Famous Place Banaue Rice Terraces 2000 Years Old Mountains

Banaue Rice TerracesThe Banaue Rice terraces are 2000 years old terraces that were carved by ancient people in the mountains of Ifugao that are located in Philippines. People often call them as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’. They cover an area of about 10360 square kilometers. It is believed that these terraces were hand made. Old irrigation system is being used to water the plants. The culture of Ifagao lies in between rice. The inhabitants have earned all the rights to cultivate and eat them. If these steps are put end to end, they will cover half the world.

There are many traditional festivities where rice made food holds a special place. So if a person loves rice, Banaue Rice is a heaven for him/her.
The Ifagaos are familiar with the cultural foods such as fruit trees, shells, and many other vegetables.

The rice terraces are proven free from GMO ( Genetically Modified Organism). The main source of economy in Banaue Rice Terraces is through the industry of tourism. The interesting part is the recommendation of the Mumbaki to tourists. Mumbaki are also called witch doctor who can perform healing powers spiritually.

The five structures as a part of rice terraces are Hungduan, Mayoyao, Bangaan, Nagacadan, Batad.

The rice terraces are not just fields to farmers, but these fields holds a major importance at the center. The best time to visit these fields is in winters, harvesting time began in June. Hiking is very common among climbers and hikers.

During the way there are many viewpoints of terraces with striking landscapes. The place is considered as one of the best engineering accomplishment. In 1995, It was declared as a World Heritage Site.

Though it takes more than 8 hours watching the sight from car, still the whole view cannot be captured. It takes nearly nine hours to Banaue. Accommodations are also offered in town at affordable prices.

The place is even more stunning in reality. BETGA (The Batad Environmental Tour Guides Association) are placing concrete to make the village more proper and convenient.

 Banaue Rice Terraces
 Banaue Rice Terraces
 Banaue Rice Terraces
 Banaue Rice Terraces
 Banaue Rice Terraces

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