K2 In Pakistan Second Highest Mountain In The World

K2 is one of the highest and most treacherous mountains in the world. K2 is recorded to be the second highest mountain after the Mount Everest in Nepal. Located in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan, K2 stands at the height of 8611 meters. K2 is short for “Karakoram 2” and is named according to the notation used in Great Trigonometric Survey. Although K2 is not very well known except in the circles of mountain climber and other enthusiasts but there are still many climbers who try to scale the mountain every year. For the beginners there are even tours arranged to take them to the base camp at the foothills of K2.

Although it’s considered smaller in height than Mount Everest, it is considerably more dangerous to climb and reach the summit. According to a record for every four people who try to reach the summit, one mountaineer dies trying. This is why K2 is called the Savage Mountain. The first attempt to climb K2 was made in 1902 when mountain climbing was only in its beginning. The climbers Aleister Crowley and Oscar Eckenstein led a team of six climber but they were not able to reach the top and had to return after 21,400 feet. The Duke of Abruzzi attempted to climb the south-eastern ridge of K2 and that’s why it is now named after him and called the Abruzzi Spur.

K2 Mountain
 The first successful attempt to climb the mountain was made by Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954. There large Italian expedition ran out of oxygen just below the top but they never gave up and finally reached the summit. The descent from K2 is even more dangerous than the ascent and there are usually the cases of avalanches and land sliding.
 The first woman to reach the summit was Wanda Rutkiewicz from Poland who had made it her mission to climb all mountains that are taller than 8000m. K2 is a very savage mountain; the weather is harsh and the track is both treacherous and risky. But that doesn’t stop the mountain climbing enthusiasts to give it a try anyways.
K2 Wallpaper
K2 is the 2nd highest mountain

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