Kangaroo Island In Australia

Do you like kangoroo? If you like that animals you suppose to come to Kangaroo Island. As you know, this animals is one of the animal that came from Australia, so we can visited this kangaroo island in Australia. Thai island in the third biggest island in Australia. Not only kangaroo that you can see there, you also can see many animals such as Lion sea, stroke Koala and some other. When you were there we can also feed the kangaroo while walking around. You will feel like live together with kangaroo and another animals, beside that you will can see the beautiful scenery of that island.

In the kangaroo island also offer many wildlife such as the wild Wallaby Tammar, lion sea, and stroke Koala. There also offers wasteland field of Australia. For animals lover this is one of good destinations, beside we can enjoy our holiday, we also can learning more about many kind of animals. In that island also provide a complex's for tourists which located near with the national park Flinders Chase. This national park is included one of the place that most visited by tourists. That complex's also provide beautiful view that direct to the beautiful village.
Kangaroo Island

For tourists accomodations provide some house that can we rent, also some tourist destinations, some restourant ang guide facilities. When we were there we can do something about animals such as feed the pelican bird, see the giant cuttlefish, see some penguins, touch the koalas, feed some other animals and carried posum, and many more. You can also see a thousand of lion sea in the Seal Bay. In addition we also can enjoy our holiday by visited wine factory which located in Cape Willoughby, or visited the animal husbandry in the MacGillivray. For rest a while, we can come to some cafe that designed so comfort for the tourist. For stay we do not to worry because this kangaroo island also provide some luxurious hotels with complete facilities.
Beside that we can also fishing in the pier in Emu Bay, this island also offers some sports water, so you still can surfing in the beach, sailing around the sea, and visited the proted cave in the Nepean Bay. We also can diving in the sea, this kangroo island not only offer the beautiful and amazed scenery in the land but also under the sea is also very incredable.

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