Mount Roraima an Adventure Place In Brazil

It is known also as Tepuy Roraima and Cerro Roraima. The mountain is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau in South America.
It is the best and the world’s most astonishing natural geological formations. The summit area is about 31 square kilometer that defined by 400 meter tall cliffs on all sides bordering Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana.

Mount Roraima
This mind-blowing mountain can be visited for everyone who likes an adventure challenge. To reach the place, visitors can use plane to Santa Elena de Uairén airport in Brazil that very close to the border. Then you can ride on bus or shuttles that can take you close to the ascending point- the village of Paraitepui. Of course this is not the suitable place for a family holiday. It is a destination for backpackers.
You fear not for hiking here as it is not hard. It is advisable to reserve your guide at least 4 days prior to your arrival as there are plenty of things to see and enjoy up there. Mount Roraima is the most enthralling hiking trails in the world.

Although Brazil is very close to the border, however, almost all approach the mountain from the Venezuelan side. They, normally, hire a Pemon Indian guide in the village of Paraitepui. It looks easy to reach the plateau since it is well marked and commonly traveled, but it is easy to get lost on top of the mountain, as there are few different trails and the near constant cloud cover on top as well as the creepy rock formations make visual references difficult.

Mount Roraima
From Paraitepui, it takes two days to reach the base of the mountain, after that another day to follow "La Rampa," a natural staircase-like path, up to the top and two days are for the return. Many people spend one day and night on top of the mountain, making six days in total.
Besides, they have also a helicopter tours that available from the nearby Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Uairén.
Once you reached at the top of the mountain which measures 2,772m, you will witness amazing landscapes. Establish a tent around here is possible. However, taking into consideration that you should know the weather changes suddenly in this area so be prepared.

Meenakshi Temple Famous Place In India

India is famous for its numerous religious buildings among other things. You can find historic temples in almost all the cities of country. One of the most beautiful temples of the city of Madurai is theMeenakshi Amman Temple. This temple is praised all over the world for its amazing architecture and beauty. This place is used commonly for religious activities such as prayers but it is also a popular tourist spot in the region. People from afar come to visit this beautiful temple. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and the Goddess Meenakshi who was consort to the great God. It is believed that Meenakshi was the incarnation of the celebrated GoddessParvati.

Meenakshi Temple
This temple dates back to 2000 years ago when it was constructed by KulasekaraPandyan. This temple is one of the finest examples of theDravidian style of architecture. The temple is surrounded on all sides by colossal walls which have been adorned by beautiful sculptures and paintings. The two main Gods whose statues can be found in the temple are the Goddess Meenakshi andLord Sundareswarar. There are several other smaller shrines in the temple that encircle the two main deities. The temple is decorated with numerous brightly painted stucco figures of other deities, demigods, animals and other mythical creatures.

When you are visiting this beautiful temple you must also seeAshtaShakthiMandapam which is located near the eastern entrance of thistemple. There are almost 1008 lamp holders in this place which are all lit during festive occasions giving this place a surreal appearance. The MeenakshiNayakkarMandapam is also located nearby and this place is known for its110 pillars which are all carved with images of religious things and mythical beasts. The Golden Lotus Tank is the sacred lake which is located inside inside the temple premises and devotees from all around the world come here to take bath and wash away sin.

Meenakshi Temple Interior View
The Meenakshi Temple is a truly beautiful place. You should visit it during the festive occasions when its beauty is at prime. The architectural beauty and the history of the place would definitely inspire you and make your visit worthwhile.

Bouley Exciting Restaurants in New York City

Bouley Restaurant features the exciting culinary talents of famed four- star Chef, David Bouley. He is an American who was born near Storrs, Connecticut. He offers French cuisine with modern Asian influences served in an elegant and intimate setting.
Early in his career, he worked in restaurants in Cape Cod, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and, eventually, France and Switzerland. While in Europe, David had the opportunity to work with chefs Roger Vergé, Paul Bocuse, Joël Robuchon,Gaston Lenôtre, and Frédy Girardet.
Bouley Restaurant

Absolutely after working with great chefs, he gained more valuable experience.  David returned to work in New York City in leading restaurants of the time, such as Le Cirque, Le Périgord, and La Côte Basque, as well as spending time as sous chef in a restaurant opened by Roger Vergé in San Francisco.
Starting from this point, David became chef of Montrachet restaurant when it opened in TriBeCa in 1985. It is not too long for him to get attention from the customers. Bryan Miller of The New York Times had awarded Bouley four stars in 1990, declaring that David Bouley's rabid passion for fresh regional ingredients, his cerebral approach to textures and flavors and his obvious delight in wowing customers make this one of the most exciting restaurants in New York City.

Bouley Restaurant interior view
In 1987 David opened his own restaurant, Bouley, in TriBeCa overlooking Duane Park. In 1991, Zagat's – a survey company to collect and correlate the ratings of restaurants by diners -asked its 7,000 diners, "Where you would you eat the last meal of your life?" Respondents "overwhelmingly" chose Bouley. However, after 10 years running his own, David closed his restaurant and opened up the Bouley Bakery and Danube, both on the same block across from the old Bouley restaurant.
Bouley Bakery earned two Michelin stars before it changed locations in 2008 and renamed itself back to Bouley. His other restaurant, Danube also initially received two Michelin stars. The Danube location was transformed into a new entity designed by Architect SuperPotato or Takashi Sugimoto called, 'Brushstroke Restaurant' which is located at 30 Hudson Street, opened in April 2011. It is a combined effort between Bouley and the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, to share Japanese food culture and products while integrating American ingredients.

Bouley Test Kitchen is a private event and testing learning center for visiting guest chefs and to develop recipes for the Bouley entities. The facilities were used by the American Team for the Bocuse d'Or Competition 2011, spearheaded by Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller.
Spend your weekend or any other time in Bouley. The restaurant also has the a la carte menu. The restaurant offers a $55 five course tasting menu for lunch and $175 six course tasting menu for dinner. Chef Bouley is always happy to accommodate all dietary needs and restrictions. But remember that Bouley has dress code; jackets are required for gentlemen at both lunch and dinner.


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