Honeymoon Destinations, Bora Bora And Top 4 Other Places To Visit

When we talk about the best destination for honeymoon the best thing come in mind is a safe calm and restful environment. We plan our trip usually after few weeks or few months of marriage. Some couple also go directly as the marriage ceremony get completed. Its all depend on the traditions or the choice of couple. The honeymoon time can be from one week to one month. The question which everyone searches for to which place they must choose to make their trip interesting and unforgettable. Well, there are thousands of destinations where all dream to go for. Mostly people choose their local or inside the country places as its can provide them safer and secure trip, because we need some calm place to spend maximum time with our new spouse and experiencing a romantic and exciting gateway.
Honeymoon trips are different from usual travel, as you need to do more planning, patience and careful attention to all the detail. The more work you do on your decision making the most you will enjoy your time with your sweetheart. There are different type of options you can choose. Some couple prefers the luxury resorts as they provide not just safe and calm environment but all you needed, will be available easily. On other side some may be like a beach vacation, a safari or a Ski trip. Some also like Cruise ship for honeymoon travel, but on Cruise you will be together with other couple so may be some your privacy disturbs. Before making any plan it’s very important both partners are agree about one place which they wish to visit.
Honeymoon Romance at Sunset
Here we choose some best safe and most famous places around the world which are popular for couples. This will give you an idea that which the place you must choose depend on your choice and budget.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is easy to access just one flight from USA; it’s a very safe quite and calm place. Here you can found all type of enjoyment from the most attractive beaches to the luxury resorts and restaurant. There are also many other couple friendly activities.

Bora Bora

 Bora Bora is the most romantic place with full of natural beauty and scenery. There are also few resorts on the island which are really luxury. The island worth to spend your most precious moment of your life, but this trip will be costly if you manage it than don’t miss it.


Hawaii is popular for its natural beauty and white sand beaches. Here you will never get bored as the all activities and views are available here which you can expect in your honeymoon trip.  


 You really want to go far from this all usual life routines than choose Maldives. This paradise has a lot of romantic nooks and Maldives resorts will really give you the relaxation with your new partner.


 It’s a well known honeymoon spot from centuries. I think I am not need to talk or say anything about this marvelous city, it’s a well known destination for all. 

Romantic destination For couple
Perfect Honeymoon Destination

honeymoon at beach
Honeymoon at Luxury resorts
Honeymoon Cottage
Honeymoon Resorts


  1. There are lots of factors that needs to be keep in mind while deciding on place. Besides duration & liking; budget is also important. A trip to Madives could cost a couple close to 100 Thousand rupees whereas can be done in 50-60K in Sikkim and at a much lower cost if you have Southern states in mind.

  2. Thanks for sharing useful sweet pictures honeymoon blogs. Honeymoon comes only once in a couple’s life. So, it ought to be special.
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  3. Yes Bora Bora is a really great honeymoon destinations in the world. Also Jamaica and Italy should be great :)

  4. All simply lovely honeymoon destinations - this article should help newlyweds decide where to honeymoon easily. We love Paris and the Maldives especially!



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