Harbour Island, Bahamas Beautiful Scenery

This island is an area, which is included within the Bahamas. Bahamas itself, is the region of the island of Eleuthera, precisely located off the northeast coast. The island in the the Bahamas, known as Harbour Island. Because the shape of an island, it features a beach, but the beach is not an ordinary, because it offers a beach with pink sand. Not just some of it, this uniquely colored sand can be found along the eastern side of the island.

Place called Harbour it also has beautiful scenery around them, all around the place, you will be able to see and find houses, public buildings and stylish New England. The architecture there is very interesting, not only looks attractive, but also use a variety of colors. This beautiful island, are also quite popular, as one vacation spot for travelers coming from the United States. Besides the beauty of the beach, in the island also offers many different resorts and several casinos.

Harbour Island
 The presence of various luxury resort features a casino with stunning views of the coast, we can feel when we vacation at the island's Harbour. Another specialty that is not less interesting, we can rent a villa or cottage around the beach, or resides in Dunmore Town. Where was the place we were, as long as we're there, we'll be able to find a variety of beach and ocean. In addition, we can also take a walk through the town, for 30 minutes. Location within the city we could see a lot of old buildings, which are still in use today, such as the Loyalist Cottage, St John's Church and the Wesley Methodist Church.
One of the attractions of the island's most famous beach pink it. Along, the coastal pink, we can do a lot of activities, such as water sports, or even just swimming and diving. Unique beach, is one of the best beaches in the world, this unique coastal broad reach 3 miles. Around the beautiful beaches, resorts and hotels are provided with full facilities to facilitate the visitors who come there, to see the advantages that bahamas beach.
One of the things that we can do there, one of them is scuba diving. You will find a wide selection of diving, to scuba diving. Another advantage of this place, also has a beautiful under the sea is quite interesting, we can swim with the fishes unique and beautiful with a distance of approximately 1 mile. Once satisfied to see the beauty beneath the sea, we would normally feel hungry, you can simple visit home several restaurants available there.
for local cuisine, there is not a restaurant that provide it, but if you prefer to enjoy the cuisine yourself, might be a good idea if we visited the straw market that sells a lot of staples.

Harbour Island Bahamas

 Harbour Island


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