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Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House is one of the most popular destinations of Australia. It was designed by a Danish architect Jorn Utzon and is now an icon for Australia. The symbol of Sydney opera house represents Australia. It was considered a part of National Heritage in 2005. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth on 20th October 1973. The first performance that was played in the hall was ‘War and Peace’. The project took about 102,000,000 Australian dollars to build. Annually, 8 million people visit the Opera House including foreigners. It contains 1000 rooms.
 It existence marks the exceptional achievement in architecture and civil engineering in 20th century. Nearly 318,000 visitors take a guided tour annually. There are seven venues inside the Opera which includes Concert Hall, Drama Theatre, The Studio, and Opera Theatre, Playhouse, Forecourt and the Utzon room. It is one of the busiest Opera Houses. Pavarotti and Joan Sutherland are some of the legends who performed on this stage.  The major four companies which host shows are The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Symphony. It was designed where the top of the house resembles a ship which is sailing onto the white sail.
Interior View
Sydney Opera House
Utzon worked on this project for more than 30 years and these principles tells us the importance and exceptional. It is that work of art which came out of impossible. The recording and rehearsal room were changed to an orchestra and a Studio in 1999.

Utzon Room is a birth place and a n impressive space to elegant music and acoustics. It is furnished by timber and Sydney Harbor can be seen from inside. It was named after the great architect Utzon. The tapestry provided at the center is at a height of 14 meter. The room can be used for parties and all types of functions.

The drama theatre is a dark beauty which draws one’s attention to the stage. It is the classiest place for artists where they can perform original artist’s plays.

At night the building reflection is dark and celestial white the roof of the house gleam in the morning.
 Sydney Opera House at Night

 Sydney Opera House at Night

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