Amsterdam City Red Light District

Amsterdam Amsterdam from Amstelredamme, is the capital of Netherlands where the principal language is Dutch. It is located in North Holland. It is under constitutional law. The city has a total population of 820,256 within city. It was not until Dutch Golden Age, that Amsterdam became one of the significant places around the globe. During that age, the city became rich in finance because of its trading in diamonds. The canals of Amsterdam were added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.

GWC (Globalization and World Cities) consider Amsterdam an alpha city because it’s at the top in finance in Europe and is a commercial capital of Netherlands. The city was ranked at number 13 in the manner of living standards, and also 3rd in innovation. The oldest stock exchange is also located in Amsterdam.

 The main attractions are the city’s historic canals, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Red-light district, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum , Amsterdam Museum And also the popular streets of Cannabis Coffee shops which attract nearly 3.66 million of foreigners each year.

The oldest building of Amsterdam is Oude Kerk which point out the rich and diverse architectural history of the city. The oldest wooden building is Het Houten Huys which is an example of Gothic Architecture. Other buildings were then made with the style of Renaissance. Westerkerk along with many great architectural buildings were the works of Hendrick de Keyser.
 Amsterdam Night Attraction

 Amsterdam City Red lights
It has become one of the most popular places for tourism in Europe. 16 million day trippers visit Amsterdam annually. 2/3 of the hotels are located at the center of the city. Visitors from US contribute most to the tourism sector.   Many of the desirable celebrities and artists reside in Amsterdam.

It has popularly become the gateway to Europe for the intercontinental Air routes. The visitors from outsides are mostly fascinated by welcoming environment of city center. It is more of a Cosmopolitan Village among tourists where they can experience Old Charm streets, and the hospitality of Amsterdam is well known in the whole world.
  Amsterdam City Bridge
 Amsterdam City
 Amsterdam City Sea Attraction
 Amsterdam City
 Amsterdam City Wonderful View

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