Westminster Abbey |Church Of England|

Have a trip in many place with a view of wonderful natural landscape is has been usual for us. But how about visiting one of the greatest church in the world that also has impressive con-structural building? This church named Westminster Abbey. A part of the church of England, Westminster Abbey precisely located just to west of palace of Westminster, London. This is a church where some palace member likes kings, queen, statements, aristocrats, poets, priests, heroes, and villain are gathering piecely here. Westminster Abbey is a must see living pageant of British history.
Westminster Abbey
This great church usually accept over one million visitor come to see and explore this wonderful 700 years buildings. To have a tour inside the church, they provide many languages audio guides so that make easy for visitor to understand every history and art meaning of the building. As the beginning fact, since Abbey is the heart of London, so Westminster Abbey has over 3000 buried people in the church and cloisters and there are also over 600 monuments and memorials. Now can you get a summary that it is important for you to visiting Westminster Abbey?
Westminster Abbey Night Attraction

If you have the ticket, then you will get many steps while exploring inside the church. Those steps are started with North Transept, High Altar, Quire, Shrine of St. Edward the confessor, Henry VII’s Lady Chapel, Poests Corner, St. Faith’s Chapel, Great Cloister, Chapter House, Pyx Chamber, Museum, Little Cloister, St. Chaterine’s Chapel Garden, College Garden, Nave and the last is shops. From those all, one of the most favored area by visitors is poets corner. It is not only because it are designs as the burial place for writers, playwrights, and poets, but the first poet in the world is buried here, Geoffrey Chaucer.
The museum here is the oldest are in Westminster in which the centerpiece of the exhibition of royal collections and other funeral effigies. At this part, visitor will amaze of what things placed on this area in the real things of British kingdom. Beside, the gardens here are quite beautiful in which each of them has special function relate with the church daily activity. After exploring those places, you surely needs food and drink which you can find it in cellarium cafe where the monks keep their stores of food and drink well.
Westminster Abbey Interior Design View

Windsor Castle |Queen Mary’s Doll| House In England

Windsor Castle is he largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and also constitute the official Residence of Her Majesty the Queen. This outstanding and inedible castle covers an area about 5 hectares and contains some parts that include Magnificent State Apartments, beautiful ecclesiastical building, Queen Mary’s Doll House, and drawing gallery. Because of that, this castle also held a Drawing Gallery Exhibition that usually atheistically accepted by many people. To full your curiosity, please come visit it as the predefined time. It open every day start at 9.45 am to 16.15 pm. And don’t forget about the closing time about 1 hour 15 minute after the last entry time.
Windsor Castle
Some important places that you should not miss are : Maidenhead, that famous for its excellent travel links in which offers also excellent shops and restaurants; the beautiful site of “hidden gems”; Blue Plaques; The Thames Trail, Heritage Trail and Itineraries. Everything here need a camera to shoot the best view. But basically you will be amazed by the beauty side each of the places. Furthermore, you will get special event for each month start from January to December. Each of them provide impressive event, so that you will feel different and just like a celebration in your life.

Beside, Windsor Castle also serves a cinema, theater and many other interesting attractions such as Ascot Racecourse, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Changing the Guard, and The Savili Garden. All the offering here absolutely interest you for a day long. A day in which full of joys and admiration which constitute family fun plans. Not only for the inside and those attraction that able to make you happy, the outdoor side also provide impressive view, especially for its Windsor Great Park and Royal Land-space.
Windsor Castle Interior Attraction
Having fun in Windsor Castle is best experience for you in which you can feel as the real a royal member. By those spectacular sights and offering, make you day be a great day ever. Then for the resting time, try to search some good souvenirs in the shops nearby, or you may want to buy modern style clothes. There many cafes and restaurants around Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead that will fulfill you empty stomach. Meanwhile a number of luxury hotels with a reasonable price ready to welcome you by their most expensive features.
Windsor Castle England

Tourists Place Santorini, Colorful City Of Greece

Whenever you come to Greece you may will find this incredible large area, similar with painting city. It is an unique island as paper craft since all of its buildings are so white. It located in southern Aegean Sea with about 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland. As you know that this beautiful tourist island actually has a complex which is still stand on an active volcano. Nevertheless Santorini has become favorite place to stay for several villages and towns.
The view of sunset is clearly looks wonderful and attract many people so that they convincing that Santorini island is good to visit. Because of that, many of them also say this island is the great natural wonder of the world. Not only having clear white situation of the town, but you can see another blue through its beaches. There is beautiful countryside that you can walking around where tradition still survive. Besides, cave houses, gardens, vineyards, small family business, and tiny churches are available to be discovered.

The best place to see and enjoy sunset in Santorini is located exactly on Oia. While other alternative sight to visit by its beaches. There are many fresh beaches that you can play in and doing simple activity just like walking along the shores. Black beach, white beach and red beach are the only little part of them, another beaches as follows Vlychada, Amoudi, Perivolos ans etc. Even you may can’t expect to ride a horse there. It possible since Santorini island also provide horseback riding in Exo Gonia. Scuba diving and snorkeling which can dive up to 14 meters down on the wreck next to the volcano. For this danger sport only intended to visitor who love with challenging.
Santori island is famous with its great white architectures through the buildings. Highly contains the value of aesthetic in which become main characteristic of the island. The most famous town from whole of Santorini are Fira and Oia, whose white and pastel colored homes and churches seems on the top of each other. If you already there, so do not ever miss this traditional food in shaped as salad which called as fried tomato balls or tomato keftedes. At least, where to stay? Santorini is actually divided into two part, west and east. And the best place to stay is already in eastern district with luxury hotels as follows Fira White Residence, Elli non Thea Boutique Hotel, Cori Rigas Suites and many others.

Santorini Greece

Christmas Times Square In New York City

Time square is the crowding square of New York which is popular for the Broadway theaters cinemas and for one more thing which is very famous that is electronic billboards. Because of this place New York never sleeps. If we talk about its history, this New York City is enhanced up to the 42th street and the area becomes the social center. On 43rd street the time tower was built just off the Broadway. It was in the front of the building. Firstly it was called Long acre square but afterwards it was renamed Time square.
 Christmas Times Square In New York City
From the area between 40th to 53rd streets this area name is uses and besides that its name is also used in 6th and 9th avenue. On this Time Square the New York headquarters inauguration was done or celebrated on the year 1907 with the beautiful fireworks which was done on the New Year’s Eve. This is some little about this let’s talk about some of the important things which you should know.

This time square was the center of the district during the First World War which contains a lot of visitors. For billboards this was the best place and the fist large electric display billboard was fixed in year 1917.After 11 years the first moving electric sign was installed to declare the winning of Herbert’s Hoover in the presidential election. Due to this electronic billboards this become a tourists visiting place for the area and now they are covering the require buildings with this billboards.
Times Square

After this in the year 1980 they have made the proposal for redevelopment. In their redevelopment the Disney store from the Walt Disney Company opened on this time square. Due to this it becomes more attracted place and becomes family friendly business and now it is called Disney faction. If we compare to this area it becomes safer than the 19th century and once again it becomes center of the New York. At this square the other famous building which contains the tourists attraction is the Paramount building which is undoubtedly becomes the recognizable building.
Over all it is very popular place to visit.

 Times Square New York City

Temple of Heaven, Beijing -- China Most Existing And Ancient Sacrificial Building

Once you come to China, do not ever forget to visit Temple of Heaven. It is a park located at the Chongwen district, Beijing. At the previous time, this place was belong to emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). By those great emperor, they usually held the Heaven Work-ship Ceremony in the middle of park’s yard. And now what become a certain pride for China is that Temple of Heaven is China’s largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s ancient sacrificial building.
It was officially opened to public at 1988 in which the building has a meaning to showing original ancient philosophy, history and religion of China. Many visitor come not only from local but also plenty from abroad to see the real story of ancient China in past. Moreover this park has grand architectural style and profound cultural connotation in which give an insight to the practices of the ancient Eastern civilization. Other reasonable thought for visitor should visit it that this park is larger than the Forbidden city, a famous park which called as “Son of Heaven”.

Temple of Heaven
In one area, this large park is still divided into few sub place that each on them become the Temple of Heaven’s part. The tour firstly pass Circular Mount Altar, actually is the Temple of Heaven practical sense that located in the southern part. You then will find another interesting building inside such as Lingxing Gates. After  exploring first part, the tour will pass Imperial Vault of Heaven that is a place housing the God’s tablet. Based from people around, here is famous with Echo Wall, Three Echo Stones and the Dialogue Stone. Then there is a legend bride called Danbi, in which the emperor believe that they could go to heaven through this bridge.
Not only those sight you can see, there are still some attractive part that each also has a story in the past. Just like Altar of Prayer God’s Harvest which shaped in a big palace, Palace of Abstinence, Divine Music of Administration, and the last is Heaven Work ship Culture. By those many great sights, you can spent your day with learning about China’s history through its outstanding buildings. Beside, do not ever miss to capture some photos with excellent view from the area. Or the best thing is attending some  celebrations such as a performance, ritual music and dance, and the ancient music show. For a performance, it has about 300 guard, so that better for you to enjoy the show.

Temple of Heaven At night Attraction

Caracas The Capital Of Venezuela

If one of your vacation destination is visiting a famous land with very impressive landmark, beautiful nature view, so you must try to visit Caracas. It is a capital and largest city of Venezuela and located in a beautiful valley from an impressive mountain, Mount Avila. There are so many attractive choices to help you spent your holiday for all day. Don’t worry about stomach since they have excellent food, art and bustling nightlife that you can explore on whole of the city.

Because of its located in a valley, you may allow to do hiking of Mount Avila and enjoy the whole Caracas scene from above. Caracas is also popular with its culiner which have many various kind of food. Some restaurants there is inspired by cuinies of many different countries and cultures. A club which is known by people there and have a plenty of visitors is,La Mercedes and La Castelana, a popular late night hot spot. The visitor often visit it until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning after having party.

Things to do in Caracas

When you steping your feet in Caracas, you will not only fell happy by the natural parks like Avile National Park, Botanical Garden, East Park and Venezuela Fountain, but also its attractive events. So many impressive events that able to avoid you from bored such as ; Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex, a popular and symphonic concert of opreas, ballet, and theatre; Silmon Bolivar Birthplace House, a skycrapers of original colonial flavor which is propoetioned reconstruction and also include museum’s exhibit of period weapons, banners, and uniforms;  National Phanteon, the great Venezuela’s most venerated building located in five block north of Plaza Bolivar.

There’s also a public square that may be one of your important note on your list like; Plaza Bolivar, an old square that have a monument of Simon Bolivar on its middle yard; Plaza Venezuela, a large urban plaza at the entrance of the Central University of Venezuela which has a kinetic artists display; Plaza San Jacinto, a market of the city which is Sun’s clock found at the northwest part of the square.
If you get tired after traveling around Caracas city and explore its wonderful attractive place, you must be need a resting place. Al tough spending a holiday in Caracas isn’t include cheap for our poket, but the hotels here is guaranteed make you consider that it is good enough and balance with the price. The hotels you can find there are, Gran Melia, Pestana Caracas Hotel and Suit, JW Marriott, Eurobuiling, etc.

Since Caracas is a busy and noisy city, renting car may be the best way to remove your load. If your choice is by car, it is available in certain locations such as; Hertz Car Rental, available in the domestic and international terminals which open at Mon-Fry 5.am-11.30 pm and Sat-Sun 6 pm-11.3 pm. or Budget Car Rental, Mon-Fry 8am-12pm and Sat-Sun 1.30pm-11pm.

 Caracas Venezuela At night time


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