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Looking for a tropical beach vacation? Venezuela is the perfect place with the longest shoreline of Caribbean coastline. There are many resorts at the sea side for tourists.

At the north of Caracas is Los Roques Archipelago Island, which contains more than 45 coral reel islands. It is a National Park of Venezuelan which contains plenty of white sand at the shore with crystal clear turquoise shades of water. El Gran Roque is the best option to find the hotels for family. This island is the home of many passionate scuba divers and sport fishers.

With the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline of any country in the Americas, Venezuela is a destination that is often overlooked but should be considered by those seeking a tropical beach vacation. From pristine undeveloped, secluded beaches to resort-lined beaches bustling with tourists, Venezuela's coastline has a variety of destination options for sun worshipers and beach bums.

The most popular one is however, Margarita Island. This is area is more an international destination where people from the entire world come here. The cities around this beach are Pampatar, Porlamar, and La Asuncion where many exquisite hotels and dining options are available. The white grains of sand are incomparable. This island also has 3 nature reserves, and two national parks offering wild-life opportunity for the beautiful scenery.

At the west of Caracas lie the foothills of the mountains of Andes where they meet the waters of Caribbean Sea. Henry Pittier is its one of the most traditional and old beach of the area. Caves are found in the deep green jungles where monkeys live.

Playa El Aqua is situated 3 miles away and most of the area is covered by palm herbs and trees. The most ideal sun bath sun is best in this beach. People can do parasailing, bunjee jumping etc. Juangriego is also the known as an island with incredible sunset.

Paria Peninsula is in Sucre which is a lonely island. The gold sands and crystal clear tinge of shades are worth going for, people normally are interested in sports snow or snorkeling here. It is right now standing at the coconut plantation. The island is much tough.
 Venezuela Beaches

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