Buckingham Palace Beautiful Architects Design

Buckingham Palace is the name of a magnificent building belong to England monarchy. The building is now better known as the main palace building royal England, as well as being the residence of the king and queen of England and became the center of national events held from the kingdom. Buildings that had stood since 1705 it has become part of the history of England nation in the past. Function also has a lot of variety. From the years since its founding empire building has undergone several renovations at some point the building. The renovation must be done to increase the area of ​​the empire as well as to improve and beautify the decor of the room in the building. Renovation of the building is not only done by people at random, architects John Nash and Edward Blore are 2 people who were given the responsibility to decorate this part of the building as it appears the royal grandeur of the 19th century.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is a Marvelous Tourist Destination

Although this building is one of the main building of the kingdom but in some side buildings of Buckingham Palace was designed for the public. Not only the outside of a very beautiful garden complete with grassy green that adorned some beautiful plants but the common one, ranging from local residents to international tourists be allowed to enter the building. On the inside you will find some historical objects or objects and paintings are still in use in the kingdom. But Buckingham Palace is only open to the public on certain months. Every day the building is closed to the public and could only be entered by people from the kingdom or overseas guests of honor. This building is also open during the events there.

Form of Grandeur and Luxury of Buckingham Palace Buildings

As one of the central buildings in the England which became the main building of the England monarchy, Buckingham Palace has the grandeur and luxury of a very elite. Course to provide a residence for the leaders of the country it is most needed. Of several luxury Buckingham Palace can we describe this building is built with a height of up to 24 meters. On the inside of Buckingham Palace consists of 19 rooms consisting of:

    State Dining Room              Blue Drawing Room
    Music Room                       White Drawing Room
    Royal Closet                      Throne Room
   Green Drawing Room         cross Gallery
    Ball Roo                             East Gallery
    Yellow Drawing Room       Centre / Balcony Room
    Chinese Luncheon Room    Principal Corridor
    Private Apartments             service Areas
    The Grand staircase.          Ambassador's Entrance On the ground floor
    Grand Entrance

Buckingham Palace Inside view
Buckingham Palace interior luxury design

Buckingham Palace London

Volcano Lava, Deep Within The Earth, Tours To Hawaiian Volcano

Volcano is a condition in a nature, which is incredible. This condition can only occur in an active mountain. The active word here is still work producing volcanic magma deep within the earth. A mountain only can be said as a volcano when it is once or several times erupted. during the volcanic eruptions incident where the mountain exploded, issued the heat larvae it currently is a pretty dangerous condition. But beyond that after the incident the former larvae which dries it turns out to yield something interesting. Many among volcanoes that have been exploded becoming one of the visited some tourists and researchers. Though not everyone interested to see a scene of natural process is a bit dangerous, but even now we can enjoy our holiday while seeing some kind of volcano in one place. Wondering where that place?

Hawaiian Volcano Tours

Hawaii is one place or tourist island which provides one of the attractions of volcanoes that is very interesting to visit. There you will be able to join a tour of the volcano, which is provided on the big island in Hawaii. By following the tour you will be offered a landscape ranging up to a complete picture of the occurrence of volcanic eruptions. This is certainly quite interesting many tourists. Not only can see, even in Hawaii also offers a wide range of knowledge about volcanoes we can also find some colors larvae volcano and see it in person. among some termination when we take a tour of hawaii volcanoes one of which is:

    Walk through the Thurston Lava Tube.
    See the Kilauea Caldera
    See the smoke coming out of the crater where magma Halemau'mau sits just 200 feet down in the crater
    Jagger Museum see current seismic activity
 Volcano Hawaii National Park

Volcano Accommodation

Visiting a place like hawaii surely we need a place to stay overnight. For that we should not worry about this, because in hawaii or rather on the big island of hawai which became the availability of the tour of the volcano has been providing infrastructure and attract decent lodging. Among accommodation in the region tour based in rented house or cabin, or cottage. The following names of some accommodation you can choose include:

    Lava Lodge at Volcano Village
    Lotus Garden Cottages
    Volcano Village Lodge and
    Crater Rim Cabin

From some of the hotel name provided there for their facility provides a satisfactory enough. Ranging from comfortable and clean, the restaurant was delicious and beautiful and still many other room.
 Volcano Lava

Marmaris Turkey Fantastic Tourists Destination

Marmaris is one of the names are well-known tourist destinations in Turkey. This tourist spot based on a town on the edge of the beach. In the city also supported by the harbor and also some exciting attractions that combine fun with a wonderful atmosphere of this nature. Not only built as a tourist spot, this small town has its own unique and beautiful atmosphere. The amazing view from the ocean to the mountains can be enjoyed from marmaris. One of which being the mainstay of marmaris also known to harbor a fairly complete and great. It is easier for the tourists who come to the city via the sea. Even all the natural beauty and attractions of in the city are also well supported by the resort and lodging a complete and luxurious.

That We Can Do in Marmaris

As one of the destinations of many tourists and travelers to spend a vacation this place offers an abundance of things to be done. One of the things we can do during the holidays there is adventuring into Caunos. This is a place that became the main attraction of marmaris. There we will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while boarding a ship. There also we can see one of the famous graves is quite unique, because it is located in a famous cliff. To see some historic sites like this are usually provided with a small boat. Other than that there was an amazing turtle island. Another thing that we can do is go to Pamukkale. This is the name of a tourist destination which has quite a lot of tourists. Almost all the tourists who come for sure will not miss Pamukkale, there you can find a white building which was quite amazing. Building at first glance looks like a mountain or a white temple. Designation for the local people call the white mountain is "Cottoncastle".

Several Tourist Destinations Most Visited and Also The Best in Marmaris

Besides doing many things there are also plenty of room for the visit. Of the many places that can be visited, some of the best and most visited by tourists are:

    Dolphinarium in Marmaris                 Marina of Marmaris
    Marina of Marmaris                         Walkway in Marmaris town center
    Beach of Marmaris                          Distant view of Marmaris
    Marmaris center                               Marmaris, Old Town                      
   Marmaris, a street in the Old Town    Mares Hotel, Marmaris
    A gulet in Marmaris                          Ephesus
    Cleopatra                                        Pamukkale
Marmaris Beautiful Attractions

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Beach fantastic view

Teotihuacan, Mexico Famous For It's Avenue of the Dead And Bright Colorful Mural

Teotihuacan is a huge massive archeological site Basin of Mexico which is about 48 km north east of Mexico City. It contains Mesoamerican pyramids which were built in during the era pre-Columbian Americas. It contains the largest residential area within it. It is also popular for the Avenue of the Dead and many bright colorful murals that are still preserved. The name means a place where man met the gods.

Teotihuacan is also famous for its market of orange pottery that used to hold a great importance in the arts and designs made by the Mesoamericans. Teotihuacan was the largest city during those ages in the whole of world with a population of 125,000 and it began as religious center too during 1st century A.D. For the residence of such a large people, many houses and flats which were multi-floor compounds were made. It is still unclear as to what the religion of the people was but it may be Otomi, Nahua or Totonac ethnic group. It might be a multiethnic state too. The place was listed as the World Heritage Site in 1987 by UNESCO and hence it became the most popular and visited place in Mexico.
Primary Avenue is located with a north to south axis aligning the city. At the north end of this Primary Avenue (Street of the Dead) lies the great pyramid of the moon, while the Pyramid of the Sun is at the western corner. IF you go further straight to south, 15 smaller pyramids are surrounding a plaza known as Ciudadela.

Teotihuacan Wonderful Attraction
The inhabitants of the city also believed in human sacrifice. They used to dedicate the sacrifice to their god whenever there was an increment in the area of residence. The victims were the enemies who were also decapitated, heart removal from the chest and some were buried alive for the betterment and prosperity of the area. Similarly Animals were believed to have some form of magic and mythical powers. Many of the masks made of stone were also excavated at the site which suggests its use in funery context.  These people used to believe in the Storm god and the great goddesses. People from all over the world come to visit this enormous site to appreciate the architecture of the earlier designs.

Teotihuacan Mexico Historical Place

Puerto Rico Natural Beauty And Wonderful Beaches, America

Puerto Rico is famous, as the city of the U.S. commonwealth that was beautiful, stunning beaches, crazy nightlife and is also an attractive sight. With the capital of San Juan. Using the Spanish language as the national language. Borders with the Dominican Republic in the east, and in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is also one place that offers natural beauty and wonderful islands in America. This place has a wealth not only on the sports field but also in the culinary field. Many of the delicious typical food comes from this wonderful place.

Sights To See in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has a stunning natural scenery beaches with crystal clear water and blue. A treasure that attracts tourists to visit Puerto. Flamenco Beach is one of them, a strategic place with a nice view of the low hills that can anesthetize the tourists for spend vacation time. Not only that, another famous place in puerto is the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, or better known as El Morro. An old fort built in 1540 to 250 in the process of making. Fort that will bring us back to nature.

Puerto Rico, Activities what to do?

Puerto Rico has many places for distribute pleasure and hobby. There are many of activities to do and very dear to miss. From the beach sports such as:

Surfing         Snorkeling
Kite             boarding

To extreme sports such as:

Biking     Rapelling
Hang      Gliding climbing
and  zip lining.

From the water sports, such as:

Sailing         Fishing

To get back to nature like:

Hiking,         Camping,
Horseback   Riding

Even from local traditions to modern life. Full of color and style. Well, You can enjoy Chiringa, traditional kites flew above in the bull lying in the middle of the green plains, the coastal breeze that blows.

Old San Juan is the heart of the historic culture in Puerto. Surrounded by:

Monuments             Colonial Architecture
Castles                   Casinos
up to the night life such as   Live Music
Night Club and         Salsa!

There are many points of interest to visit in Puerto Rico. And one of them is the Mayaguez Zoo is the only zoo and opened in 1954, Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena is also the only place in the Caribbean ice skating. Camuy River park cave park, parque de bombas.

Puerto Rico Beaches

  Map View

 San Juan Puerto Rico

Potala Palace at Lhasa,Tibet In China

The Potala Palace is situated in Lhasa in the Tibet Region, China. It was named after the Mount Potalaka which is home of myths of Avalokitesvara and Chenresig. It is the chief residence of The popular personality Dalai Lama till 14th century. It  was constructed by Lozang Gyatso ( 5th Dalai Lama) when he realized that it could be an ideal place for the seat of government since it is located in between Sera and Drepung monasteries and the ancient Lhasa. Today this palace is popularly known as a museum.

It has 350 x 400 meters dimensions, total of 13 stories which consists of approximately 1000 rooms, 200,000 statues and 10,000 shrines. According to the popular belief, the 3 hills of Lhasa directs towards the ‘Three Protectors of Tibet’. At the center lies the ‘red palace’ of Potala which is unique in its own way.

It has many principal halls, shrines, chapels with creative paintings, innovative carving, jewelry work and many other arts exhibits. The Chinese Putuo Zongching Temple modeled after the Potala was being named as one of the New Seven Wonders and hence also became the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1994, it's became one of the locations for World Heritage Site.

Potala Palace Tibet
The white palace is also a part of the Potala where people used to live. It was firstly made during the era of 5th Dalai Lama and then extended up to the 13th Dalai Lama by the 20th century. The red palace, however, is completely devoted to Buddhism culture for praying.

 The Potala Palace consists of millions of collections of colorful diverse and rich cultural relics. The paintings on the wall is so rich in multi-themed idea and therefore is a major part of evidence for Tibetan own culture and arts. It is still retains its shape and strength because of the quality of technology, material and layout used for the construction.

The three major portions of the Palace i.e. Norbulingka, Jokhang and the Potala are all under the protection and management services and laws of the Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics of the People’s Republic of China.

Potala Palace Lhasa, Tibet

Potala Palace

Karnak Temple Largest Temple Complex In Egypt

Karnak Temple consists of chapels that are almost decayed as well as temples, pylons and many other buildings. Since the reign of Sesostris I the building at the complex had begun which continued till the Ptolemaic period. The main place of worship is Theban Triad which has the god Amun In it and around this building lies Ipet-isut also known as the most selected of places. This area is known as monument of the city of Thebes. No site in Egypt is more beautiful and antique than Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever which was built by man and it is a symbol of hard work of many architects and ancient builders. It has an area of 100 hectares of land. UCLA dedicated itself since 2009 to the reconstructions of Karnak Complex. The 3 main temples are Mut, Amun and Montu which are in between an enormous layer of brick walls. Across the Sacred Lake lies the Open Air museum.

Karnak Temple Egypt
The Hypostyle Hall is found after the Second Pylon and is popularly known as the world’s largest and architectural masterpieces. After seeing this particular area, one can be sure for the intentions of the builders with the lightning effects. The columns, beams, ceilings and walls are painted with the most natural earthy colors. The light that was allowed in created artistic shadows. There are twelve columns made of papyrus and total of hall ceiling height is 82 feet. The reliefs in the hall contain the symbolism of Creation. The northern part of the reliefs are from the era of Seti I and are of more better quality than the reliefs that were made by his son Ramesses II which lies at the southern half. The Ramesse II reliefs are cut much deeper creating a creative and dramatic shadowy plus light effect.

Every year millions of tourists visit Egypt to experience the best time of their life by visiting Karnak. The whole ancient life is being put before their eyes when seeing the architecture. The precinct of Mut is being dedicated to the earth and creation deity.
Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple


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