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A Fjord is a narrow but long inlet created in the valleys by the melting of glaciers in Ice age. The beautiful breath-taking sceneries of fjords of Norway have been ranked as the one of the most important tourist attractions in Scandinavia. The place has also been rated by the Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations as one of the top at the list of iconic destinations in the world. Old-fashioned and picturesque villages and park settlements marks the dots in the densely forested region. Many hotels are provided for tourists on these spots. Mostly people like to travel on a cruise ship from the town of Bergen up the coast.

Coral reefs were being discovered in 2000 at the bottom of fjords of Norway. The generosity of fishing produce is because of the marine life of reefs. These reefs are believed to be the birth grounds of many fish species which includes Anemone, coral, many species of sharks, plankton etc.

Ice-scoured channels are also produced within the margins of the fjords which are so numerous. These skerries have divided the rocky coast into thousands of island blocks. They are formed normally at the outlet of fjords. The Norwegian island is a group of these skerries which also provides a way to many routes.

Fjords in Norway offer majestic, beautiful and peaceful experience. The view is perfect, unadulterated, untouched heaven, a mere magic in front of you. They are a gateway to nature’s nirvana, and every traveller enters the name of this place in his/her must-visit list. It contains ten portals which takes people on a journey to another planet.

Sognefjord is the crown of Norway. The water is rising over thousands of meters vertically on the both sides of the cliffs. It is the second largest fjord in the whole world with a length of 205 km. It is 1,308 m deep and has a width of 4.5 km.

Hardangerfjord is the second largest in Norway and third largest on earth with the length of 179 km. It starts at the south of Atlantic and the accessibility is quite easy. The charm and fairyland experience makes the trip to be unforgettable. It offers diversity in heritage, and breath-taking sunset too. It is the fjord with maximum human settlements.
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