Stonehenge In Southern England

Stonehenge Wallpaper Stonehenge is mysterious yet compelling prehistoric monument of upright stones in the South of England, country of Wiltshire. It is situated nearly 3.2 km west of Amesbury. It is one of the most popular historic sites in the world. The construction of the monument began some five thousand years ago, and the stones still stand there. These are remains of the ring of standing stones within the soil. It comes in between the ages of Bronze and Neolithic. Radiocarbon dating tells us that the blue stones were at first raised in between 2200 to 2400 BC.
In 1986, the site was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is under the legal protection of Scheduled Ancient Monument; under management of English Heritage and owned by the popular the Crown.
According to many beliefs of scientist, Stonehenge could have been a burial ground earlier. This site plays an important religious role in the lives of Neo-Druidry who used to perform pilgrimage.

Stonehenge attracts 800,000 tourists per annum and thousands of people gather on the summer solstice just to watch the sunrise at the site. Archaeologists believe that the building of the site consists of 3 main stages, Stonehenge I, II and III.
Stonehenge stands in the grassy field in the Wiltshire countryside and still is the most atmospheric site since it was made over the millennia. The awe-inspiring magnificent Stonehenge captivates its visitors every time. The beauty of the stones and the huge scale highlights the care and great labor in construction. Its original purpose, however, is still a mystery. The best time to experience it is during a rainbow, sunrise on the summer solstice, fresh snowfall, sunset, stormy weather and a full moon.

Visiting of Stonehenge starts from the highway of the monument. There is a pedestrian passageway provided which leads to the Stonehenge and offers a panorama view itself.

Two parallel stones that were erected during Stonehenge I were used for 500 years and then they were unrestrained. One of the stone at the entrance is the Slaughter Stone which stand even today. The two Station stones can also be found.

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