Trip to Bergen Norway Wonderful Place

Bergen is the old capital and second largest city of the Norway. It is an international center of shipping, petroleum industry and sub sea technology, also the most busiest shipping port in Norway. Bergen is also consider as national hub of higher education, tourism and finance for the country. Bergen is a warm city and have mild temperature in winter while cooler in summer. The overall city view is very beautiful, but its also very busy place. As it is one of the major city of the country and most attractive for tourists the city is maximum time crowded. Lagunen Storsenter is the one of the largest shopping mall in Norway located in Bergen. There are millions of local residents and foreign tourist visit the mall every year.

Tourism is the most valuable income source for the city. The Bergen Hotels maximum full all the time so if you have to visit the city better book your hotel in advance. When the rolling stone concert held in the city all hotels were full booked several  months in advance. It is considered as the main gateway city to the world famous Fjord of Norway, because of it the Bergen become one of the Europe's largest cruise ship port. In 2011, the port saw 264 cruise calls with 350,248 visitors.

The airport located located 18 kilometer away from the Bergen city center  at Flesland. It serves as hub for Scandinavian airline and Norwegian air shuttle. There are flights to 20 domestic and 50 international destinations every day.
Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway
Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway
Bergen Port
Bergen Norway
Bergen Norway homes
Bergen Norway
Bergen Norway natural's beauty
Bergen Norway
Bergen Norway Hotels
Bergen Norway

Natural Beauty of The Kashmir

 The Pir Panjal range in the west and south, and the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas in the east
enclose the beautiful Kashmir Valley, also known as Cashmere. Jhelum River flows through the
ways of valleys across Srinagar. It was once a huge lake Karewa, which gradually dried leaving
behind the spectacular valley of Kashmir.

It is famous for its natural scenery: varieties of flora and fauna, glistening rivers, calm lakes,
blossoming meadows, snow-capped peaks, astounding gardens and of course the royal Chinar
trees. The profusion of beauties has earned it another name ‘Switzerland of the East’. It offers an
ironic feast of pleasure to the eyes of everyone. It is a land of nobles and peers who taught us the
language of love, harmony and peace.

Some Popular places

The popular attractions include the glittering waters of Dal-Lake and the magical Chinars of
Naseem Bagh and the fragrance of Phalgam is unforgivable.

The Chashme Shahi is popular for its medicinal Values and the Tattapani (Sulphur lake) is
believed to have the cure for skin problems.

The Kashmiri Language is appreciated for its gracefulness and modesty, and the poetry is
another distinctive feature .The valley is full of fair Indian complexion people with rose red
cheeks. Gulmarg and Sonmarg are an explorer’s trails. A temple of Lord Shiva is also located at
the cave of Amarnath. Every year, thousands of people visit these places to appreciate the natural

People of Kashmir

There is a diversity in religions too, different cultural forms and heritage, still the Kashmirs
are openhearted and friendly people. The folk performances of the Kashmiris are also arranged
with the moods of Kashmiris. Dances are originated and developed by women of Duggar in
order to divert themselves from the long awaiting of separations from their soldiers brothers and
husbands. Adding a tinge of cheer, folk song and dances echo their feelings of the hard life of
The most famous ritual dance includes Kud performed mostly during nights which use the
instruments such as flute, drums, chhaina and Narshinga.
Kashmir Beauty
 Sea Attraction
Kashmir Green Land
 Kashmir Ski View

Kashmir Valley
Kashmir look like a paradise
Kashmir Wonderful Flower
Kashmir Natural Beauty 

Food in Kashmir 

Kashmiri cuisine involved some of the delightful elements of the Mughal art of cooking and still
it has retained its own taste. The most important of the ingredients are the use of aromatic spices
that give food its rich taste. Rice, meat, Karam Saag( leafy vegetable) turnips and Nadru are the
chief food of Kashmir's.

Honolulu Luxury Hotels Best Cheap Hotels

Honolulu Hotel
Hotel in Hawaii Honolulu
There are some wonderful Honolulu hotels to base your holiday from. The stunning beachfront property of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel offers all of the amenities and facilities that guests could want from a 4-star hotel, including tennis courts, swimming pools and even beauty salons. Another great choice, especially for the budget traveler, is the Naniloa Volcanoes Hotel. This peaceful beachfront property in Hilo is a great option for those who want to be somewhere quiet but not too far out from the city.

Honolulu Hotel
Hotel in Honolulu
Honolulu Hotel
Honolulu Hotel
Honolulu Hawaii Hotels interior view
Honolulu Hotel
 Honolulu best Hotels interior Design
Honolulu Hotel

Honolulu Hawaii Vacations

Honolulu is the most popular and capital city of Hawaii. Hawaii is a US state which is combination of beautiful island and popular for his beaches. Honolulu is the most attractive city in this area. It's located on the south east of the island Oahu. This city is also Birth place of US president of Barack Obama. Honolulu is also very popular for it's skyline. there are more than 470 high rises in the city, which is ranked number 4'th in the USA.
Some most popular and attractive places in Honolulu are Ala Moana Center, Aloha tower, Diamond head, Hanauma bay, Honolulu zoo, Lyon Arboretum, Waikki Aquarium, and Waiki beach. The Bishop Museum is the largest museums in the city. It is endowed with the state's largest collection of natural history specimens and the world's largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific culture artifacts. There are also few very popular gardens in the city which include Foster Botanical Garden and Liliuokalani Botanical Garden.
Honolulu is in a tropical climate where the temperature is all the year almost equal. Temperature vary among 20°C to 35°C. The summer are dry and you can enjoy sunshine all the year.
The city is very attractive for almost everyone. You can enjoy historical places, museums, beaches, and all it's natural beauty.

beautiful beach scenery
 Honolulu beach Hawaii

 Honolulu Skyline view wonderful

Honolulu Hawaii 

Honolulu Hawaii
Honolulu Hawaii

New York Central Park The Natural Hub In The City

New York Central Park

Cool view of New York Central Park

New York Central Park is the most visited park in United States, located in the mid of the city. It's initially opened in 1857, on 3.41 km2 of city owned land. The park give a beautiful view in the middle of the tallest buildings of the city. It's also a best place for the residents to get relax from their tough jobs and the busiest life of the city. The central park main theme is natural as you will found different type of trees and plantation in the park which give it a very natural look. There are also few natural looking lakes and ponds that created artificially.
In the New York Central Park you can enjoy extensive walking tracks, bridle paths, two ice-skating rinks (one of which is a swimming pool in July and August), the Central Park Zoo, the Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, a 106-acre (43 ha) billion-gallon reservoir with an encircling running track. The park also hosts the "Shakespeare in the Park" summer festivals in Delacorte Theater. The six miles of drives within the park are used by joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters, especially when automobile traffic is prohibited, on weekends and in the evenings after 7:00 pm.
The activities include boating, carriage horses, pedicabs, and rock climbing.
The city's centerpiece is a prime location for making memories and celebrating your new path. The central park also know as the best place for proposing your loved ones. You can visit the official website of the central park

New York Central Park
New York Central Park

New York Central Park fantastic view

New York Central Park
New York Central Park fabulous review
New York Central Park
New York Central Park
New York Central Park in USA
New York Central Park

Cool Borobudur in Indonesia Pictures

Borobudur is a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist Temple build during the era of Syailendra Dynasty,
which is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It consists of a pyramidal base and five square
concentric terraces and on the top are three circular chambers. It is ornamented with 2,672 relief panels
and nearly 504 Buddha statues inside it. At the top center, a main bell shaped dome is encircled with 72
Buddha statues, each seated within a monumental stupa. The walls beings decorated with low reliefs
covers a total surface area of 2,500 m2 . The Borobudur Monument was being restored and renovated in
1970s with the aid of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
The crowned dome is a symbol for melodious marriage of stupas. The surrounding temple and mountains
highlights the masterpiece of Buddha and their devotion to Indonesia’s monumental arts and architecture.

From another perspective, if we see it, it is being laid out in a form of a lotus which signifies
the sacred holy flower of Buddha. It reflects the amalgamation of ancestor worshiping and the
concept of accomplishing ‘Nirvana’. To attain the Buddha-hood, Borobudur Temple pin points
the successive stages that ‘Bodhisattva’ achieved through its ten mounting terraces.
The main temple is a stupa built in three tiers around a hill which was a natural center: a
pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular
platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with
fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,520 m2. Around the circular platforms are 72
openwork stupas, each containing a statue.
 Borobudur Temple in Indonesia
The structure of the temple signifies the concept of universe in Buddhist cosmology. According
to the Buddha, universe is divided into three overlaying spheres i-e. ‘Kamadhatu’ (the sphere of
desires), ‘Rupadhatu’ ( The sphere of forms) and ‘Arupadhatu’ (The sphere of formlessness) .
Kamadhatu is characterized by the base of the temple, Rupadhatu is signifies by the five square
terraces and last but not the least Arupadhatu by the three circular platforms containing the big
Hence the whole building displays the ancestor worshiping and the very foundation lay the idea
of attaining the state of Nirvana in Buddhism.

The Borobudur Temple Compound comprises of three monuments: The Borobudur Temple,
Mendut Temple in east and Pawon Temple. This signifies the stages for the attainment of

Another pressure is because of Tourism which hinders the effective protection and hence more
and more walls are being deteriorated.

Desert Wallpaper Amazing Review

Deserts are the hot and dry place where the water is near to unable to found. The temperature is usually very high almost all the year. The rainfall is very less and very rare, also if rain occurs it's create floods at the time and soon water disappear. The underground water or water in wells is very deep as it’s impossible to access.  Deserts have a reputation for supporting very little life, but in reality deserts often have high biodiversity. Some desert flora includes shrubs, Prickly Pears, Holly, and the Brittlebush. Most plants are drought- or salt-tolerant, such as xerophytes. Some store water in their leaves, roots, and stems. The Sahara is the world largest desert in the world, its cover near about all area of North Africa. The human life is also very tough as the weather conditions and low availability of the water not support the life. Ever you drive in deserts or have any experience to live in there please share with us. The wallpaper from different deserts around the Globe here we share with you.

Desert Wallpaper
Desert Wallpaper
Desert Wallpaper

Desert amazing dates Tree


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