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The wonderful pieces of architecture in and of themselves are bridges which not only providing crossing of water and over dangerous cliffs and roads but it is also use pleasing to the eye of the mind. There are so many amazing bridges but look at the China’s amazing bridges which can make the sea link look so ordinary. These bridges are truly architecture wonders.

Hangzhou Ban Bridge which is biggest trans-oceanic bridge extends across the Hangzhou Bay to over 35.673 kilometer approximately 22 miles. In two directions it has six expressway lanes. In May 2008 this bridge is introduced this bridge is in S shaped stayed cable bridge with six lanes in both directions. Between Shanghai and Ningbo by 120 km it brings down the distance. This bridge cost is about 11.8 billion Yuan approx $1.70 billion.

Another bridge of the China is Nanpu Bridge which is the fourth longest cable in the world. If we talk about its length it is approximately 83.46 kilometers. It is concrete composite girder cable and first steel cable stayed bridge built in Shanghai. The two lines of bridge suspending bridge with the tower which height is about 150 meters. Its shape is spiral which is an outstanding feature.
 China amazing bridges
Another bridge which is also in Shanghai is Lupus bridge which contains the title of longest steel arch bridge in the world. Its arch span is 550 meter longer and is 32 meter longer than the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia US. The main arch is 9 meter high and 5 meters wide.
 China amazing bridges
 China amazing bridges at night
The other bridge in China is Wind and Rain Bridge it is different from others. It was built in the year 1916 which reflects the dong architecture. It is situated in the Chengyang village of Sanjiang country. It is across the Linxi River. This bridge is also known as Linxi wind and Rain Bridge.
The second longest suspension bridge by the length of the center span it is Xihoumen Bridge which is built on the Zhoushan Archipelago. The suspension bridge has a length of 2.6 kilometers with a central span of 1,650 meters.
 China amazing bridges very long
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