Paradise Island located in the city of Nassau

Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island is an island located in Bahamas also popularly known as the Hog Island. It covers a total area of 685 acres. It is situated right off the shore of the Nassau City. It is popular because of the extensive resort Atlantis. By means of two bridges, Paradise Island is connected with the city of Nassau.

It soon became a gambling resort and was the first resort to ever make it to the front page of Los Angeles Times. It earned a lot of profit since the very first day.

Paradise island sights are only accessible to the guests of the Atlantis Resort. According to the popular theory of the Atlantis Island that was sunk underwater, a dig has been made which is supposed to be an underground tunnel with ruins. People visit there to see several lagoons which contain manta rays and sharks. The popular thing to experience and see is the Joker’s Wild Comedy Club which is located in between the Coral Towers and the Beach. Here many world-class comedians perform. Atlantis Resort also features a live concert where performers from different countries come to participate.

Paradise Island Fantastic Attractions
Paradise Island
On Friday and Saturday evenings, people often gather in the Marina Village just to watch the Junkanoo Rush. If feeling tired, then go for a walk to the French Cloister and the Versailles Gardens. These gardens come under the boundary of the Ocean Club of Casino Royale but they also welcome visitors. There are many other activities that you can do. If fond of animals, go for the dolphin Cay where there is a huge group of dolphins, manta rays and also sea lions. At dolphin Cay you can also swim with the dolphins.
Paradise Island

For night life, the Aura Night Club attracts mostly visitors and tourists. It has a 9000 square foot glass floor for dancing. For those interested in sports there is a Golf Course even for the right beginners. The Ocean Club Golf Academy also offers classes to teach golf to the interested ones.
To relax, there is a spa that offers Body Treatments, Teeth Whitening, Facials, massages, and a salon.

For families there are many other activities too. It includes the rock climbing, underwater arcade, a pottery house and a library. There are proper tournaments arranged for sport events such as horse racing. The lazy river is also a magnet for families out there. In Water Park, there are many slides available and also a pathway provided to walk with the sharks. Other activities on the Atlantis beach can be the Jet Skin. 

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