Hyde Park Corner Family Park In London

I always try to list some schedules of activities i will do in Sunday. Have my breakfast in morning, clean all dirty clothes and mop the lantai, then go tho the wishing place together with my lovely friends. Having fun in tourism park, trying all kinds of dangerous games and screaming loudly has been being my routine schedule once a month. Or another idea about visiting beach, play around race to built the best pretty sand castle or just capturing own self and set the cute pose appropriated by the nature. But it also has been being my habit and my friend’s, capturing every moment filling Hand phone gallery until the memory card has definitely full.
Hyde Park Map
Before the best holiday of the great Sunday, on Saturday I also write an idea of good places that should be visited next. Actually we have been already bored with the same places we have visited before. I think we need a park that can make our mind feel more relax by the nature. May be Hyde Park of London is an excellent choice not only for me, but for you too. I have note some points of reason about why Hyde Park must be visited.  Hyde Park is the biggest park in central London and one of the Royal Park. This Park is famous with it’s speaker’s corner which is able to reach almost the whole of park sudutnya. May be if you lost your family or friend there when you are busy with your activity, you absolutely  do not need to be much worry. Just come to the Information center and it will help you by its super loud speaker, then finally you find your missing person back. Hahaha...
Hyde Park
The Park is the place for The Great Exhibition at 1851’s in which Joseph Paxton design it for The Crystal Palace. On that time, Hyde park had become the traditional location for mass demonstration which many protests of Liberty and Live hood were gathering there on March 2002. Okay back to the good things only. When you come, you will see The Grand Entrance if its park called as Queen Elizabeth Gate. Inside the gate there are some interesting feature like, consist of screen of handsome fluted lonic columns, with three carriage entrance archway, a lodge etc. Central entrance completed by four columns and the volute of the capital of the outside on each side of the gateway are formed in angular direction.
Hyde Park Fantastic view
There are also some interest site that we can see as an oval stone ring fountain known as Princess of Wales Memorial, Diana that placed on south of the Serpentine; beyond the dam, London’s Holocaust Memorial;  a botanical curiosity is the Weeping Beech, Fagus sylvatica pendula, cherished as “the upside -down tree”;and  a rose garden.  Even there also an events usually held mostly about famous rock concert where Pink Floyd reunited their classic line up for the first time in over 30 years. The show of Rolling Stone is also held there.
 Hyde Park Corner
Hyde Park Corner top View in world map

Trip to Ireland Castle and Spend Vacation

There is thousands and millions of tourists who go to visit the Castles in Ireland. There are about a hundred castles there. But the best ones are highlighted in this article.

Blarney Castle is located at the south of Ireland and thousands of people visit per annum. It is definitely worth paying a visit. The legend here says to kiss the Blarney Stone and to get the gift of the gab. It is a tradition to climb the ten flights of stairs to reach to the stone at the roof of main castle’s tower. The best feature of this castle is the floral beautiful gardens which are covering an area of more than 60 acres. It was built about some 600 years ago by the Irish Chieftain Cormac MacCarthy.

Ashford Castle is situated at the west of Ireland Fairytale Castle. It is like 800 years old and is popular as it was being governed by the royalty known as the Guinness family. It was being kept in the best condition and now it is a 5 star hotel. Spending a night in the hotel like a royalty is worth trying. It is also hosting many of the world’s famous wedding venues by having gold interior and also freshly manicured lawns. It is located in County Galway. 

Bunratty Castle is another beautiful structure that stands on the land of Ireland. It is located at the Folk Park which used to be a trading camp back in 970 AD. It is only seven miles away from the Airport of Shannon and hence it is easily accessible by the tourists. The original castle was being destroyed back then inn a war between the English Kings and the Irish Chieftains. However now it is the best destination for festivities. Women are dressed in feudal gowns enjoying the traditional flavors of the Ireland. They are served with the Pork, Potato Soup, Mulled Mead, Goblets and bread. The only relaxation is by sitting on a bench with family or friends and enjoying the ambience of the castle. 

 Ireland castle

Doe Castle is in County Donegal which is at the west north of Ireland is one of the best examples of the architecture style. It is being walled in between the water and was constructed on a peninsula with a trench sliced into the rock of the land side. In short Doe Castle is look like a floating boat inside the water. The water is surrounding the Castle from three sides. The best sight is given from the Carrigart Creeslough which is like ten miles from the Dunfanaghy village.

Ireland castle

Ireland Countryside Best Places To Explore

Ireland is the beautiful island beside Great Britain, with natural greenery and amazing landscape. There are more and more travelers are coming to the countryside of the Ireland. People more like walking and cycling inside the country to watch the beauty from closer.
Renting a car and driving on the left side of the road is still a popular way to explore the landscape, but the Republic of Ireland is the development of a national system of trails and green ways trails loop to a deeper penetration into the promotion beauty of the country and its Celtic heritage.
The most famous garden estate, Powers court House and Gardens, offer tours of interior near about 47 acres of Gardens. Wicklow Mountains have superb scenery and hiking tracks; visitors can enjoy the ancient stone and characteristic round tower, and take a walk on one of several trails in the surrounding hills. The Medieval city is also a good trait for walking and destination of art and culture and featured with 12’Th century castles.
Ireland castles are also interesting and historical points which visitors like to explore.
There are three World Heritage Sites on the island: the BrĂș na Boinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant's Causeway. A number of other places are on the tentative list, for example the Burren, the Ceide Fields and Mount Stewart.
Ireland Countryside
Ireland Countryside Wonderful view
Some of the most visited sites in Ireland include Bunratty Castle, the Rock of Cashel, the Cliffs of Maher, Holy Cross Abbey and Blarney Castle. Historically important monastic sites include Glendalough and Clonmacnoise, which are maintained as national monuments in the Republic of Ireland.
Dublin is the most heavily touristic region and home to several of the most popular attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse and Book of Kells. The west and south west, which includes the Lakes of Killarney and the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry and Connemara and the Aran Islands in County Galway, are also popular tourist destinations. Achill Island lies off the coast of County Mayo and is Ireland's largest island. It is a popular tourist destination for surfing and contains 5 Blue Flag beaches and Croaghaun one of the world’s highest sea cliffs. Stately homes, built during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in Palladian, Neoclassical and neo-Gothic styles, such as, Castle Ward, Castle town House, Bantry House, are also of interest to tourists. Some have been converted into hotels, such as Ashford Castle, Castle Leslie and Dromoland Castle.

Ireland Countryside
Ireland Countryside View by crack wall
Ireland Countryside Beautiful Scenery
Ireland Walking Tracks
Ireland Countryside

Thailand Buddha Popular Tourists Destination

Thailand is one of the most populated countries or predominantly Buddhist. of these beliefs by combining and develop into they culture, as well as they that apply to attitudes, behaviors, personality, and their daily lives. Thailand people who hold this belief highly value their religion. case it can be seen from many public places such as tourist attractions, beaches, or even entertainment venues are also built several temples in the next. Community Sector with its strong belief in religion profess make various arts, traditions, and culture of Thai to have its own characteristics. it also makes a lot of foreign tourists who come there to learn the culture and Buddhist beliefs.

Thailand Buddha Tourist

As one of the countries included adherents of Buddhism in the world, it does not problem us in the least to learn the culture and belief there to increase knowledge and experience. at least there are some places we can go to find more information and clear while. One of these is the Giant Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand. This is the name of one of the temples provide a place of prayer and massage center is very well known. not only that the temple was also one of the sites protected by UNESCO. for visiting this place you could ask the priest or tour guides take you there for more information. besides that there are also several other religious and cultural sites we can go as one kinnaras. This is the name of one
of the statues are quite well known for the myths and legends of Buddhism. you can also visit attractions such as the famous temples or public places, there are several statues of Buddha as well as several other well known temples.
Attraction of Thailand Buddha

Irrespective of whatever religion we profess, it still has its own charm. it can be seen from the togetherness, culture and community cohesion there to live their lives. if we are lucky enough to be able to see firsthand a traditional ceremony or religious events there we will be able to see how much they pursue their activities. and one more thing there is a beautiful flower. because Thailand is famous for its many flowers to god. It togetherness and solidarity can we make one of the lessons to better appreciate life, others, and is also the creator.
thailand buddha
thailand buddha
thailand buddha

Thailand Islands Interesting Tourists Spot

Thailand is a country to be included in the Southeast Asian region, a country that has a majority population of the Buddhist religion is also a country with a lot of the islands. Although it is not an island nation, but almost several in Thailand is a tourist place became one of the attractions of this country. among all the islands there certainly has a lot of appeal in the offer. And you will find every different atmosphere in each place. government and communities in Thailand, can be quite managed to maintain the area and keep it interesting tourist spots and clean they so that every tourist who comes to feel satisfied with their country. it is also one of the advantages in the state capital of Bangkok.

The Names of the Islands in Thai !!

Hundreds of islands in thailand include the shape of a bay or an island without inhabitants who later developed into tourist attractions. Among the island's name was there covering Phang Nga bay, Mu Ko Chang National Park, Tarutao National Marine Park and Mu Ko Ang Thong. of four names the region, there are about 50 islands under the name. Here some name a few islands in the area that have been grouped covering the island with the largest size of Ko Chang, Ko Phi Phi Lee, Ko Phi Phi Don, Phuket and there are about 10 names. For the name of the island in any part of the eastern coast include Ko Sichang, Luam Ko Noi, Ko Dok Mai Ram, Koh Kram Noi, Ko Chang Kluea, Ko Man Khlang and there are dozens of other names. To name a grouping of including the places in the area close to Cambodia include Ko Chang, Ko Phrao Nok, Ko Lao Ya Nok, Ko Mak, Ko Rang and there are about 20 other names. And there are many more names and island groupings within it.
Tourists Attractions in Thia

Among all the islands are built for tourism purposes, some of the island's own natural beauty naturally. of course like most of the island, one of the attractions on offer are certain beaches. every beach has a beauty of each, of the facilities on offer at the offer and was also different in each island. There are supply sports equipment such as surfboards, there are facilities that provide snorkeling, diving, and fishing. for any natural beauty there are some islands that provide natural beauty inland, some are under the sea.
thailand islands elephent
thailand cruiser
thailand islands wallpaper
 Thailand Map View


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