Natural Beauty of The Kashmir

 The Pir Panjal range in the west and south, and the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas in the east
enclose the beautiful Kashmir Valley, also known as Cashmere. Jhelum River flows through the
ways of valleys across Srinagar. It was once a huge lake Karewa, which gradually dried leaving
behind the spectacular valley of Kashmir.

It is famous for its natural scenery: varieties of flora and fauna, glistening rivers, calm lakes,
blossoming meadows, snow-capped peaks, astounding gardens and of course the royal Chinar
trees. The profusion of beauties has earned it another name ‘Switzerland of the East’. It offers an
ironic feast of pleasure to the eyes of everyone. It is a land of nobles and peers who taught us the
language of love, harmony and peace.

Some Popular places

The popular attractions include the glittering waters of Dal-Lake and the magical Chinars of
Naseem Bagh and the fragrance of Phalgam is unforgivable.

The Chashme Shahi is popular for its medicinal Values and the Tattapani (Sulphur lake) is
believed to have the cure for skin problems.

The Kashmiri Language is appreciated for its gracefulness and modesty, and the poetry is
another distinctive feature .The valley is full of fair Indian complexion people with rose red
cheeks. Gulmarg and Sonmarg are an explorer’s trails. A temple of Lord Shiva is also located at
the cave of Amarnath. Every year, thousands of people visit these places to appreciate the natural

People of Kashmir

There is a diversity in religions too, different cultural forms and heritage, still the Kashmirs
are openhearted and friendly people. The folk performances of the Kashmiris are also arranged
with the moods of Kashmiris. Dances are originated and developed by women of Duggar in
order to divert themselves from the long awaiting of separations from their soldiers brothers and
husbands. Adding a tinge of cheer, folk song and dances echo their feelings of the hard life of
The most famous ritual dance includes Kud performed mostly during nights which use the
instruments such as flute, drums, chhaina and Narshinga.
Kashmir Beauty
 Sea Attraction
Kashmir Green Land
 Kashmir Ski View

Kashmir Valley
Kashmir look like a paradise
Kashmir Wonderful Flower
Kashmir Natural Beauty 

Food in Kashmir 

Kashmiri cuisine involved some of the delightful elements of the Mughal art of cooking and still
it has retained its own taste. The most important of the ingredients are the use of aromatic spices
that give food its rich taste. Rice, meat, Karam Saag( leafy vegetable) turnips and Nadru are the
chief food of Kashmir's.

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