Grand Canyon in United States

A steep sided canyon imprinted the river of Colorado is called The Grand Canyon. It is located in the state of Arizona, United States. It is 446 km long, 29 km in width and has a depth of about 1800 meters. When Colorado Plateau was uplifted and the earth was eroded by Colorado Plateau, nearly two billions of geological history was being exposed. It is considered as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It includes side canyons and many plateaus surround it. Generally, the color of great Canyon is Red, although each Strata has a unique blend of hue.

It is UNESCO world Heritage Site and a great tourist attraction. It contains a massive Grand Canyon National Park which is further divided into two areas: North and South Rim (more accessible).All the amenities are there for tourists and it is by far the best equipped area with enough infrastructures to handle five millions of visitors each year.

The area used to belong to Native Americans, who built their houses within the caves. It was used a site for pilgrimage by Pueblo People. Spanish named the Canyon as García López de Cárdenas in 1540.

Along the river of Colorado, exist the riparian community which includes seep willow, coyote willow, western honey mesquite, tamarisk, catclaw acacia, razorback sucker, humpback chub etc. The popular amphibians are canyon tree frog, Woodhouse’s rocky mountain toad and red-spotted toad. Bald eagle is one of the 48 species of birds who nest along the site. Other animals include Weasels, Bobcats, Gray foxes, raccoons, mountain lions, mule deer, bighorn sheep. There are nearly 47 reptile species and 26 species of aqua.

Activities such as hiking, rafting, running and tours of helicopters are also popular among visitors. It also hosts Marathons regularly. The tough and challenging hiking trails attracts hikers.
The region is declared as one of the most remote area in US. The Park Service manages and protects the environment of the park.

The most risky point is reached by the trail of Bright Angel point displaying majority of locations and premium views from both rims. Many people are interested in camping in the area.

IMAX theater was also introduces which features the 30 min film of the aerial view of Grand canyon and also the brave attempts by rafters swimming in the river of Colorado. Arizona Tourist Information Center has also been installed there to facilitate the needs of visitors.
Grand Canyon
 Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon nice Attraction

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