Burj Al Arab Inside Ocean

This hotel is look like boat is sailing in the ocean. In the whole world this hotel is the only 7 star luxury hotels. The interior of this hotel is covered with 22 carat gold leaf of 86,114 feet. As it is stunning groom outside similarly it is just stunning from inside. Many people have come in this hotel. One of the top most celebrity tiger woods’ has played the golf on top of this hotel and that’s why they have the popular images of him in which he is hitting golf ball in the ocean from the helicopter pad from where he came from. One of the famous personalities Roger Federer and Andre Agassi has practiced tennis from the helipad of the hotel.
Tennis court on up floor
Let’s talk about the history that how it was came into being. The Jumeirah international company has delivered the vision from the Architect Tom Wright in the year 1993. Jumeira wants that something extra ordinary design so this building is standing something on the best land marks. Tom Wright worked with his firm W.S Atkins and partners, they have started planning and they used a Pictionary test. These architects have adopted the different shape of the Arabian Dhow.

Burj Al Arab Inside View Looks very Nice
Just as Jumeirah wanted a very different, beautiful and spectacular hotel so they would stand apart from surrounding development.  Workers have filled this structure with sand dredged from an off shore seabed. This design it is not so simple.  They have to design the building which stands with strong gulf winds and with a corrosive atmosphere.  The design bows out in a V shape. They soften the light into the atrium during the day and at night they serve as a projection screen with a colorful light show. On the side of the mast they have the sky view restaurant contains 656 feet above the ocean and on the other side they have a circular helipad hovers in front of the sail.
Burj Al Arab Inside Ocean
Over all this is the best hotel in the world. If you visit Dubai and if you haven’t seen this hotel you haven’t seen the Dubai completely.
Burj Al Arab

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