Cool Lake Louise in Alberta,Canada

Lake Louise is popular for its hiking tracks, beautiful scenery, and romantic destinations. Its also called skiing capital f Canada or one of the best romantic destination in Canada. Hiking is the most interesting activity in here as you can enjoy the most long and high tracks. There are over 200 KM trails in near with the lake area and many more in surroundings. The lake is famous for its sparkling blue water and offer its cold and clean water in summer and most scenic skating rinks in winter. This is 2.5 Kilo Meters long and 90 Meters deep. Moraine also located with nearby which is popular for its indigo blue water surrounded by full peaks mountains. 
In here i just recommend avoid to go there at 10 pm to 4 am in summer, as the place will be more crowded. Evening is the best time to visit the place as the environment will be more quite and calm.
Lake Louise and Beautiful Flowers
 Beautiful Flowers
Lake Louise Wonderful Attraction
Wonderful Attraction
Great Place Lake Louise in Alberta
Great Place Lake Louise in Alberta
Lake Louise nice view by skyline
 nice view by skyline
Lake Louise Natural Wonder in Canada
 Natural Wonder in Canada
Amzing Place Lake Louise looking gorgeous
Amazing Place looking gorgeous
Hotel in Lake Louise Alberta,Canada
Hotel in Alberta,Canada 
Snow Attraction of Lake Louise in winter session
Snow Attraction in winter session

Beautiful Island of Ibiza,Spain Historical Attractions

Ibiza is an island which is situated in Spain in the Balearic archipelago. After Mallorca and Minorca Island its rank is third in term of surface. Its covering is 541 22 km2 with the margin of 210 km. This island contains the people of 75000. In 654 BC it was developed by Phoenician who named it Bosom and devoted to Bes, the dance and God of music.

Ibiza Spain Island
Many famous lived there like Punk musician Sid Vicious, comic Terry Thomas, Orson Welles, who was the film director; they all lived in this place. It is popular for the night life and contains a world heritage site; it contains on the beautiful island with green beaches and contains a blue sky. This Ibiza contains 50 islands which are also beautiful. In different areas they have different island. Beside this Ibiza is also the city as well which is located at the south of the island and by the UNESCO it’s center is restricted. Referring to the scenery it is one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean area. At the bottom of the city, the dock is located where the boats are stored. Of the boat service it is the exit point to Fomenter, Denial, Barcelona and Palma. Near the dock bars and restaurants are situated.
Amazing Review of Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Island Skyline Attraction
Ibiza,Spain Island and Beach Wonderful Attraction in Vacation
Ibiza Wonderful Beach in Vacation
For tourism it is very beautiful place to view. Around a year 2.8 million tourists visit this place and around 26,000 flights airport handle it. One thing of Ibiza which is very famous it’s soil. In the pine needles this soil is come from the tannin. Beside this there hotels are marvelous. They have the large selection of the hotels. They have good varieties from five star hotels to modern, complex, cultured which are very comfortable. They give you different offers like family clubs, hostels any more. According to me the best hotel which gives you varieties offers they are in Playa Den Bossa, in Portinxa, in Es Figural and many more. About the hotels in the year 2007 government make the new rule that their hotels should be five stars. In the year 2010 the population of this island has been increased and estimated about 132,637.

Over this entire island is the best island to visit in the vacations with your family, which gives you fully entertainment and enjoyment.
Ibiza Spain Night Life
Ibiza,Spain Night Life Review People Enjoying his Life with this Beautiful Time
Wonderful View
Great Attraction of Ibiza,Spain Historical Place in the World
Great View of the boats

 Wonderful Place of the World

Beautiful Arches National Park in, USA

Arches National Park just located in the north of Moab. The are of the Park is only 5 mile about 8Km. That is made by natural sandstone arches, and it is contains the world largest concentration. Although over 2,000 arches are located within the park's 76,518 acres, the park also contains an astounding variety of other geological formations. There are 76679 acres about 31031 ha in this area. The most highest elevation is 5653 feet about 1723 meter at the Elephant Butte, and the lowest elevation is 4085 feet about 1245 meter at the place of the visitor center. Almost 43 arches have been collapsed since last 42 years. The average of the rain falling per year is about 10 inches (250MM). It was re-designated as a National Park on November 12, 1971.


Arches National Park more than a million people visit each year, and every one wants to see that beautiful national park and the all of major viewes in the park. As a result of its popularity, you should always expect to see people surrounding this world famous arch. Although it may occasionally happen, it is unrealistic to expect a solitary experience around Delicate Arch. I also wanna visit this wonderful park and InshAllah one day iwill go there and take some more fantastic images just for you thanks.
Arches National Park in USA
Arches National Park, Utah
Great Attraction Arches National Park
 Wonderful Natural Stone
Great Tourist Place Arches National Park


Humans have occupied the region since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Fremont people and Ancient Pueblo People lived in the area up until about 700 years ago. 

Zurich Switzerland The Heaven on Earth

Zurich is one of the wealthiest city in the world and in Europe its the most wealthy city, as it is the capital of the Switzerland. Zurich is a global city and a financial hub as all the major financial institution and banking sectors have headquarters in Zurich. If you want to see a real quality life with luxury standards than this city is the place for you. This city is also in one of the world most expensive cities so be sure you have enough money in your pocket if you making plan to visit here. For tourist many attractive places in here An impressive number of museums and art galleries can be found in the city, including the Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus. Zurich also hosts one of the most important theaters in the German-speaking world.
 The largest and most popular annual event at Zurich is Street Parade which is also one of the largest music and dance event in the world. Normally its start on second week of august it features fireworks, music, dancing and other attractions. More than two million visitors attend the event locally and also internationally.
As Sydney Opera house Zurich also have Opera house, its made of white and grey stone and one of the very beautiful building in Switzerland. The Schauspielhaus Zurich and The Theater am Neumarkt are two very popular theaters not just in Switzerland but in all Europe.

 For nightlife the most famous place is Niederdorf in the old town with bars, restaurants, lounges, hotels, clubs, etc. and a lot of fashion shops for young and stylish people. Some popular areas are Brazilian bars, punk clubs, Caribic restaurants, art house cinemas, HipHop stages, Turkish kebabs and Italian espresso bars.
Beautiful view of Zurich Lake
  Zurich is also very romantic city as many people prefer it for their Honeymoon
 Kids enjoying summer vacation at Zurich Switzerland
Zurich beach  up view

city view as its more populated but there is good combination of old and new homes

Welcome to Budapest a Little Tour

BudapestBudapest is the name of one of the grandest cities in the world, this city is the capital city of Hungary. We can call it as the cuty’s magnificent buildings have classic characteristics such as the english empire, and some of the building are very elegant and luxurious. This city could be one of our goals for the town traveled with the stunning views of the building. But before we go abroad, we must first know what kind of country that will we visit it. This city is divided into 23 districts, but broadly divided into 2 parts. The first part is buda, covering districts 1, 2, 3, 11, 12 and 22 and also including obuda in the north. The second parts is pest, covering districts 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Which is located at the eastern region of Danube. Budapest actually consists of two cities, that separated by the river danube. This city with a unique architectural style Paris, is actually has called Celtic tribal. When we went there, we have to provide a lot of money because in addition to stunning view of the city, the quality of life in this city is very high. Among some of the most famous places in Budapest, we can go to the castle hill, which is located in the district 1 of the buda. Is the oldest place in the town we would see the castle, there are also some attractions, and famous places like the labyrinth, fisherman bastion and Mathias church. And some other places we can see from the castle hill is the royal palace is a famous attraction in the hills, besides that you can also visit the national gallery, Lions' Courtyard, Hunyadi Garden, and Savoyai Terrace. For a number of major attractions and beautiful city that is equipped with a cafe, we can enjoy it all at Belvaros – Lipotvaros. There is also an industrial and political center of the city of Budapest. If we have been in Budapest, we should take the time to walk to Ujlipotvaros the place that having an awesome Margarete bridge. This bridge was built around 1910 tp 1930. And some other places that we can see from gellert hill is parliament building, St. Stephan's Basilica, Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum and also Jewish Quarter and Jewish Heritage Walking Tours in Budapest. And more other laces are also no less beautiful. This beautiful city is included in one of the world heritage, protected by UNESCO since 1987.

Budapest Wonderful View of Bridge 

 Budapest Night Time Attraction

 Resort View

Capri Island Romantic Place for Tourist in Italy

Capri IslandCapri Island is one of the names of the beautiful island that you can find in italy. This island has a very majestic natural resources not only pegged on the sea that is very intriguing anyone who come, but is also has decorated with the view of the city that are not less beautiful and unique, which is right on the front of the sea. Offers a number of areas where the population is located on the island cliffs with the the following composition decreases plains make the city as in the island is the main attraction of the the island of capri. Not only beautiful on the mainland when we see the sea view is right in front of the island, we can enjoy a beautiful blue sea dotted with small waves and some big rocks and reefs around the island.

Capri Island Beauty that can be Enjoyed

capri island which is a beautiful tourist spot is actually a region consisting of a very large limestone, the island is a lot of natural beauty to save not only the natural but is also has the history and culture are interesting to observe. for approximately the past centuries the island has been used as one of the destinations many people with different professions to see magical beauty that was there. until recently, the island has a lot in renovations to provide more facilities for the tourists who visit there. therefore among the many things that we can enjoy while in these capri island is going to follow the tour headed to some place like:

  Marina Grande
    The statue of the Scugnizzo
    The Grotta del Corallo
    The Grotta Bianca
    The Natural Arch
    Villa Malaparte
    The Faraglioni
    The Bay of Marina Piccola
    The Grotta Verde
    The Lighthouse at Punta Carena
    The Grotta Azzurra

Capri Island
Capri Island
Capri Island

Accommodation on The Capri Island

Talk about all the needs lodging or accommodation we will have a lot of places offer, of course all the lodging place there each have their advantages ranging of landscape to offer in the culinary variety in it as well. We just have to determine which if suitable shelter, comfortable and beautiful for us. Here are some reference names based hotel accommodation or lodging is quite famous there, one of which is:

    Caesar Augustus
    Villa Le Scale
    He Scalinatella
    Villa Ceselle
    Capri Palace Hotel-Spa
    Due Pini Residence
    Villa Eva and many more.
Capri Island
Capri Island Best Attraction 
Capri Island
Capri Island Tourist Place 
Capri Island
Capri Island Landscape View Wonderful Attraction 
Capri Island
One of the Best Place in Italy Capri Island 

Puerto Vallarta one of the best vacation spot in mexico

Have any plan to go to Mexico in this summer than don't forget Puerto Vallarta one of the world best vacation spot in Mexico. P.V. is popular for its eclectic bars, outstanding cuisine,and breathtaking landscape one of the best beaches view which you ever seen in life. You can Visit cobblestone streets, Zona Centro, European cafes of downtown areas or enjoy the night life if you have plan to spend more than one day. bullfighting also can be a new experience for you rather than Spain, enjoy the Mexican Bullfighting during your visit at  Puerto Vallarta, its can be a great attraction for tourists. Not enough! there is more than it for you a great spots for diving and snorkeling just ask anyone about  Los Arcos you will get a lifetime experience of underwater gaming.If you like to play Golf play there near about six Golf holes around the beach at Cabo San Lucas a Golf destination at Puerto Vallarta. The real enjoyment for you there here are also some collection of pictures will highlight the beauty of Mexico.
on the beach Los- Arcos best excellent scuba diving and snorkeling
The city of Puerto Vallarta up view
Tourist enjoying at beach area boats are easily availible
Beautiful beach view with on mountain pool 


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