Berlin Nice Place For Journey In Germany

Berlin Berlin which is the state of Germany and one of the largest city of Germany and in the European Union it is the seventh most famous in urban area. It is situated in north eastern Germany on the river spree and this state it is the center of the Berlin Brandenburg metropolitan region which contains the citizens about 4.5 millions from over 180 nations. It is situated in the European Plain so it is influenced by a temperature seasonal climate. Round this city there are forests, parks, lakes and rivers.

Around the year 1701-1918 this city was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, around the year 1871 to 1918 it was the capital of the German empire, the Weimer republic around the year 1919 to 199, this Berlin was the capital of it and in the year 1990, this city was once again as the capital of all Germany.

Berlin Wonderful Attraction
This city is a world city of politics, media, culture and science and hosting 147 foreign embassies. This city economy is based on the high tech industries and their service contains a large range of creative industries. In this city there are many facilities like research facilities, convention venues and media corporation. It serves as a continental hub for rail transport and air transport. For tourists destination it is a famous place. In their research industries it includes biotechnology, biomedical engineering, traffic engineering, electronics and renewable engineering.
For famous universities, research universities, museums, band and celebrities and beside this they have hosted these sports events also. It is home for it. They all activities are home for it.  The international film productions have made this city the famous place for shooting the different kinds of film. For festivals, night life, contemporary arts, public transportation, this city is extremely high of living.
 Berlin city
  If we talk about some curiosities about Berlin they have 51 theaters, 285 cinemas, 1,763 sports club, 424.590 numbers of trees along the starts and total length of –train, buses and trams are about 2.368 km.
So over this entire city is famous in every activity and every field of life.
 Berlin Germany

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