Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey Nice Attraction

Bosporus Bridge which is known as the first Bosporus Bridge, it is one of two suspension bridges spanning the Bosporus strait in Istanbul connecting Europe and Asia and the Second Bosporus Bridge is the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge which is situated between Ortakoy and Beylerbeyi. This bridge is gravity suspension bridge with inclined hangers and steel towers. It is a 1,560 m around 5,118 ft long and contains the width is 33.40 m. The distance between the towers is about 1,074 m and its total height of the towers is 165m. From the sea level the clearance of the bridge is 64m. In the world it has the 4th longest suspension bridge span and in the year 1973 it was completed and the distant outside the United States. Currently in the world it is the 21st longest suspension bridge span.
If we talk about from where it is started, the idea to cross the Bosporus dates from Emperor Darius I the Great of Persia. He has given this idea as recorded by the Greek writer Herodotus and the decision to make this bridge across the Bosporus was taken in the year 1957 by Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. In the year 1968 a contract was signed with the British Firm Freeman Fox and Partners. It was designed by the civil engineers Sir Gilbert Robert and William Brown. In the year 1970 February, the construction was started and the ceremonies were attended by Prime Minister Suleiman Demirel and President Cadet Sunay.

 Bosphorus Bridge at night
 This bridge has a total width of six lanes in which also include the emergency lanes. For vehicular traffic, each direction has three lanes, one for side walk and one for emergency lanes. Almost 85% automobiles pass daily in both directions around 180,000 vehicles and in the year 1997, 27 December one-billionth vehicle passed the bridge. It is also use for the visitors to Istanbul, you can sign up for fun at many points and take the opportunity to cross the bridge on foot. To enjoy the view you can take picnics too. Over all this bridge is the viewable place.
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 Bosphorus Bridge lights

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