Hoover Dam - Electricity Biggest Projects Of America

For every country Dam is very important from where electric current is generate, which is the main necessity for every human being. It is situated in the Nevada, Mohave country, Arizona. It is also given the name of Boulder Dam. It’s height about 726 ft which is taller than tower of Washington DC and double taller than the Luxor Casino which is 338 ft. If we talk about its pedestal it is thick as two football fields. Its thickness is 660 ft.
Hoover Dam
More than 20,00 automobile on a day drive across the 45 ft because it’s top of the dam very wide There is enough space in this dam to build a 2 lane road from Seattle  from Washington to Miami. Because of its dam has a roof it’s electricity period has  much water  to complete 100 gallons in one second or it can fill 15 average size swimming pools which contains 20,000 gallons each in every second.  Its water pipes is 30 ft wide which contains so much water that it can fill 900 bath tubs which is approximately 100 gallons in one second. If we talk about its design or shape, its design is like a curve axe head which is 45 ft wide from the top and from the bottom is 660 ft thick.

When it has full power it can supply 17 generators to the city of 750,000 people and each generator has a weight about 4 million pounds each.  This Hoover dam was manufactured by Lake Mead and from 1931 to 1936 this dam was constructed and during these 96 men was killed in accident unfortunately.
Hoover Dam
If we talk about its cost to build the dam it’s about $2,000,000 of copper pennies which make the copper buses to take electricity inside the power house. In the America every state has supplied the materials for the construction of this dam and from Los Angeles to Hoover 2700 miles of transmission lines of electricity are sent.
Thus it is one of the biggest projects of America from where electricity is sent to all states of the America.

A Valuable Place Water Park - Specially Kids Enjoying Area

Water ParkSummer is the time when most people want to spend their time swimming and having fun in the water parks. There are numerous water parks all around the world; some larger and more expensive than others. You can easily find one around your house. If you have not much to do in your summer vacation then you can make a plan with your friends and spend a day at the closest water park to your house. There are a lot of activities you can enjoy at a water park. To make your trip fun here are certain tips that you should follow.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen: If you want to spend your day outdoors no matter what you are doing, wearing sun screen is essential. Try to find a sunscreen that is waterproof so that it doesn’t wash off easily when you are in the water. Wearing the sunscreen before you head out doesn’t mean you would be protected all day; you would need to reapply it as often as you can to get maximum protection against sun and UVB rays.

Don’t take your valuable along: Although you would need your wallet and cell phone, the best thing to do is leave your valuables home so that you don’t lose them. It’s not a good idea to wear jewelry that you are likely to lose while swimming. Make sure your pockets are empty when you jump into the water because it can be difficult retrieving any valuables that you lose in water. A lot of water parks also have lockers where you can keep your valuable items safe. A locker would also make sure that your cell phone stays dry.
Feature Water Park Area
Wear proper attire: When you go to a water park make sure you wear proper swimming attire. Another thing you should take care of is your shoes. Pavements can heat up during summer and to protect your feet you would need water shoes. With little children you need to be especially careful that they don’t burn their feet when they jump out of water onto hot pavements. So before you head out make sure you and your family are properly attired for a day at a water park.

Water Park
Water Park A Comfort Place

Us Virgin Islands - Perfect Spot For Spending A Vacation

The Caribbean Islands are considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. With lush green trees, clear waters and sand beaches, the Caribbean are the perfect spot for spending a vacation in. Among the Caribbean Islands are the Virgin Islands that are part of United States and a popular tourist destination. It’s not only just Americans who go there but people from around the world also head out there to make the most of their vacation. It is consist mainly of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. All these islands are special in their own way and are worth visiting at least once.

Virgin Islands
There is much to do and see in the Virgin Islands. The main attraction in this place is the beautiful beaches that are spread all over the islands. You can find both crowded ones and some quite secluded spots where you can have a picnic with your loved ones. Apart from swimming and diving you can also take part in several other water sports. Some resorts even offer professional training and you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn extreme sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and water skiing. While you are there you can also try out local recipes from the hotels and cafes. You can easily find some good places to eat on all islands including both five star restaurants and small cafes.

People also consider the Virgin Islands an ideal setting for a dream wedding. A lot of couples opt to have their weddings in this remarkable place. There are numerous resorts and hotels that can offer you good deals and help you organize a romantic wedding that people would talk about for years afterwards. You can also find all-inclusive resorts where you and your family and stay at affordable rates. If you are planning a vacation then this is an option worth considering. Make sure that you take out at least a day to visit each island so that you can see everything the Virgin Islands have to offer. You and your loved ones are sure to have a good time.
Us Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Resorts

Torun Poland - Popular Tourist Destination In Europe

Torun has emerged as a popular tourist destination in the recent years. Located on the bank of Vistula River in Poland, the place is important both because of its culture and commercial value. The city of Torun is actually a combination of two cities; namely the old town and the new town. The old town was included among the World Heritage Site in 1997. The old town still has a lot of historical buildings which date back as far as the 13th century. The most famous historical building in the old town is the castle constructed by Teuton king.

 The Teutonic kings constructed several buildings in the 13th century. One of the buildings that you must not miss is the Nicolas Copernicus University. The university is named after a town hero. Most of the population of the city belongs to the students of university and the place is also a popular tourist destination.

 Torun is not that big in size and if you ever go there you can easily explore all the important places on foot. The residents of the city are warm and friendly and would be happy to show you the way if you ever get lost. You can even learn some of the folk tales and facts related to the historical sites in the city. Some of the historical buildings that you should visit are the Town Hall, the Pomerarian Theater, the Leaning Tower, churches of St James and St John and ruins of city wall and castle. 

Most of the hotels in the city are located at a walking distance from the historical sites. Some are even built on the remains of the Teutonic buildings and are made to look like ancient castles. You can find both expensive and affordable hotels in Torun and you can pick the one you are most comfortable staying at. The best time to visit the city is the summer when the weather is mild. You would also be able to attend the summer festival which has a lot of entertainment for guests. So if you wish to see the culture of an old European city then Torun is a great place to go.

The Maldives The Indian Ocean Island

The natural beauty, which includes the blue ocean and white beaches, accompanied by clean air and pleasant temperatures, makes Maldives a famous tourist destination from all over the world. Visitors from all over the world are fascinated by its stunning beauty. This mystifying island surrounded by clear shallow lagoons, enclosed by coral reefs provides the visitors with a breath-taking view of its underwater world. Out of a total of 288 islands, only 200 are inhabited, while the rest 88 are specifically set aside for tourism. The climate of Maldives is ideal for the visitors to indulge themselves in activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing and kite boarding. Due to its unique underwater scenic beauty, Maldives is ranked as one of the best recreational diving destinations in the world.
Eco-tourism is also being practiced in Maldives with main focus on the recycling of heat that is wasted in the generation of electricity and also strict policies of waste disposal. The country is famous for its simplicity and provides the visitors with one of the best holiday experiences of their lives. The capital of Maldives, Male, contains many prominent mosques and museums and these are a must visit.
The Maldives
The National Museum of Male is of particular attraction and importance. It displays various artifacts, palanquins, thrones, statues along with other valuable assorted items. The tourists will find a diverse, historical and cultural treasures, thus it is an enthralling experience for the visitors.

Diving in the Maldives is a wonderful experience in the true sense. There are more than a thousand species of fish and other marine creatures inhabiting the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The islands all have house reefs and you will find that these can be satisfying for a dive. A night dive in the Maldives is of special importance. It lets you visualize the tiniest of creatures up close. Besides this, all the resorts are self-contained so they have at least one restaurant, which generally serves the type of cuisine expected by their guests. The Maldivian food mostly revolves around fish and is usually hot, spicy and served with coconut. So if you are planning on having the most memorable time of your life, Maldives is the place for you.
The Maldives

Statue of Liberty Firework - New Year Celebrations

The Statue of Liberty holds great importance in the hearts of all Americans. It has become the symbol of freedom and nationality. Every day when people enter the New York Bay through sea they are greeted by the sight of this giant sculpture. The Statue is always waiting to welcome the immigrants and guests into the vast nation that is America. No doubt the Statue of Liberty is a majestic sight during the day but at the night when it is lit up by the fireworks it becomes such an incredible sight that can leave a lasting impression on your mind.

The Statue of Liberty stands tall on the Liberty Island where it was erected in 1886. It was given by the French government to United States to represent the new alliance between the two countries. The statue was worked upon by the best architects and designers of the time. The interior was designed by the designer of Eiffel Tower, Maurice Koechlin.
Statue of Liberty Firework

The sculpture represents a woman standing on a platform holding a lamp in one hand and stack of books in other. The statue is of symbolic importance and has become one of the most popular tourist spots in United States. People both from inside and outside the country visit the place just to get a glimpse of the amazing piece of art.
Statue of Liberty Firework
If you go to Statue of Liberty you can get the tour of the whole place. It is open throughout the day so you can visit it any time you please although it would be preferable to go there during early hours when it is comparatively less crowded. But if you want to see a completely surreal sight then visit the Statue of Liberty during night or when one of the celebrations is being held there such as the New Year’s Eve or 4th of July. You would be dumbstruck by the beauty of the place when the fireworks light up the sky behind the gigantic sculpture. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures so that you can always remember it and show it off to your friends and family.
Statue of Liberty New year celebration

Navagio Beach - Greece, Tour Of Europe

Greece is a beautiful country and is best known for its ancient monuments and temples. Apart from the lovely architecture, scenic beauty, delicious food and beautiful cities, the beaches in Greece also play a vital role in attracting the tourists to the place. The beaches in Greece have been a popular tourist destination for centuries. The sandy coves in Greece were also once commonly used by pirates and smugglers. One of the most famous beaches in Greece is the Navagio Beach.
Navagio Beach
This is located on Zakynthos Island and has been nicknamed “The Shipwreck” due to the fact that it is where the smuggler ship Panagiotis was wrecked there. Originally the beach was called Agios Georgios. In 1981 Greek authorities received a tip that a smuggler’s ship was going to pass through the waters around Zakynthos Island. The ship was then chased by the law enforcing forces and ran aground on the shore of the beach. The ship still stands there buried in the white sandy dunes of the Navagio Beach. The presence of the wrecked smuggler’s ship also led to the Navagio Beach being called the “Smuggler’s Cove”.

It is located near the Anafotiria village which is opposite to the capital of Zakynthos Island. The island is famous because of its white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and clear blue waters. The beauty of the island has been attracting tourists for years. People from all over the world decide to spend their vacations in this remarkable place. You can get to the island through boats. If you stand on the high side of the cliffs that overlook the beach you would be able to get a great view of the beautiful place that spreads beneath.

If you are planning to take a tour of Europe or just the country of Greece then make sure that you visit the Navagio Beach. It would surely turn out to be a memorable experience for you. Make sure you take out one complete day from your schedule to spend in this place. There is much to do and see in the Navagio Beach and you are bound to love it.
Navagio Beach, Greece


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