Ferrari Theme Park Major Tourists Attraction In Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is a Ferrari themed amusement park located on Yas Island in the country Abu Dhabi. The central park is situated under about 2,152,782 sq ft roof making it the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Ferrari World officially opened on the date of 4 November in the year 2010. The theme park is home to Formula Rosa, the world's fastest roller coaster.

A Ferrari logo graces the roof of the building and measures about 65 m by 48.5 m - the largest Ferrari logo ever been created. Almost 12,370 tonnes of steel has been used to support this roof. The centre of the roof is marked by a 100 m glazed funnel. The structure was declared complete on 29 October in the year 2009 with the park due to open one year after.
Tourists can purchase merchandise from several retail outlets throughout the park including the largest Ferrari Store in the whole world and a Ferrari boutique capable of creating personalized souvenirs. The food and beverage outlets aim to provide A pure Italian dining experience.

Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari Theme Park

Jack Rouse Associates, a Cincinnati based visitor experience design firm, is responsible for the design of most of the parks of 20 rides. On the date of 20 July 2010, Ferrari World announced the names of all of the opening day attractions.
Featuring high adrenaline rides, fun learning attractions suitable for guests of all ages and a unique taste of Italy through its authentic dining experiences, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the premier family entertainment center in the region. Every ride incorporates Ferrari design and technology, offering an engaging and interactive multisensory experience that truly brings the Ferrari story to life.
Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor and the only Ferrari branded theme park in the world, with 20 Ferrari inspired rides and attractions and a priceless collection of more than 30 vintage and contemporary Ferraris. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the signature features of Yas Island, about 2,500 hectare island dedicated to leisure, entertainment and lifestyle.
This is all about Ferrari Park now it’s up to you how much you enjoy.
Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari Theme Park
Ferrari Theme Park

Vatican City in Italy Established in 1929

Vatican City or you can say Vatican City State is a landlocked sovereign city state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. In Italian it is called Stato Della Citta Del Vaticano. It contains an area of 44 hectares and contains a population of just over 800. This city is the smallest internationally recognized independent state in all over the world in both population and area. Of the Vatican City state the Pope is also the head of state and government.

In the year 1929 it was established as an independent state by Lateran Treaty which was signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Petro Gaspar ion behalf of Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and on behalf of Pope Pius XI. Vatican City exists on 1929 as you know so it means it is less than 100 years old. It was created by Mussolini. Unlike other states of the world if one is born are the citizens of the country and one becomes citizen of it but you can only be made a citizen of the Vatican by appoint  to work but if you lose your job you have no citizenship of any other country you will automatically become Italian. It means it is the only country you can’t be born a citizen of. In the world it contains highest crime rate.
Vatican City at evening time view
In relation of its population it contains highest rate of crime. In the crimes include shoplifting; pick pocketing, and a murder of a member of the Swiss Guard because of the money. The crime rate is over 130% per person per year.   Its own currency they have long issued. They don’t issue any notes and its coins embossed with the Pope’s head. In the city they have only Vatican bank. Its ATM is in Latin because their administrative language is Latin which is the only Latin ATM’s in the world. You have hard time getting money out of them because they hold on tight to it.
 Over this entire city has that thing which is not other state have.
 Vatican City in Italy

The Tower Of London - Royal Palace

Tower Of London
This tower is also known as Her Majesty’s royal palace and fortress which is a historic castle on the north bank of the river Thames in central London, England. It is situated within the London Borough of tower Hamlets, which is apart from the eastern edge of the square mile of the city of London by the open space known as tower hill. If we talk about its history it stretches back almost 1,000 years. From the royal residences it is one of the most interesting places. Originally the tower was a defensive fortress and a royal palace which was constructed by William. When it was discovered it was just for keeping people and when it was keeping people it was used as prison.
It is a house onsite called the queen of house which she could still inhabit. This tower was used as a prisoner camp during the World War 2. The Deputy Chancellor of Nazi Germany was imprisoned in this tower, he tried to parachute into Scotland but again he was captured. 

 Tower Of London
At the tower of London there are two sentry posts. One is the silent post where the guard doesn’t make loud noises  as to not disturb the Occupants in the Queen’s house and the second at the Jewel  house  where the Queen’s guard look  after the crown jewels and other at the Queen’s house. The tower house the crown jewels has done many centuries now.  And its approximate value of crown jewels is said Euro 20 billion and is said to be in excess.
Tower Of London
Every evening the ceremony is taken place to lock the tower of London. The guard’s set off with the Chief Yeoman wander to lock all the gates. It is the oldest military ceremony in the world but unfortunately these keys was stolen from the tower of London on 6th November 2012 because of the security lapse. Fortunately the keys weren’t for any of the high risk building or entrances like the Jewel tower however their locks are changed and security is increased. This tower is used to house the Royal Mint where the coin of the field was created.
Tower Of London

K2 In Pakistan Second Highest Mountain In The World

K2 is one of the highest and most treacherous mountains in the world. K2 is recorded to be the second highest mountain after the Mount Everest in Nepal. Located in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan, K2 stands at the height of 8611 meters. K2 is short for “Karakoram 2” and is named according to the notation used in Great Trigonometric Survey. Although K2 is not very well known except in the circles of mountain climber and other enthusiasts but there are still many climbers who try to scale the mountain every year. For the beginners there are even tours arranged to take them to the base camp at the foothills of K2.

Although it’s considered smaller in height than Mount Everest, it is considerably more dangerous to climb and reach the summit. According to a record for every four people who try to reach the summit, one mountaineer dies trying. This is why K2 is called the Savage Mountain. The first attempt to climb K2 was made in 1902 when mountain climbing was only in its beginning. The climbers Aleister Crowley and Oscar Eckenstein led a team of six climber but they were not able to reach the top and had to return after 21,400 feet. The Duke of Abruzzi attempted to climb the south-eastern ridge of K2 and that’s why it is now named after him and called the Abruzzi Spur.

K2 Mountain
 The first successful attempt to climb the mountain was made by Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954. There large Italian expedition ran out of oxygen just below the top but they never gave up and finally reached the summit. The descent from K2 is even more dangerous than the ascent and there are usually the cases of avalanches and land sliding.
 The first woman to reach the summit was Wanda Rutkiewicz from Poland who had made it her mission to climb all mountains that are taller than 8000m. K2 is a very savage mountain; the weather is harsh and the track is both treacherous and risky. But that doesn’t stop the mountain climbing enthusiasts to give it a try anyways.
K2 Wallpaper
K2 is the 2nd highest mountain

Paricutin Volcano in Mexico unbelievable view

Paricutin Volcano is a cinder cone in the state of Michoacan in Mexico. The fact that the volcano produced its inception is unique in the present. It's also know by Seven natural wonders of the world, and it appears on many time. Parícutin is part of the Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field, which covers much of west central Mexico.
Three weeks before the eruption, as the noise of the thunder were heard by people near the village Parícutin rumbling. It really was a great earthquake. The volcano began as a fissure in a cornfield owned by a Purhépecha farmer, Dionisio Pulido, on February 20, 1943. He and his wife witnessed the initial eruption of ash and stones first-hand: "Dionisio Pulido and his wife Paula were burning shrubbery in their cornfield."The volcano grew quickly, reaching five stories tall in just a week, and it could be seen from afar in a month. Much of the volcano's growth occurred during its first year, while it was still in the explosive pyroclastic phase. The nearby villages Paricutin (after which the volcano was named) and San Juan Parangaricutiro were both buried in lava and ash; the residents relocated to vacant land nearby.

Paricutin Volcano
Paricutin Volcano blasting
Paricutin Volcano
Volcan Paricutin (Michoacan, Mexico)

Incridble - Timbuktu Mosque, World Heritage Site

Timbuktu as you knows that it is the famous Islamic trading city in Mali, West Africa. It is situated on the southern edge of the Sahara several kilometers north of the Higher River. According to tradition the city as a nomadic Tuareg encampment in the twelfth century. Besides about their Islamic trading there many things are famous in this city like their mosque which is very famous let’s talk about their famous Mosque.
The famous Mosque of this city is Djinguereber in Timbuktu Mali. It is popular learning center of Mali which was built in 1327 and cited as Djinguereber in different languages. It is designed by Abu Es Haq es Saheli who was paid 200 kg of gold by Musa I of Mali emperor of the Mali Empire, at that time this was a very big amount. It was also said that 12,000 mithkals of gold dust for his designing and building of the Djinguereber in Timbuktu. 

Timbuktu Mosque
 Excluded the small part of the Masjid it was reinforced in the 1960s in alhore, limestone blocks widely used in the rest of the town which was built in limestone and rendered with mud. This Masjid is made entirely of earth plus organic materials such as fiber straw and wood. This Masjid has three inner courts contains two minarets and twenty five pillars in a row aligned in an east west direction and contains the prayer space for 2,000 people. This is one of the three madras’s composing with the University of Timbuktu and in the year 1988 it was on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

 Timbuktu Mosque
It was a four year project towards rehabilitation and restoration. To make this Mosque improvement it was began in year June 2006 and is conducted and financed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. During Mewled which is the festival to mark the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on the 26th February 2010 due to panic at the Masjid killed around 26 people and injured at least 55 people mostly women and children.
Over all this Mosque is very beautifully and lovely. You will love its design, texture, pattern and everything.
Timbuktu Mosque

Timbuktu The Legendary African City

Timbuktu is a city of Mali in West Africa which lies at the south of Sahara Desert and at the north of River Niger. It is one of the eight administrative regions of Mali with a population of 54,453. It was not until 12th century when Timbuktu became a permanent residential area. It was a center of trading and became a part of Mali Empire. Timbuktu used to be known as a city made of gold.

With time, the city was being deserted. Serious initiatives were being taken in order to protect the history. Tourism, on the other hand, was an important sector and source for city’s income.

When the city was in its golden age, many of the famous Islamic Scholars started a book trade. The center of all campuses was the Sankore Mosque, an Islamic university, which was recognized as the center of scholars in Africa.

Shabeni and Leo Africans wrote a lot about Timbaktu which created an image of a suspicious and mysterious land of Timbuktu. Hence the city, even today, is taken as an outlandish place.

In 1988, WHC (World Heritage Committee) selected few parts to be a part in world heritage list. Selection was being done keeping in mind following points. The holy places of Timbuktu were important to early Islamization. Golden age of Songhay Empire was being shown by the culture of mosques of Timbuktu.Sankore mosque was built during 15th century A.D. A pyramidal mihrab is an architectural symbol of the mosque.

In 988 A.D. the real foundations were being laid. According to a plan of a rich lady, Sankore Mosque was planned to be the world class institution for learning. Al-Qadi Aqib ibn Mahmud ibn Umar had built the mosque courtyard with exact dimensions of Qaaba.

The mosque soon became a library for merchants from North Africa and Middle East. These books became more valuable and precious than any other thing in the city. It became a Madrassa (Islamic school) with largest collection of books. The quality of education was best among all other Madrasses. 25,000 students can enroll in university at one time. The primary purpose of was teaching of the Holy Quran to students. However the university was being greatly affected by Morroco invaded in 16th century.

Timbuktu City



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