Pink Lake in Western Australia

We have seen lakes of different lengths, different colors and of different taste. Such as sweet lakes, salty lakes, big lake, small lakes, muddy lakes, clear lakes, blue lakes, etc. these kinds of lakes are found in almost every country. More of us love lakes. We’ve seen so many kinds of lakes. But have u ever seen pink lake? A lake which has pink colored water?

At the western side of Australia near Goldfields-Esperance, you can find an amazing salty lake which is in pink color. If you see the lake above, you will feel like it’s an artificial pond which is made by pink juice or paint. But it’s not. It is a natural lake which lies about 3kms. And it is restricted to the East by the South Coast Highway.

It is not always pink. It has the pink color because of green algae and high absorption of saline prawn. The pink halo microbes grow in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake. In 1980s, the environment of the lake was investigated to produce salt.

From the eastern side of the lake, some people took saltwater to make table salt. Just think, how salty will the water be. One of the companies named WA Salt also use water from the pink lake to make and produce water softening salt, sheepskin salt and coarse salt at the Esperance site. Salt is dried, creased and bagged before being scattered.
This lake is also identified as Important Bird Area (IBA), because there we can find some rare sea birds such as Hooded Plovers and Banded Stilts. And some which we don’t even know the names. And also we can find famous sea birds too.

Each year millions of tourists visit here just to see and discover the beauty of the Pink Lake. Some people come with their partner, while others come with their lovely family. Some sits and spend time by looking at the lake while others roam around and click amazing photographs. And some just read through internet. It’s not amazing. You can imagine the beauty of the lake by just reading or seeing pictures. If we want to imagine, we have to visit there.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake in Australia


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