Vancouver Skyline Attraction City Of British Columbia Canada

Vancouver is a seaport city in British Columbia, Canada. It lies in eight positions in largest Canadian cities with a population of 603,000 people in the city. Similarly it has the most population in metropolitan area. It is the one of the most diverse cities both linguistically and ethically. Vancouver has the most number of tall buildings per capita compared to North America even. It is at the top with high-rises per capita in whole of the continent. About fifty of them are more than 100 meters in height.

The tallest among all is Living Shangri-La with a height of 201 m and is a symbol of the efforts of the city to construct the popular Vancouver’s skyline. Living Shangri-La is the 20th tallest building in Canada.

As many as 650 high-rise buildings with a height of more than 35 m can be found in the city. On the second lies the Vancouver’s Turn which is nearly 188 meters high and then the third largest is the Telus Garden of 176 meters height. These projects will be completed in 2014. Presently Private Residencies of Hotel Georgia, One Wall Centre, Shaw Tower and Harbor Centre are the high rise buildings respectively with height wise. The city has also been voted as the one of the best cities to live in terms of quality. It’s an aesthetic marvel to see the skyline from the ocean. 
The history began when in 1909 Dominion Building was constructed, Then it continued with the Sun tower built in 1911, Vancouver Block, Hotel Vancouver, Marine Building, The Third Hotel of Vancouver in 1939. The list goes on and on. The third hotel Vancouver was the first building to cross the height of 100 m. The major expansion and advancement occurred between 1968 to 1981, high-rise construction buildings were constructed, Many of offices, shopping malls, towers and hotels were stood.

Ground breaking urbanism developments occurred in Vancouver since last two decades. The population as well new innovative designs for building were being introduced. The theme: ‘Liveable areas’ or Vancouverism was being introduced by the theorists.

 Vancouver Skyline
 Vancouver Skyline
 Vancouver Skyline

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