Asterix Park Family Enjoyment Park In Paris

Asterix ParkIt is the amusement, entertainment and Enjoyment Park in France which is located north of Paris around 35 km and from Disney land resort Paris it is located around 32 km. By Compagnie des Alps it is operated. In 1989 it is opened.

For the wooden roller coasters, this place it is known, and contains so many rides which are from their historic culture like ancient and Roman Greek. This coaster lifts you the top of the mount Olympus with a 30, height, at the speed of 80kph with the thunder for 90 seconds. Ii is so much attracted by the youngsters, through its different rides, or its thrill, and the ladies who are expected can be easily relax here by watching the many shows.

When this park was opened hardly the few foreigners came to see but now from all over the world the visitors come to see this park. They mostly focus the family rides in which all the family can enjoy such as you can say Le Grand Splotch which is one of the thrill rides contain the water columns, aquatic effects, fountains which contains the 11 meter splash.
Asterix Park
Asterix Park
This park is open for the shortest time and for small period it is open from April to October, but for all year the Disney land Paris it is opened. It is easily visited in one day. For taking more visitors they contain so many shows like a sea lion show, dolphin show with the some fabulous and interesting facts.
If we talk about their cafeteria yes they don’t have so much fast food corners but typically they have the French food which is the healthier option and very tasty, which is loved by all the kids or children.
There are so many visitors in the park because informally people have to fight for the ride to get on their seats. Mostly people wait for their ride time, but some people not.
I can give you the guaranty and surety that if you visit this park you will not forget this day in your life and it is totally recorded in your life history.
Asterix Park

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