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Canadian Rockies which is comprised with the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky mountain range. This Rockies are in the eastern part of the Canadian, Cordillera extending from the interior part of the interior plains of Alberta to the Rocky Mountain trench of British Columbia. Its northern end is at the Liar River in northern British Columbia and southern end borders Idaho and Montana of the USA.

This Canadian Rockies have been linked to the African Serengeti in terms of the wealth of wild life. Besides this Canadian Rockies are the part of five major parks. They are Jasper, Yoho, Banff, and Kootney and Water ton. Banff is the oldest park and one of the most visited parks around the territory. In the Banff’s residence include deer, Grizzly bears, weasel and many others. The largest park from the five is jasper.
If we talked about their weather as late as June and early at July snow can fall at the higher elevations and weather generally charges quickly in the mountains. Their peaks of mountains are rough because of glaciers on it. Because of the glaciers, makes the mountains cooler and moist. Between golden and revel stoke the time changes from mountain standard to Pacific Standard Time. With both glaciers and cactus, Kootney national park is Canada’s only park. Banff national park has over 1,600 kilometers of hiking trails.

 Canadian Rockies
 Canadian Rockies

This Canadian rocky mountain made up with the UNESCO World Heritage site map, is a total protected area of over 20,000 sq kilometers. In Banff National park wildlife can cross the Trans-Canada highway which was specially built over to reduce vehicular collision and for this under passes are designed. They have set up the World standard for animal highway relations.
 Canadian Rockies
 Canadian Rockies
For tourism it is the good place, people love to go there because of their lovely nature. Most of the INTERNEX interns and candidates living Vancouver are in the Rocky Mountains at the moment. To provide a link from the province of British Colombia to the eastern province the Canadian Pacific Railway was founded. Throughout the Rockies they are in the national parks.

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  1. I think the Canadian Rockies is the most beautiful place in the world.



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