Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasy Land Contains Beauty Castle

Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland is a park located at Penny’s Bay in Lantau Island which was opened on 12 September 2005. Chinese traditions were being added in the park according the rules of Feng Shui. There are total of six themed areas which include Main Street U.S.A, Adventure land, Grizzly Gulch, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land and latest in Mystic Point.. The multilingual languages at different spots are English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
Nearly 34,000 visitors are expected daily at the park. Nearly 5 million guests visit the park annually. It is ranked 15th in the most visited parks list. Mickey Mouse heads can be seen throughout the park. It is the biggest in all Disney Parks. There are also shows such as ‘Festival of Lion king’ which are being hosted in the park. Fantasy Land contains a Sleeping Beauty Castle taking children to a new level of 3d experience. The first theme was Toy story Land which is located at the west of the park. Bamboo sticks are used to decorate the park characters are being used everywhere. The latest one includes supernatural stuff and mysterious magical adventures.
A day time parade is being carried out known as ‘Flights of Fantasy’ and a display of fireworks at the night –Disney in the Stars- is being carried out each day.
Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland Night Attraction
Hong Kong Disneyland
Muppet Mobile lab is another form of entertainment which keeps on moving and features a comedy show performed by Muppet characters.

Events like Halloween are being arranged on regular basis. At the same time traditions of Disney are being preserved and bloody scenes during the frightening, scary walk-through were being excluded. Many visitors visit park for a cultural experience in Chinese language instead of a thrilling and exhilarating time.

For the people of Asia, especially the children, it is certainly the happiest place on the earth. 
Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland
 Fantastic View of Disneyland

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  1. IT is no doubt that Disneyland's got the best castles in the world!!! Just love them.



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