Trip Of Atlantis Hotel, Dubai Most Visited Site

Who do not know about Dubai,? A popular city in United Arab Emirates which has very hot weather that able to heat your body temperature same as 5 hours sunbathing preciously under the sun. That modern lifestyle almost equal with New York city’s business, have own beauty and attractive features on many sectors as follows industrial, economic, tourism, etc. Remember that Dubai nowadays has become trend topic of holiday plan for a week by all people from each world corner, you should try to figure out about some good tourism there that may suitable on your wish.

After goes traveling, enjoy every corner of Dubai city from one place to another til tiring the body, then will need a place for rest very much. Here i have a brilliant idea of interesting hotel that may make you feel comfortable to stay there for more than a day. It’s reclaimed as artificial island The Palm which the first resort built based on the myth of Atlantis distinct Arabian elements, called Atlantis Hotel.

Atlantis Hotel
The resort has two accommodation wings, also referred as The Royal towers, consisting of the East and the West tower which both linked together by Royal Bridge Suit. The main features is, that this resort always use Arabian decoration style inside. it able accommodate 1.500 guestrooms and suits completed by exclusive service and private club lounge by the view of Arabian Sea or The Palm of Dubai skyline.
Atlantis Hotel dubai
I say it a brilliant idea of one of the most interesting luxury hotel that need to be visited more than a single day because it shows a wonderful water slide attraction for children and adult. We will served by water slide show which has 2-3 kilometers water slide consisting of rides with cascades, tidal waves and rapid. The most attractive attraction is The Lost Chamber, the Mesopotamian  styled Ziggurat temple reaching over 30 meters into the sky and featuring seven water slide with catapult riders through shark filled lagoons. Atlantic Hotel also have  hectares of dolphin education together with the spectacular show, and surely allowed the visitors to learn all about dolphins life closely.
Atlantis Hotel
The restaurant I know here serve some kinds with different type likes Japanene chuiness in which using Asian style, sushi bar and a wooden burning oven. Created by Nobu Matsuhisa, A master chef comes from Japan, then named it as Nobu restaurant. Second is Ronda Locatelli, a charm of Italian Countyside wiht the modereity of Duabi, created by Giorgio Locatelli. The last is Rostang, created by Michelle Rostang that over breakfast, lunch and dinner in French style completed with French patisserie.
Who doesn’t attracted with those impressive offers althought only staying for one night? We will  never feel bored since Atlantis Hotel always give us a hundred choice to help release load for a day.
Interior view of Atlantis Hotel

Tokyo Tower Cultural Icon Of Japan

Tokyo Tower is the second highest artificial structure in japan, it's originally built for Television broadcasting. It is inspired by Eiffel tower in pairs and colored in white and orange. The color make it comply with air safety regulation. The construction start in 1957 and was complete with in one year. The average cost  is 2.8 billion yen which is approximately 8.4 million US Dollars. The main source of revenue from antenna invented on it and from tourism. There is a four story building in the foot of tower, where you will see some shops house museums, and restaurants. If you want to go more high on the top there are two points where you can reach. The first observation decks on 490 feet, while the other which is the most top of the tower is located on the 820 feet height.Thousands of people visit here every year, its consider same as cultural icon for Tokyo as Eiffel Tower for Paris. Family Mart, McDonald's and Pizza La are some famous restaurants on the foot town of the Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo tower japan
Tokyo tower japan
At Night

Hong Kong International Airport And Airline

Hong kong is one of a fairly well-known name in the People's Republic of China, or better known as the PRC. in the area, therefore is not only save a lot of appeal, there too there is an airport which is quite famous. local residents and some people may recognize this as the name of the airport Chek Lap Kok Airport. not just an ordinary airport, the reason why the airport is quite well known is that this is a very broad, and it is one place that has also been used for a long time. Chek Lap Kok Airport is an international airport which has operated since 1998, and is still well used.

 Hong kong airport


Other than the use of a place long enough, the place is also one of the busiest places in hong kong. it is not surprising given the capacity that can be accommodated in a place that reaches 45 million people. it does not include a lot of cargo or aircraft that can be disposed of there, at least there are about 3 million tonnes of cargo capacity capable at this airport. when viewed from the wider area, this place was built on an island that is quite large, with a broad reach 12.48 km ², which has the same name as the name of this airport. after several repairs passenger capacity and plenty of cargo and the real, runways for aircraft were also built more and more. where ever in the sequence as a top ten busiest airports in the world, but it's also the airport serves more than 150 countries around the world for the purpose of departure and arrival destination.


Of many of the buildings here, some of the things on offer there is a Terminal, as the airport bus that take tourists from the airport to a specific place, North Satellite Concourse, Midfield Concourse, Cathay Pacific City, the head office of Hong Kong Airlines is on Level 2 of the CNAC House. and for some purposes can be served from the airport, there are about 88 countries with more than one terminal in some countries. in addition to offering some of the facilities on board, and also at the airport. hongkong also have access to land to be heading straight to the airport, the road is built with multiple access road vehicles such as buses, cars, Ferry, Rail and Taxi. to further facilitate, also provided an airport hotel that is located not far from the airport.
 Hong kong airport

 Hong kong airport

Toronto The Most Extensive City of Canada

Canada is one country that is quite popular with the cold air, in the winter. but actually if we pay more attention to this country, Canada actually have several interesting places to visit. filled holiday in country of origin of Justin Bieber, one can even become an interesting experience for us. This country also has a very large city, called Toronto. not an ordinary tourist town, but Toronto is one of the capital in Canada, which has the most extensive area there. This city also save a lot of interesting things that can be enjoyed and seen in it, to be one of good destination to choose this city.

Things To Do Canada Toronto

Become one of the largest city, Toronto has many things to be seen and also a lot of things to be done. mostly be some sights that deliberately to attract more tourists coming there. and some things we can do while there covering the show came to a place known as the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts and The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre. where is commonly used for a variety of performances such as Ballets, Operas, Performances and Theaters. besides this place we can go to any educational site as Le Dolci Foodie Studio. so we will also have the experience and knowledge to produce something creative. Another place that offers the beauty of nature, you can go to Toronto Island Park or High Park. not only beautiful natural scenery, there is also a zoo inside. also Edwards Gardens, The AGO Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Roy Thomson Hall and many more sites where we can go, while filling vacation time there.

 Canada Toronto

 Canada Toronto

Famous Restaurants in Toronto Canada  Where you Eat Sweet Dishes

One more advantage of the city of Toronto is quite interesting to note, that on the menu of food served and the variety of places to eat are provided. for tourists of course where to eat is one thing that is important, therefore we need to eat a good reference point and interesting. such as CN restaurant located above the CN tower. certainly an interesting thing to enjoy a delicious meal on a high tower with a beautiful view of the city. No more are also built on the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal Royal Ontario Museum, a restaurant that is no less luxurious and attractive, known as Restaurant Lounge dine. Another place that is also quite interesting and a place where celebrities usually eat, you can go to a restaurant The Roof Lounge. to name a few other restaurants that also could be an additional option, there Cheesewerks, Pan on the Danforth, Aria Ristorante, Kultura and Mideastro Yorkville.

The Roof Lounge
Aria Ristorante

Los Angeles The Most Populous City Of California

Los Angeles, which is often known by its initials L.A. It is the most popular city in the United State California and the second most popular city in the United States after the New York. According to the survey in the year 2010 it contains the population of 3,972,621 and contains an area of 469 square miles and it is situated in Southern California. It holds many distinctions. It holds the cultural places more than 300 museums and a paradise of good weather. For tourists attractions they have many places like the walk of Fame’s collection of stars and also contains the career opportunities like biotech industry. In the North America it is the only city which has hosted the summer Olympics twice. Downtown Los Angeles it is the largest government center outside of Washington. It has the wooden light house which is the only remaining in the state and has the largest historical theater district of the national register of Historic places.

Los Angeles the logo of Hollywood in California
 Of several growth industries it is on the leading edge and in this LA country it has more than 87,000 jobs in the fashion industry. The LA five country areas had more than 700,000 people which work in the health services and 190,000 people work in aerospace technology. In the Los Angeles country there are 88 incorporated cities ranging for Vernon which contains the population of 112 to Los Angeles city population of 3.8 million.
Los Angeles the wonderful city, state of California in USA
Los Angeles Hollywood Logo View
It has a widely variety of geographic area, contains a desert basin which is surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountain range and divided by the Santa Monica Mountains. Los Angeles country has altitudes and 75 miles of coastlines ranging from 9 feet below sea level at Willington to 10,080 above sea level a top Mt. San Antonio. It also contains are rivers which includes the Rio Hondo, Los Angeles, Santa Clara and San Gabriel. There climate is described as perfect because most of the days are sunny and warm, the humidity is low with little rain and there are no unpleasant seasons in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has world airports which is a unique systems of three airports operated and owned by the City of Los Angeles.
 Los Angeles California Skyline Attraction
 Los Angeles California

Gold Coast Spend Summer Vacation, Australia

What is inside your mind when we talk about a beach? A white sands, clear wear sea, rolling wave? Just imagine how precious we can spend a long day in a favorite beach in summer time, definitely has successful persuade our mind to step this feet, then running to our dream beach. Australia do has our dream beach. It is located at south east of Queensland, Australia in which be the second most popular city in the state, and also be the most non-capital city in Australia. This dream beach is called as Gold Coast.
Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is considered officially then grows significantly for visitors, after the establishment of the hotel Surfers Paradise in late 1920’s. It is also become the second most popular local government after City of Brisbane. Since the Gold Cost nowadays has been known by people around the world as one of favorite beach tourism in Australia, it also be skyline, theme park, nightlife and, rainforest hinterland which is be a significant industries.
Gold Coast
Why do you think it called as Gold Coast? It may because the coast is very clean and look yellow if we capture from above. Can you see inside the picture where the sand’s line of the coast is really straight as cute curving ruler with adds the beauty zig zag lines of its low waves. And followed by the second high waves caused by the motion of fresh air there. In a day, the air blow slowly raises fresh air so it’s very suitable for sunbathing in which you still feel the fresh air although doing some activity under the sun likes surfing or playing along the coast for children.

How about spending my weekend holiday by enjoy Gold Coast’s pretty scene in the morning where the air is still fresh, specially together with family. The hotels are standing appropriately overlooking toward the sea such a brave coast guard. The shadow sometimes shade in some part of place in the coast. It may allow us to relax in the shade accompanied by amazing sea scene.
 Gold Coast Australia 
 Look how cool its city arrangement in which a citizen couplet with sea water so it is look like a lake in middle of city. It can also said as a tidy garden arrangement. Very good place to be visited, moreover it provides many hotels along the coast. Can you see a yard of nature built there? If I visit it, surely I will explore every beauty  provides there start with enjoy the beach, happy surfing, enjoy the views then stayed at hotel which is directly facing far to the ocean. 

Thailand Beaches Top Visit Place

Thailand is one country that has traction in a large enough field of tourism. make one vacation destination to this country is probably the right choice pliers, because there you will find a lot of things, not just a knowledge of the culture of Thailand is very strong in society, but also got a new reference to tourist sites in it. Thai or Thailand society also known as friendly and nice, they have a very strong cultural beliefs, that they apply to, and we can see directly from the shape of the building, the behavior of people and a lot of things. another one that is a tourist attraction in Thailand which is the goal many foreign tourists come there is a wealth of beaches. most beaches there, open to the public and offered to be one of the tourist attractions that can be visited.

Thailand Beaches Names and Attractions on Offer

Thailand Beach Vacations
Ao Nang is the name of one of the beaches also offer sea views are simply gorgeous, and offers scuba diving activities, and dive sites, access to the beach is also quite easy. You can find it in Krabi Province, Thailand. in addition there is also another well-known beaches, namely Cha Am. was is a beach with a natural ambience and surroundings are decorated with various temples. some temples there is one Charoen Rat Tham Temple, Temple Chaeng Nong, Nong Ta Phot Mrigadayavan Palace Temple also there as a factor supporting the appeal of this beach. for a place that offers a view sunset and the most beautiful sunrise in thailand, you can visit the beach Haad Rin. where the beach is located on the south end of town Ko Pha Ngan. besides the largest island in Thailand also offers a view of the beach that are not less beautiful as the one on top. The beach is Ko Phi Phi Don, the place is even known to be very beautiful and could be a place to shoot movie titled the beach.


Although it is not an island nation, Thailand has quite a lot of beaches are very beautiful and natural, almost every beach there has its own attractiveness, ranging in terms of sea water, air, atmosphere, sand and spacious place, every place has a different mix, Part of the beach was dotted with ocean color green, some are blue, some have the waves are big, some are small, talking about the air, this is a relative thing, sometimes in one of the cooler air at night, or more windy in the afternoon. atmosphere also produced in several different beaches, one can induce a romantic, fun, or a quiet atmosphere.

Thailand beaches


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