Visit to Ko Phi Phi Travel Guide

A large mass of appeal, Ko Phi Phi Island is still the main topic of conversation for the beach
lovers. It is situated in Thailand between the island of Phuket and Andaman Sea and is a part of
Krabi Province. It is the only island with permanent residence and among all the islands, it is the
largest. It covers about 28 sq-km area.

Ko Phi Phi is like a magnet attracting people because of its attitude. The island came into being
when it was first being used in 2000 as a location for a film. It used to be a coconut plantation in
the past. Regular ferries and boats travel from Phuket to this island at low cost.

Ko Phi Phi National park is enriched with marine life, and profusion of coral reefs. There are
sand beaches with limestone cliffs and Clear water. Other activities include diving, kayaking and

It was believed that its earlier name was Krabi (sword) which signifies the ancient legend of the
conquering of the island. There are five villages on the island.

An unfortunate event occurred on 26 December 2001. The whole of the island was being
destroyed by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Immediately afterwards, the island was being
reconstructed. Hotels and restaurants were upgraded. A tsunami alarm system was also being
installed by the Thai government.

Keiritas Yoga is normally at the top of the things to do list in Ko Phi Phi. It is a form of practice
beneficial for every age group. People join the classes to relax and to learn patience.

Ibex climbing and tours offers yet another form of challenges in a safe environment.

When we say Maya Bay, Leonardo Dicaprio comes into our minds. The place is undeniably
one of the most attractive features of Phi Phi. Vertical limestone cliffs rose vertically at the
surroundings. The most stunning beaches are Don, Bamboo Island And Phi Phi Ley.

The natural beauty of Island is incomparable. At night traditional dances are
performed on the beaches that points to the thrilling and stimulating activities at the island.
Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi natural Beauty 
Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi beautiful Mountain 
Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi Boats 

Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi Classical View 
Ko Phi Phi
boat at Phi Phi Island

Ko Phi Phi
Phi Phi Skyline view

Welcome To Niagara Falls Colorful View In Ontario - Canada

Niagara FallsWho don’t know about Niagara Falls? Niagara Falls is the most wonderful waterfall in the world. This waterfall is the combination between 3 waterfalls, Horseshoe , the American , and the Bridal Veil Falls. The location of Niagara Waterfall at the international border between the Canadian province and the U.S. state of New York. Near about 28 million tourist come at Niagara Falls. You can enjoy the beauty of Niagara all the day, from morning till night, at the night you will see a lot of lighting colors, which make this waterfalls so stunning. Well not just beautiful waterfall you will see in there, few interesting place also available there, such as Underground Railroad Roots Deep in Niagara, The Skylon Tower, and many other things. To get more comfortable journey, lets choose a hotel which are near from Niagara Falls, so you can enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls from your hotel’s room.

Niagara Falls

 How couldn’t you attracted with this beauty colorful lights of a waterfall? Say it impossible. It's located at Canada, Ontario, the country where most of human race around the world are gathering into one great continent. It is a composite of three different falls : American, Bridal and Horseshoe, separated by Luna Island from prominent falls then formed become very huge. A lot of visitors come to see and enjoy it’s view per year.
Niagara Falls Famous Wonder In Canada
Ontario Canada
It’s the most popular falls in the world and include the strongest in North America. Same as another falls which seems an ordinary huge waterfalls in noon, so do Niagara with its torrent.
When it turn night about 10 p.m. around January to April and Mei to December, Niagara falls will give a wonderful illuminate show that looks amazing so make the  visitors amazed. There are many lights decorate the falls start with red, blue, green, yellow, orange, etc. This show starts from 6 p.m until latest 10 p.m.
Niagara Falls night view
Niagara Falls at Night View in Ontario Canada
Niagara Falls night view
The illuminate use the light called Bengal light, a bright blue light that usually used as signal for the lightening when firework display begin. Can you see how wonderful scene you can capture with your own eyes?  the moment at night in Niagara falls  feels so romantic especially coupled with the beauty light of New York night.
Because of its colorful illuminate, no wonder there are many people or even new couples decide to spend their holiday there just to see the real magic light of a huge  popular place ever in world. The show is not only about its amazing illuminate, but also the firework display which adds the sky’s beauty by its sparkling lights.

Montreal City in Canada Wonderful Attraction

Montreal City
Montreal city is the second largest city at Canada (after Toronto City). These city more famous with name Ville Marie or city of Marry. The location of this city in the Island of Montreal. A lot of places must be visited at this city such as Saint Joseph's Oratory, Notre-Dame Basilica, La Joute on Place Jean-Paul Riopelle, Saint Jacques Street, Beaver Lake, The Montreal Harbor, and also one beautiful market Bonsecours Market. This city is so beautiful and interesting, if you wants to visit at this place, you not need to be worry about the language, people in there are using English and France language. For you who like to playing ice hockey, you will be so interest to come at this city, because ice hockey is the most popular sport in Montreal, there are have beautiful stadium to playing iced hockey. About the accommodation you not need to worry, there are available a lot of beautiful hotels, restaurant and also public transportation.

Montreal City at Night view
Montreal the City of Canada
wonderful Review

Amazing view of Montreal City
Montreal City sea Attraction
skyline View

Luxor Hotel in Las Vages online Booking

We love the Luxor Hotel room, the room was beautiful, large and spacious, the beds were comfortable and i loved the fact that I sit in the Jacuzzi tub and a view of fantastic Las Vegas. The rooms was large, it was beautiful. We had a safe in our room I was grateful for us. But the pillow was really bumpy. The floor was the smell of smoke, it does not really bother me. The spa at Luxor, I give you some of the best massages I've ever had. And they give out door prizes sports book for Monday night football. Food is somewhat expensive, what I expect. I recommend that you make the trek to the various items of Walgreen's soda or else you need.

 My trip

We stayed 2 nights in the room of the King tower. The room was very clean, and was modern with bath tube and shower. I am very quiet. Around 9:00 pm, check-in was fast and easy. Parking is free, but it is a hike to the room. valet is available. We had a nice rate "Resort fee" $ 50 evening / night plus $ 18 / approx. The hotel is located in the southern end of the strip, as some others have said. For the price, that is the fantastic place, Visit to Las Vegas and spend your vacation in this hotel.
Luxor Hotel Luxury Room interior view
Luxor Hotel in Las Vages
Luxor Hotel at night view
Luxor Hotel night Attraction

Beautiful Luxor Thousands of international Tourists arrived there!

Luxor is the most popular tourist destination in Egypt. Since the beginning, the place always
acted as a magnet for many of the tourists and travelers. One may refer to it as World’s greatest
open air museum. The reason however is its ancient preservation.

The area covers the city of Luxor, Thebes (Waset) at the west side of Nile and Karnal at the
north. Sharia al-Mahatta, Sharia al-Karnak and Corniche are the three streets of Luxor.

More commonly known as the city of Thebes (place of hundred gates), it remained as the capital
of Egypt from 1991 BC. Ramses started his building ideas from this place, and so did Thutmose
III reached for his goals. The stone build temples are symbols of the great history of Egypt, the
history of gods.

Currently 150,000 people are living in Luxor. The city is being governed under some set of rules.
From hotels, bars, restaurants to nightclubs, Luxor has all the comforts and facilities available
for tourists. The traditional bazaars and greenery can also be found everywhere in spite of the

One of the first places to visit when you are in the city is the Temple of Luxor. It is located at the
south of Sharia al-Karnak, and was built by Amenophis III. Entering the temple, one can see the
Roman chapel of burnt brick that was being dedicated to the god Serapis. The dromos are also
found at the front, well-preserved.

The Muslims often go to the oldest mosque of Luxor – The El-Mekashkesh Mosque. It contains
the remains of an Islamic saint and is a well-known place for pilgrimage.

Boating trip on the west bank is a special treat for Egyptians. It has its own special meaning. The
Valley of Kings attracts people with ancient tombs on the way. Overall the city has been divided
by the Nile in two parts i-e East and West Bank. One side represented Life, while the other was
the symbol of death in past.

Luxor Climate

The climate is hot and warm, with the temperature in winters around 26°C, while in summers the
maximum of 39°C. Thousands of tourists from all around the world arrive each year to stay and
encounter one of the best histories, with the ancient monuments, Valley of the Kings, Valley of
the Queens and hence contributing a huge share towards the economy of Egypt.
Luxor At night Attraction

Amazing Luxor Review
Luxor temple review
Luxor wonderful attraction
Luxor beast view at night
Luxor Egypt at Night view

Champs Elysees at Night Colorful Attraction

Champs Elysees at Night France is well known for its splendor and beauty. One of the most remarkable places in the country is Champs Elysees. Located in Nigh, this avenue is a historic place which is a famous tourist destination in France because of its magnificence. The full name of the place is Avenue des Champs Elysees. The place gets its name from Elysian Fields which are the final resting place for Gods and heroes in the Greek mythology.  The avenue is known rightly as one of the most beautiful avenues of the world. 
The tree-lined avenue is the sight for sore eyes but it doesn’t get its name because of the green trees that surround the area but the real reason is that the land was originally used as market gardens where farmers would grow their vegetables and fruits and sell them in the local market. The wife of King Henry IV, Marie de Medici suggested that the fields should be cleared and gardens of Palais des Tuileries be extended.  After some planning, an avenue was created with trees planted in straight lines along both sides. By 18th century, the tress had thickened and the avenue had become quite a splendid sight. It was around this time that people began to construct their houses on this avenue with amazing gardens and landscaping.

Champs Elysees at Night
Champs Elysees at Night view
Champs Elysees at Night
Champs Elysees has managed to retain its status as a prestigious place even after all those centuries. This avenue has now become one of the most expensive places to live in the world. There are numerous shops and boutiques in the avenue selling branded and designer products. Among some of the famous buildings located on the avenue is the Hotel de Crillon which was where the kings and queens of the old used to dine and spend time with friends. There are other famous hotels as well such as Marriott Champs Elysees. Avenue also houses cinemas and theaters where rich people from all over the world still go to spend their evening with friends and family. Whether you want to shop at the famous avenue in the fashion capital of the world, or just take a tour of this beautiful place; you are bound to fall in love with the historic avenue as soon as you set eyes on it.
Champs Elysees at Night
Champs Elysees at Night colorful pic
Champs Elysees at Night
Champs Elysees at Night darak attraction

Wonderful Place Champs Elysees in Paris France

Champs Elysees is a fantastic street in France, and the city of Paris. With its cinemas, caf├ęs, luxury specialty shops and clipped horse-chestnut trees, Champs Elysees is wonderful street and that is the world most expensive strips of real estate. Arc DE Triomphe and French monuments on a number of roads including DE LA Concorde.
The avenue runs for 1.91 km about 1.18 mi through the 8th arrondissement in northwestern Paris in France, from the Place de la Concorde in the east, with the Obelisk of Luxor, to the Place Charles de Gaulle in the west, location of the Arc de Triomphe. The Champs Elysees forms part of the Axe historique.
Champs Elysees is one of the major tourists attraction in Paris, thousands of visitors come there each year and they enjoy the cinemas, cafes, luxury hotels, fantastic restaurants and the luxury specialty shops.

 Champs Elysees skyline view

Champs Elysees Paris
Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees
Champs Elysees great view

Champs Elysees at night beautiful attraction


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