Stinson Beach Fantastic Tourists Place, California

Maybe for people who live in California, they are very happy because there is a lot of entertainment places such as beaches and also some interesting historical buildings. One of the entertainment that is Stinson Beach. In some other parts of California are also many other beaches. For this time we will discuss more about Stinson Beach. This beach is located not far from the Golden Gate Bridge, this place is a beach that offers the beauty of white sandy beaches for miles to the accompaniment of some fun waves. There we are also facilitated with some water and land sports such as volleyball, and a few surfboards. Some things we can do relax while enjoying views of Stinson Beach include jogging, or playing games. We can also organize a barbecue with friends and family around the beach.
In addition to a complete facility, there also is one of the best places to swim and play water. At afternoon, the wind and the waves there are very suitable for windsurfers. For areas that are around this beach, we will discover some of the city with a variety of restaurants and shops inside. Beautiful natural scenery of the beach is also making it a perfect for taking pictures and filming for several films, among the few films ever held in this beach is Play It Again Sam, The Fog, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Basic Instinct, On The Edge , Shoot The Moon, The Crazy-Quilt. Some things you can do as long as there is enough to visit some of the most prominent attractions such as Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, and Mount Tamalpais. Speaking of Muir Beach, is also one other attraction of California with a view of nature that is no less amazing than Stinson Beach.
Stinson Beach Map view

Stinson Beach California

Around there we will also be able to find some tourist destinations such as forests Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Muir Woods National Monument. For touring purposes, we can visit the Downtown Mill Valley (Neighborhood) and Downtown San Rafael (Neighborhood). Second place is not far from downtown Stinson. For some buildings we can go, we can go to Mission San Raphael Archangel. This is a building once used as a hospital. The other building is the Marin County Civic Center, is also a historic building that was once used as the Civic Center Administration building, and now there has been converted functioned a National Historic Landmark. And for others who simply stunning building is China Cabin.
Stinson Beach California

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