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Green Forest is an artsy resort town which is situated about 60 miles from Rogers and Fayetteville and about 21 miles from the springs of Eureka. It covers a total area of 5.9 square km.  The population is approximately of 3271 people in the city.

There is a Green forest Library which was opened in 1935. It is the branch library of Carroll and Madison Library System. Ark is basically the intersecting points of the northern portion of Arkansas as it roams west and east through the main cities, country landscapes and the small towns. The highway cuts the Ozark Mountains and hence the travellers can appreciate the natural breath-taking beauty of the mountains and the green forest where the heart of communities lie.

It is basically situated in Carroll Country and has an approximate population of 3000. There are huge downtown streets that give a warm-welcome to the tourists and visitors. In the right middle of the grassy town center there is a Gazebo. There are many stores and shops at the downtown square which includes a café, furniture store, hardware store, antique stores, library and restaurants for get-togethers. There are very common local businesses that include a bank, accountant and a barber shop. There are all types of facilities available for the residents including the gas stations and churches. The rural environment of the towns can be experienced and seen everywhere. The offices of New Leaf Press are also located here.

 Green Forest
Green Forest
 Helen Gurely Brown was born in Green Forest. She is a popular publisher, author and a businesswoman. She remained to be the editor-in-chief for nearly thirty two years of the Magazine of Cosmopolitan. Her husband was the producer of the movies such as Friving Miss Daisy, Cocoon, The Sting, Jaws and many other motion popular pictures during 1950s. She was also the speaker of women’s sexual freedom during these years.

Among the first inhabitants of the Green forest were John Scott. He was the maker of sheep and cowbells. At first the Green Forest was known as the Scott’s Prairie when people started to settle in this area.
 One of the most popular cafés is the country Rooster Antiques and Café on the Square. Here the lunch menu consists of mouth-watering Lasagnas, Soup de jour, Meat-loaf, Cakes and pies and this all situated in hundred year old antique store which is constructed out of sandstone blocks.
Green Forest
 Green Forest Wonderful View
Green Forest

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