Neuschwanstein Castle In Germany, Travel Guide!!

Neuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein is a Castle or more popularly known as the symbol of love. The tragic story of Ludwig II is still as new in the hearts of the people. It is situated at the south of Bavaria, Germany. It lies over the hills above the village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen. The location and the architecture makes this place also considered as the ‘photogenic area’. The project started in 1869 as an attribution to the Castle of Holy Grail.

The two huge magnificent halls of the castle is among the finest dorms. The singers’ hall is the bigger and better version of Wartbug. The galleries are decorated with furnitures and colors of dazzling blue and gold. The architecture reflects the influence of culture. One of the stories also suggests that the place was being made in oreder to pay tribute to Richard Wagner.

After the death of King, more than 60 million people have visited the palace with more than 1.3 million visiting each year. It’s the same castle that has been appeared before the audience as the castle of Beast in ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

The city of Schawangau actually lays at an elevation of nearly 2,620 ft. Alpine Hills surrounds the region. These buildings were renovated in 19th century. The Wagner’s operas Lohengrin and Tannhauser were the last remained representatives of romance. Shapes of Romansque figures, Gothic embellishment and the art n architecture of Byzaintine can be found everywhere on the station. These big palaces were presented another name such as Kitsch. The basic line of the step was being first made by a stranger who was neo-Gothic. Similarly the themes of Opera were also joined from Tanhauser to Lohengrin.

Biblical scenes are depicted on the walls of the Throne room. Similarly an artificial cave, Grotto can be found in between living room and study. It is illuminated by myriad of rich colors and it contains a magnificent waterfall too.
The singer’s hall was inspired by Wagnerian Opera and it includes a painted backdrop and a stage. Performances on small scale occur here now. It is quite popular among the teenagers and kids as they have always prolonged to see a palace. Furthermore it was there in many of Disney movies

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle
 Neuschwanstein Castle Interior View

 Neuschwanstein Castle Winter Session Attractions
Neuschwanstein Castle

Costa Del Sol Famous Tourist Spot In Spain

 Coast Del Sol or also known as ‘Coast of the Sun’ is situated at the south of Spain city, Andalusia. It consists of coastal towns and many communities along the coastline of Malaga Province. It is located between Costa Tropical and Costa de la Luz. It used to be a fishing settlement in past and now it has become a famous tourist spot.

Malaga City is included in it along with many other towns such as San Pedro de Alcantara, Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Rincon de la Victoria, Nerja, Torrox, Velez- Malaga and Frigiliana. It lies between cliffs of Maro will Putno Chullera at west. The Place was ruled by many dynasties and cultures such as Vandals, Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Roman, Visigoths and Moors back in Bronze Age. By the time of 1950s, the area was developed and renovated for its great demand of tourism. The most popular and rich town is Marbella.

Costa Del Sol, Spain
Millions of Tourists visit Costa Del Sol annually. The major mode of transportation is airplane which lands at nearby Malaga Airport. The combination of beautiful breath-taking view of beaches and and warm climate makes it an enchanting experience. Numbers of villa homes, leisure complexes, and apartment blocks have increased dramatically in recent years. The secluded beaches at the Malaga are unique in their own way. Fresh fish food is famous for its mouth-watering taste. As people say it, it definitely is the perfect place to dine alfresco.
Costa Del Sol

The main sport activity is golf with more than fifty courses. The best thing is their location, which is on the beach sides.
Alhama, Sierras of Tejeda and Almijara are the nature-loving parks. These parks provide everyone with the best opportunity to relax and have a lifetime experience in the city with family. The on-foot experience and hiking of the mountains of Axarquia is what attracts people too. Over all the nature has offered almond and vine-planted hillsides, lemon and orange groves and rushing rivers. Pine forests are also located in the Montes de Malaga National Park. Children are also interested in visiting Fuente de Piedrea Nature Reserve in spring specially because of flocks of flamingos.
Costa Del Sol Beaches Fantastic View

 Costa Del Sol Map, and Skyline Attraction

Koh Tao Famous Island In Thailand


Koh Tao is an island of Turtles in Thailand. It is situated at the west on the Gulf of Thailand, covering an area of twenty one kilometeres2. The settlement is Ban Mae Hat. The island has a total population of more than 1,500. The major source of economy is Tourism. Scuba diving, being the most popular among visitors contributes majorly.

Not only the island contains species of turtles but even the geographical shape is turtle like. Hawksbill and Green Turtle breed in the land. In 2004, a breeding programme was introduced by the KT-DOC and Royal Thai Navy which had improved the conditions of breeding ground and local scuba diving centres.

The island, as history suggests, was known as Pulo Bardia. It was not until 1980s, when travelers started visiting Koh Tao and soon it became a popular tourist destination. Developed boats with modern infrastructure were provided to visitors as a result.

The most popular beaches are Haad Thien (Rocky Bay), Sairee Beach and Tanote Bay. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the most popular, but many people also go there for rock climbing, hiking and bouldering. Ko Tao became popular in mid twenty age group visitors mainly because of less expensive scuba diving certification. Within last decade, however, there’s an increase in number of families visiting.

The island contains more than 150 comfortable and exquisite resorts offering accommodation. The popular species of fishes are Baracuda, Cobia, King Mackerel, Marlin, Sailfish, snapper and Trevally. Chumpon Pinnacle is the most popular spot for hunting of bull sharks and whale sharks.

Dirt roads have been converted to cemented ones. As much as 95% of all traffic is on motorbike. Ferry services from Surat Thani, Koh Samui, Chumphon and Koh Pha Ngan are offered at Koh Tao island. The two main ferries for transportation is Lomprayah and Seatran, they both offer quickest and most comfortable journeys. Koh tao contains no airport, so Koh Samui Airport is used for those who wish to fly. But even then they will have to take a ferry to reach the destination.
Koh Tao

Koh Tao Map

Top five Ski Resorts Winter Session

Planning to visit ski resorts where you can enjoy epic steeps, cold thrills, challenging sliding and snow sports. Here is the list of top five Ski Resorts in winters.

Appi Kogen Ski Resorts, Japan

Appi Kogen or popularly known as Appi has a ski area of nearly 280 hectares which is situated in Tokyo, Japan. It contains 21 ski trails which is an average 2 kms long. During peak season, few of the trails are empty, but others are functional. For children, Yamabato is a smooth slope. This resort also offers the on-site investigation and market for dairy products such as ice cold cheese and cream. Mini ski areas and parks are also made for first timers.

Alpensia Resort, South Korea
Alpensia Resort is situated in Pyeongchang, South Korea which is a world class Ski resort for winters. It covers an area of 4.9 square kilometers of terrain and was completed in 2009. The park is being designed to be the venue of the Winter Olympics standards. Daegwallyeong at the top can be seen from the tower which is 160 m tall and a trail can also lead to the heavenly spot. It also has world class two international-standard jump slopes.

Gulmarg, India
Gulmarg is a hill station that was formed by British Colonials in 19th century. Today it is one of the top ski resort sheltered by the Himalayas mountain range. The place attracts thousands of tourists each year. It offers the highest ski lift around the globe of about 3979 meters. Nanga Parbat, world’s 9th highest mountain, lies behind as a curtain, challenging mountain climbers and hikers.

Alshan Alpine Ski Resort, China
Alshan Alpine Ski Resort is under constant daily snowfall and hence a promise to keep its trail fully covered in thick snow. It is situated in Mongolia and also includes the Mongolian border.  The milder slopes are opened for public while the sharp ones are used by national skiing team of China.

Yabuli Ski Resort, China
Yabuli is China’s biggest venue for skiing with 18 runs and many ski slopes and is situated in Heilongjiang. It is also used by Chinese National teams. A1, the longest ski trail, is also located here which is popularly known in the world as the ‘Trail to Happiness’. Asia’s longest slide with 48 twists is also present which attracts many visitors. It is a great place to spend some time off in winters. This place also serves as the area for Club Med’s first resort.

Esplanade Theatre in Singapore

Esplanade is theatres in a building which is situated on seaside of Marina Bay to the east of Padang and at the mouth of river of Singapore. It was officially opened in 2002 as a center for performing arts. It has one Concert Hall which can capacitate 2,000 for the arts.

Today it occupies six hectares of land and is known as one of the most popular cultural landmark. It is a $600 million project. The shape of the building resembles to the shape of an eye or a Durian. The complex has an Outdoor Theatre, Recital Hall, Mall, Concert Hall, Black Box Theatre, and a wide car parking area. It is surrounded by 5000 rooms, 300 restaurants, 1000 shops, 7500 parking area and two major convention centers.

Mostly Asian and Western cultures are being displayed in the theatre catering all audiences. It has a main large sized stage, 30 m tower in height and an orchestra pit which contains three lifts. The library of Esplanade Mall is on the third floor and on the top floor is an open space which is open for public.

Esplanade has its own teams too which perform on every other occasion per annul. Nearly 14 festivals are celebrated in the theatre attracting many of the tourists as well showing the traditions of Singapore. The Concourse runs each day of the year and other hits by popular local artists.

Satay Club is popular restaurant for Singaporeans as well as foreigners which offer wide variety of mouth-watering dishes.

The concert hall served the purpose of all the major concerts and performances and hence it is one of the six halls in the world with such high-tech and advanced acoustics. At one time, as much as 120 performers can perform on the orchestral platform.  The hall was designed by Johannes Klais Orgelbau. There are also four VIP boxes which provide a clear and detailed view of the performances.

Small scales musical performances are carried out in a Recital Studio which is in a fan like shape. Dance performances are shown in theatre studios.

Jandela is an exhibition area which shows visual arts. The splendid architecture of the area and the scenery of Marina Bay is what attracts locals and foreigners there.
 Esplanade Theatre interior View

Esplanade Theatre Nice Attraction

Esplanade Theatre Famous Studio in Singapore

Esplanade Studio


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