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The United Arab Emirates is one amongst the most beautiful countries in the world. Millions of tourists come there to see its places if interest, however, almost all of them are man-made.
The Emirates can't boast of either impressive mountain relief like the Alps do, or of water zest which is fiords located in Norway or of great forests with the highest flora and fauna of Amazonia...The desert, sea coast and oil, perhaps, are the only wealth of the UAE. That kind of wealth is quite enough in the neighbor country of the region. But exactly the Emirates are famous for their landscapes, the landscapes have been created artificially in order to overtake and surpass as well as to eclipse and impress as much as ever possible. The aim has been achieved. And the best outstanding project in that sphere is the mock islands of the Emirates.
Dubai Islands
On the Palm Islands there is a great luxurious hotel Atlantis as well as other chic hotels; most mansions and apartments have already been gathered by the richest people of the planet or are still waiting for their turn to be bought. And the rest world population can admire this beauty for free, just take an example, from the bird's-eye view that allows understand its forms and sizes.
 Dubai Islands
 The Jumeira is surrounded by a crescent which is both Islamic symbol and simultaneously a breakwater. The island's size is almost 5 by 5 meters; the total size is comparable with eight hundred football fields. The island joins the mainland with the 300-meters bridge and the bowed and a palm top are connected with an underwater tunnel. And there is a monorail on the bridge - the only first one in the Middle East.
 Dubai Palm Islands
Finally, now the island sizes vary from 14 to 83 thousand square meters, the width of the straits may be from 50 to almost 100 meters and their depth - from 8 to approximately 16 meters.  
In today world more than half of the World's ready objects have already been purchased.  The construction works still have been going on. The highest price for an island reaches around 38 billion dollars. It can vary depending on size, location and distance to other islands.
 Palm Islands

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