village and also some fabulous places to visit such as Kingdom Centre Tower, National Museum, Wadi Hanifa and many more. In addition there is also the city of Jeddah that also one of the points of interest, lots of people that do the pilgrimage, there are also offers several attractions such as King's Fountain, Silver Sands Beach, and Balad. Besides several other cities which also a popular tourist destination is the mecca, in the main town is also available a few places that tourists come become the main point, the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, Mecca Mall, Black Stone and Jabal-al-noor (Mountain of Light). Other cities is quite a destination, there is also a medina, Al Khobar and Dammam.

Attractions in Saudi Arabia

Talked about attractions in Saudi arabia you might be able to find something different from other countries in the world. Because the air temperature in Arabic can be quite hot, there you will find some pasture. Other than that some of the attractions that are available include the National Museum and Saqer-Aljazirah Aviation Museum, some malls like Granada Center and Panorama Mall and several other shopping malls, some sites such as historic buildings Masmak Citadel and Old Dir'aiyah. From some of the attractions above, saudi arabia is also well known as one of the countries that have a pretty good building design and beautiful, for it was there also offer some architectural interest to visitors, such as Kingdom Centre Tower and Al Faisaliyah Center and many more.
saudi arabia city
saudi arabia city

saudi arabia city
Saudi Arabia Map

London City Capital of England

The London City is the district of London. Ever since the middle Ages since its first settlement by the Romans, The boundaries of the city are still unchanged. It is now a small portion of metropolis. It is holding its own rights by her and is a separate ceremonial county as well.

The city or more popularly known as the Square Mile covers an area of 2.9 square kilometer. The corporation is under the Lord Mayor of London City which is different than the office of Mayor of London.

It's ranking number one as the center of global finance. London City throughout the 19th century was world’s fundamental business center and was the focal point for many business meetings. In 2008, it was the first in Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index. The industrial part of the it's is at the east. Canary Wharf is the other financial district at the distance of about 2.5 miles approximately eastwards.

It is consists of a population of 7000. The major portion of the western and northern sides belongs to the legal profession there especially in the Temple and Chancery Lane areas where there is Inns of Court are situated. Inns of Court contain an Inner Temple and a Middle Temple which are also found within the boundary of the London City.

London City hall

Inner and Middle Temple are 2 of the few remains of liberties. They are local authorities and are not governed by the London City Corporation. They are like independent enclaves and a part of the Farringdon Without ward .

Smithfield and Leadenhall Markets, both are owned by the it's Corporation. There are many parks, commons and parks outside the boundaries which are also under the responsibility of the corporation. This includes the famous renowned Epping Forest, Northern Ireland, Hampstead Heath, Old Spitalfields, Billingsgate Fish Market, Tower Hamlets, The Old Bailey, The Criminal Court for the England and Wales etc

London a beautiful city in United kingdom 

It has its own independent police also. However the Greater London is relying on the Metropolitan Police Service which is basically based at the New Scotland Yard.

There is just one hospital which was opened in 1123 and is known as St Bartholomew’s Hospital. It is located at Smithfield.

London City is also the 3rd largest and biggest UK patron of the Arts. Barbican Center is one of the most important Arts performing companies.

London City Wonderful Attraction

London Fireworks 2012 New Years Event

Tour Of Dubai Underwater Zoo Artificial Site

Underwater Zoo is one of the most interesting sights to visit. an Underwater Zoo is also a suitable place on the visit people of all ages. Is no denying the zoo on land and under the sea is a pretty interesting place to visit, because it is not only the variety of animals that we can see, but we also get to see the various sights and atmosphere of the life of the animal. Underwater Zoo talking about, it seems this is one of the attractions that the development is designed to be enjoyed by many visitors. even though not yet available in all countries, but some places like Dubai, Singapore, Florida has a few places that offer Underwater Zoo. 

Things That We Can See in The Underwater Zoo

The place attractions such as marine parks and underwater place does offer amazing scenery for anyone. for it, beauty sights is something that always offered. Talking about things that we can see of course the interesting point is the diversity of fish species. Well, as we know that there are tens of thousands of different species of marine fish in the world, we even can see many types of fish that we never know and see. Ranging from ornamental fish with small size, up to the big fish that we rarely see, from all that we can enjoy the giant aquarium-based underwater zoo. Other than that we can also enjoy views of the sea, which is invisible heaven. even we can enjoy all of it while walking and without having to swim in the sea. It is also offers some amphibians such as penguins, seals, sea lions, and some land animals which is quite unique for the show.

The Interesting Show in The Underwater Zoo
people enjoying to underwater zoo

To increase the attractiveness of an underwater zoo, there are also offers some interesting the show that can be enjoyed with the whole family, of all ages. It certainly adds to the value of family entertainment is high enough. Among some the show was The Dubai Fountain that is a creative form of fountains that played with enough beautiful and interesting. This is a thing that we can enjoy in the evening. Other than that the show offered was Kidzania ® star is a place designed specifically intended for children. There they will be taught to someone in satisfying their dreams as well fantasize that they will be taught life of their chosen profession. This is one of the fun entertainment for our children. Want something more amazing? You will also be can enjoy views of the entire city from At the Top Burj Khalifa, and still many other Recreational that is also not less interesting to enjoy.
Underwater zoo

Dubai Mall The World Largest Shopping Mall

It's the World largest Shopping Mall is one of about 35 shopping malls in the world. This is not surprising considering dubai is one of the luxurious and rich place. Not only in terms of national income is high or low population. Not also because of high levels of foreign exchange. Dubai itself already has the wealth and luxury that we can see directly from the form of the existing building, from the facilities on offer in that country. To allocate some high-income countries many of the public buildings are made ​​very satisfactory, supported by a comprehensive range of facilities and luxury. One of the public building is a shopping center. Talk about malls or shopping centers, this is a place that consists of many shops selling a variety of things. Mall also is the development of a market that is designed more luxurious, high quality and also more clean and secure.

Anything You Can Find in Dubai Shopping Center

As one of the modern market, which is huge in this building that consists of 6 floors you can find about 600 more retail stores. Not only was inside also offers some attractions or tourist attractions such as
 Mall Aquarium
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the major attraction of this mall. Inside we can see different species of marine fish are maintained in a giant aquarium under water. Turquoise waters and diversity of fish on offer, become great attraction for visitors.
Ice Rink is also not less interesting to visit. This is an interesting place which offers a place is made of ice. If you snow enthusiasts, this place can certainly become exciting entertainment. There we will be able to enjoy the game due to ice skating, turning around and seeing the sights. For widespread place even with a capacity up to 2000 people.
 SEGA Republic is also an entertainment venue built in Dubai mall. This place is a park based indoor that is filled with a variety of games in production from SEGA. Kind of game on offer is very interesting and diverse. Moreover the park is also designed with entertainment suitable for all ages.
    Reel Cinemas is also one of the destinations of people come to this mall. Theater that you can find a cinema Megaplex-based, with a capacity of 2800 seats on offer. Not only spacious, grand and magnificent, on the display also offers a display 3d and 2d. This cinema is even one of the greatest there.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall


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