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Tropical Island
Tropical Island Fantastic view
Tropical Islands Resort is a tropical theme park located in Krausnick in region of Dahme-Spreewald in Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated in the Cargo lifter airship hangar which was the biggest free-standing hall in the world.

As many as 6000 visitors can stay the island each day. When it first started, as many as 975,000 people were attracted to the island. According to the yearly reports there were 155,000 people who visited the hall in 2004-2005. Five hundred people work as Tropical Islands.

Tropical Islands was constructed by Malaysian corporation Tanjong in Aerium. A hanger was built in order to give shelter to the huge airships from the elements. It is the world’s greatest free-standing hall. It was bought for about €17.5 million. If we discover it from inside, a constant temperature of 26 °C is experienced. It contains world’s biggest and largest indoor rainforest. It also consists of wide variety of tropical beach, plants, restaurants, cafes, bars and swimming pools. This place never gets close throughout the year.

Tropical Island is sub divided into 2 main zones i.e. Tropical Sauna and Spa Complex and the Tropical World.  There are charges which are being paid on the entry. There are additional charges being kept for the fun areas such as the water slide tower, African Jungle Lift, Crazy golf course and the evening show which includes a gala event. 

Tropical Island
Tropical Island in Germany
Tropical Island consists of many different types of themes. The popular ones are the Tropical Village which is showing the traditions of the ancient buildings from the Thailand, Bali, Samoa and Borneo. Similarly a Rainforest theme, which have around six hundred types of specie and over 50,000 kinds of plants. Tropical Sea is another theme which covers a total area of 4400 meter square. It is such made as to look like the waters from the coral island with about 850 sun loungers available. Last but not the least is the Bali Lagoon which has an area of 1200 square meters.

In 2006, a children’s play area was constructed which covers an extensive area of four thousand square meter. In 2007, sauna & spa facility was being introduced. There is a crystal steam bath, Tree Sauna, Stone Sauna, Herbal Sweat Lodge, Misty grotto, Vitality showers, herbal sweat lodges, ice fountains and whirlpools. The basic design was being inspired from the UNESCO World Heritage Site located in South Asia. The bathing area consists of a 27 meter high water slide and as many as seven thousand locker rooms.
Tropical Island
Tropical island beach wallpaper
Tropical Island
Tropical Island
Luxury Tropical island
Tropical Island Beautiful Attraction
Tropical Island Pure And Crystal Water  

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