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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium which comprises of 19 municipalities. Therefore it is the de facto capital of EU (European Union). Today, the city has a total population 2.9 million of which metropolitan area has a population of 1.8 million. It hostel NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and EU institutions and has been a center for many international, as well as national political activities.

Belgium is bilingual country, with Dutch and French speakers in the city. Hence everything is written in both the languages .Charles Picque is the Minister President of Brussels. The French speaking people are nearly ranging from 60% to 85%, while 10% to 15% are Dutch speakers. 12 % are from other EU nationals and 6.8% are from other non-EU nationals.

Grand Place at the Grote Markt is situated in between the city tower and many ancient buildings. At night, the glow of its lights attracts attentions of tourists. Light music and dance are performed occasionally celebrating the culture of the city. The most popular sweet is gaufre de Liège-Luikse wafel which is a caramelized Belgian waffle.

Mannaken Pis is also referred to as the Grote Markt which is a small statue made of bronze that represents spirit of Brussels. The statue of child has been dressed by thousands of Belgians. There are a lot of myths related to statue, but the matter’s still unclear as to why it was made.

Basilique du Sacré Coeur is the fifth largest church in the world which is situated in Brussels. Other places are Palais Royale, the bourse, mini-Europe, Scientastic, thieffry metro station, Statue of Europe (Unity in Peace) and Red Light District.
 Brussels Belgium best yellow house
 Brussels Belgium lighting
 MRAH (Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire) has a really important collection of artifacts and unique collections. It was founded in 1835.

Musées d’Extrême is near Atomium in the Laakeb area,A museum of Japanese art culture is being shown.  La Monnaie is the opera house in Belgium. It hosts best shows and attract tourists. The theatre is mostly active at night.

The history meets with the modernism in Brussels. Many of the buildings pay tribute to the royalty of old kings and queens
 Brussels at night view
 Brussels Belgium

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