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Notre Dame de Paris – Our Lady of Paris – is a Roman Catholic Marian cathedral at the east of Paris.
It the one of the most renowned churches and is the popular for the French architecture. It contains
important relics including the crown of thorns, a part of the True Cross and also a Holy Nail.

Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris at evening
The Celts had a sacred garden in Notre Dame. Romans used to worship the Jupiter. A Christian basilica
was also build here and before the construction of Notre dame in 1163 by Bishop Maurice de Sully, the
last church was built by romans.

The construction of Notre Dame was to reflect a gothic style, highlighting the capital of Kingdom France.
Earlier Romanesque architecture is also still there, with stained glass and sculptures.

Above the portals at the west front, is a gallery, The Gallery of Kings, which contains about 28 statues of
Judean Kings. And above these statues are the popular grotesques and gargoyles. This building is one of
the earliest to use the flying buttress. Manny of the statues lay out of the cathedral individually, providing
support for the walls and columns.

Notre Dame has a narrow stairs of 387 steps. As one go up, a spectacular view of Paris can be seen, along
with many bells and its gargoyles.

There are crypts discovered during construction works, which was built to protect the ruins and
architecture of different periods. These are managed by Musee Carnavalet. Romans built an underground
floor heating system, which is still visible.

Notre Dame is also popular for its organs, and among the best is Louis Vierne. Similarly there were
originally five major bells at the cathedral. Emmanuel in the south used to alarm for the hours of the day
and for various occasions. The other four bells were used for other festivals. But as they became a major
threat to structure of church, they are not in use anymore.

It was not until Victor Hugo’s book on Notre Dame de Paris was released, before actual restoration
occurs. Viollet-le-Duc finally renovated the building and Parisians realized the importance of the church.

Virgin Mary

Here people come to pray and ask ‘Virgin Mary’ to pray for them. The prayers rise boundlessly, including
four daily masses, Vespers and Lauds services, and also six Sunday congregations. Hence the church was
given its true worth.

The Vow of Louis XIII – The Hail Mary- is sung on every 15 of august in church, dedicating and
devoting you to the Mary. People from around the world come here each day so that their prayers may be
heard, and read in the evening before masses.
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris Beauty
Notre Dame Paris Nice Place
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris Wonder

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